When is the best time to apply to BCIT?

Student Social Media Contributor and Technical Writing student Cherry Chun, shares her insights on the application process at BCIT, how it differs between each program, and her own experience when applying to her program.

I personally believe that the answer to this question is one of the things that truly sets BCIT apart from your more traditional college or university programs. That’s because the answer really depends on what you want. BCIT provides a plethora of different programs, ranging from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to an associate certificate in Technical Writing – of which I’m a part of. And so, naturally, the best time to apply to BCIT heavily depends on what you choose to study.

For instance, the Nursing program has a relatively stricter application deadline, while the Technical Writing program is available for registration all year round. From my own personal experience, I found the latter program very appealing because of its flexibility in both registration as well as later class times to accommodate the working individual – and of course, my passion for writing.

My encounter with the Technical Writing program at BCIT started on a whim. I had just recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sciences and stumbled across an online ad for the program. And just a few scrolls down the BCIT Technical Writing information page, I was fully captivated by what the program could offer me. I personally could not commit to a full-time program because of my full-time job but wanted to gain additional experience on the side. This program was a great fit for me because it gave me plenty of time to finish the program at my own pace, as well as the option of evening classes. As well, the registration process was a simple program declaration for my Part-Time studies and was a clear-cut process.

I can’t say that my own experience with applying and joining a program at BCIT will be the same for everybody else’s. But I can tell you that the best time to apply to BCIT is when you find something you are passionate about that you can pursue at this educational institution.

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