Juggling it all: 3 BCIT alumni moms share advice on career success and parenthood

In recognition of BCIT alumni mothers and all that they do, we’re sharing the advice and inspiring stories of three alumni moms who are excelling in their careers. These alums working in construction, real estate, and business, demonstrate that the skills required to succeed at BCIT—including time management, collaboration, and commitment—are just as transferrable to the workplace as they are to parenting.

BCIT Carpentry Alumni Susanne Muldon smiles at her two smiling teenage daughters outside a building
BCIT Carpentry grad Susanne Muldon and daughters

Single mom and BCIT Carpentry alum Susanne Muldon on carving out her career

Meet carpentry grad Susanne Muldon, Lead Carpenter at Ventana Construction Corporation, and single mother to two teenagers Sienna and Kylie. Susanne completed the BCIT Carpentry Apprentice program in 2021 and earned her Construction Operations Certificate in 2023.

Susanne says that it took trial and error to balance BCIT courses, work, and parenthood and that her success wouldn’t be possible without her supportive work environment: “As an Indigenous woman, it’s rare to get leadership opportunities in my field. But at Ventana, everyone believes in me and pushes me to be my very best.”

She adds that her mentors Gavin Wilson, David Hall, and Daniel McLachlan encouraged her to grow her natural leadership abilities and offered her new platforms to help inspire more Indigenous women to join the industry.

“Because I’m a mom, I’m a more compassionate leader,” explains Susanne, who adds that parenthood has given her an edge in the workplace. “When I meet a young worker on site, I think of my girls and how I’d want them to be treated…I consider how I can teach them to handle power tools and heavy machinery, so they make it home safely to their mothers.”

When considering how the broader community can support mothers, Susanne says there needs to be more options for childcare and financial assistance, especially for single mothers.

Susanne’s next goals are to start her bachelor’s degree in construction management and eventually progress to Superintendent at her company. She looks forward to seeing her daughters graduate and establish their own career paths.

The Hui BCIT Alumni Family poses in jeans and white t-shirts on grass
BCIT alumni Jin and Kai Hui with their family

BCIT runs in the family of Jin Hui (nee Chung)

Jin Hui, BCIT Business grad, is a real estate agent for Royal Pacific TriCities Realty and mother of four children, three of whom are BCIT alumni. Her husband Kai Hui is also a three-time alumnus.

BCIT Alumni Matthew and Kai Hui Valedictorian
Matthew as valedictorian in 2023 next to clippings of Kai as valedictorian in 1998

Alumni pride runs deep in the family as Kai, who graduated from Computer Systems Technology, and son Matthew, who graduated from Computer Information Technology, were both valedictorians of their class (1998 and 2023 respectively).

Jin’s daughter Michelle followed her mother’s example and graduated from the Financial Management Technology program, completing her diploma in 2012 and degree in 2014. Jin’s son Benjamin graduated from the Building Technology Diploma program in 2022.

Jin shares that motherhood made her quickly realize that her time was no longer hers. She says that a flexible work environment was key to her success: “I would block out family time first and schedule work around my children’s needs.”

“I’m most proud of the fact that my children persevered in their educational pursuit,” says Jin, adding that her greatest hope is to leave a legacy, through her children, of integrity and respect for others.

Jin shares how the community can support moms: “Allow mothers the flexibility to work from home, make more support programs (mental health included) available, and give the respect due to mothers whether they choose to be full-time caregivers or otherwise.”

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BCIT Alumni Carly Moir with daughter at BIV's 40 under Forty awards
BCIT alumna Carly Moir and daughter at the BIV 40 Under Forty awards

Award-winning BCIT alumna Carly Moir advocates for mothers in leadership

Carly Moir is the Founder and Creative Director of White Canvas Design, a women-led creative agency, and a recipient of BIV’s 2022 Forty under 40 Awards. The prestigious award is given to BC business leaders for their remarkable early-career achievements.

On top of these achievements, Carly graduated from the BCIT Graphic Design Associate Certificate program in 2012. She says her greatest accomplishment and source of inspiration is her five-year-old daughter Riley, who motivates her to be a strong role model.

After experiencing what Carly describes as the “motherhood penalty” in the corporate world, she is passionate about empowering moms who want or need to have a career. Her vision for White Canvas is to be a place where women can be supported and thrive during their family raising years.

“Women who choose to become mothers become a whole other version of resilient,” Carly explains. “And when we can support each other through those years, we keep more women leaders in our company and communities.”

Carly, who’s focused on coaching her daughter’s softball team while expanding White Canvas, shares her philosophy for life and motherhood: “What I’ve learned is to find joy and success in the everyday moments with the people who matter most, like my daughter. It’s all happening right now, right in front of us.”

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