Alumni supporting students: BCIT Alumni Association gifts $4.8K to Student Association’s Food Pantry

a student adds food items to a bag from a pantry with text overlay 'proudly supporting students in need' BCIT Alumni Association

Food insecurity is something that no one should have to face, but according to the BCIT Student Association Advocacy and Wellness Manager, Giovanna Catussi, it’s a sad reality for many students. “Food insecurity has brutal implications on health and well-being,” says Giovanna. “Post-secondary students are exceptionally vulnerable, with over 50 percent of International and Domestic … Read more

Caring Cards for BCIT students on National Philanthropy Day

BCIT Students read Caring Cards messages on National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day is recognized annually on November 15 as a time to reflect on the power of giving back and get involved in causes that are near and dear to the heart. Supporting BCIT’s hardworking students is a meaningful cause year-round, and so honouring them on this year’s National Philanthropy Day was a natural … Read more

Wedding mishap into honeymoon adventure: alumni couple says BCIT prepared them for a complex world

man in blue shirt embraces woman in floral dress, both with a hand on the woman's pregnant belly

Stuart Budd and Nadia Dobrianskaia rehearsed tirelessly for months to perfect their wedding first dance in 2018. But when it came time for the big reveal, the wrong song played. Nadia, a trained dancer, says that when they heard the incorrect song, they were stunned. Looking at each other in disbelief, in front of all … Read more

Love conquers all: BCIT alumni couple share the secret to a 30+ year relationship

woman in pink sweater kisses a smiling man on the cheek in front of a diner

More than 30 years ago, BCIT alumni Lynn and Simon Wong were young students at BCIT when their relationship bloomed in 1987. It was a classic romance that survived the rigours of BCIT and led to marriage in 1992 and produced their two children, Joey and Emma. But in 2015, their life took an unexpected … Read more

BCIT alumnus and tea expert Matt Chong brings ancient tea practices to a modern world with Virtual Tea Tasting event

Matt Chong sits at a table with tea tasting cups and a kettle

Chong Tea Company Founder Matt Chong says his passion for tea bloomed when his aunt introduced him to an ancient Chinese tea known as Tie Guan Yin or Iron Buddha. Fascinated by the tea’s rich history and flavour profile, Matt explored Vancouver’s Chinatown to learn more. A Vancouverite of Chinese decent, he shares that browsing … Read more

Court vision advantage: BCIT alum and former pro basketball player Brent Charleton helps lead quest for COVID-19 symptom relief

Brent Charleton stands in front of grey backdrop in a suit

What does EnWave Corporation, a technology company servicing the organic food and legal cannabis industry, have to do with treating COVID-19 symptoms? The answer lies in the company’s patented Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV™) technology, which offers a gentle, low-temperature drying technique with the potential to help develop a new medicine for COVID-19 symptoms. Leading EnWave’s … Read more