A year of generosity: Looking back at incredible donors, deserving award recipients, and more access to education for BCIT students

As we wind down another incredible year full of unique challenges and exciting opportunities for change, we reflect on the generosity of so many remarkable donors who have made it possible for our students to continue to pursue their studies despite unforeseen circumstances.

The following are just a few examples of how our donors’ giving spirit has made a difference in the lives of BCIT students over the past year.

1. Giving back comes full circle: Transoft donates $1 million in software to give BCIT Civil Engineering students access to cutting-edge technology

It was great news for Civil Engineering students at BCIT when Transoft renewed its nearly $1 million commitment to help students by providing in-class access to their software. Providing access to technology while students get familiar with civil engineering enhances student learning outcomes. Milton Carrasco, founder and CEO of Transoft Solutions Inc., says the collaborative vision behind his company’s philanthropic partnership with BCIT goes back to a time when he himself was the recipient of charitable funding.

2. Forging paths: $1M donation from Gene Haas Foundation paves the way for BCIT students through faculty like Indigenous Red Seal Machinist Chelsea Barron

BCIT Machinist students will benefit greatly from the Gene Haas Foundation’s $1 million contribution, which is being used to renovate the BCIT Machine Shop (NW06). By upgrading the existing facilities and modernizing the learning space, this renovation will enhance the applied learning experience of BCIT Machinist students, helping to better prepare them for careers in machining after graduation.

3. BCIT Electrical students can access a new bursary thanks to a $100K gift from former instructor

When beloved former instructor Walter Miklas passed away earlier this year, he left a generous gift to BCIT in his will that will support BCIT Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology students for years to come. The gift of over $100,000 went toward establishing an endowment for the Walter and Janet Miklas Memorial Bursary.

4. Generous $450K donation to help 100 Indigenous BCIT students embark on trades and tech careers

With the announcement of this donation from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, in conjunction with Seaspan and SRY Rail, BCIT is able to deliver a wide range of training for high demand trades and tech jobs to Indigenous students in their communities. The grant provides funds toward tuition, supplies, supplementary supports, career exploration in marine trades, community-based skills training in Ecological Restoration, and more.

5. BCIT women in trades leading the way on Mott Electric site

This incredible group of Electrical tradeswomen were supported in their education and career by generous donors like Concert Properties, a long-time supporter of Trades Discovery at BCIT who provide funding toward BCIT apprenticeship programs, as well as Mott Electric, who recently donated $50,000 toward the BCIT Legacy of Leadership Award.

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More outstanding donor stories and grateful award recipients:

Ballerina-turned-cabinetmaker supports women in trades with BCIT bursary

BCIT Joinery alumna Brandy Kawulka established a new annual award, the Brandy Kawulka Joinery/Carpentry Bursary, to help support even more women in joinery and carpentry at BCIT.

BCIT Mining student Holly Marr honoured with 2020 John Salisbury Memorial Award

Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering student Holly Marr received the John Salisbury Memorial Award, which is part of a generous donation of nearly $2.5 million from John Salisbury and his estate to BCIT.

Awards make a positive difference in the lives of BCIT students

Forest and Natural Areas Management alumna Jennifer Nicholls was able to change careers thanks to the generosity of donors. The mature student received six awards and scholarships that she says gave her confidence and validated her choice [to return to school].

Learn more about Jen and her new career as an Environmental Technician. Watch the video:

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