Annual Civil Engineering Pumpkin Carving Contest

Every Halloween in civil engineering we pause for an hour during the height of the crazy mid-term season and compete to see who can carve the best pumpkin. Fuelled by Michael Jackson’s Thriller on repeat, bite-sized trick or treater candy, and prizes generously donated by the School of Construction and the Environment, we have 30 minutes to design and construct our masterpieces.

After we’ve battled it out for half an hour, a couple of our engineering instructors, School of Construction and the Environment staff, and senior students kick us out of the room to start the highly objective process of judging which one is the best: most civil, scariest, and judge’s choice.

What do we do with the pumpkins after the competition you ask? After all the clean-up is done, they make their way to other side of campus at the carpentry shed where the Annual United Way Pancake Breakfast will be held by the School of Construction and the Environment.

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