Annual Civil Engineering Pumpkin Carving Contest

Every Halloween in civil engineering we pause for an hour during the height of the crazy mid-term season and compete to see who can carve the best pumpkin. Fuelled by Michael Jackson’s Thriller on repeat, bite-sized trick or treater candy, and prizes generously donated by the School of Construction and the Environment, we have 30 … Read more

BCIT Civil gets a Concrete Start on Bowling Ball Competition

Its that time again! Every two years the American Concrete Institute holds an international competition where civil engineering students are tasked with building a concrete bowling ball and BCIT’s students are getting ready to go to Salt Lake City, UT to compete. It sounds easy enough, right? but pouring a perfect sphere of lightweight concrete … Read more

I took an 8-12-month engineering internship in Kelowna!

And you won’t believe what happened next…

Okay, so this post is long overdue. I made an 11th hour decision this summer to defer my fourth academic year at BCIT’s Civil Engineering Program and did NOT comprehensively tell everyone I wanted to. So, if you’re out there, I’m sorry… better late than never, right? Here it goes.

In early August, a job posting came out for a position which matched up perfectly with my previous experience and offered to build up my skills in an area I’ve had my sights on: transportation planning. It was also for a company that has a good reputation and located in a part of BC that is a popular vacation destination. So, I worked fast in finding out if it was possible with school and good decision for my career trajectory.

Fast forward to the last week in September and I have absolutely no regrets. I’m three weeks into working at the Kelowna Branch of Urban Systems Ltd. on their Transportation Planning Team helping shape our province’s transportation system into 2042.

Although I’m not in Burnaby, I’ll be staying connected with (and blogging about) a couple of the civil engineering groups at school such as the ACI concrete bowling ball competition team, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers and a couple of others. I’ll also be writing about job experience and co-ops to give prospective and current students some insight into the benefits and limitations of it all. Full disclaimer though: BCIT Civil Engineering does not have an official co-op program. But you’ll have to wait for a whole other blog post to get the full story on that one.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope my experience can contribute to decision making that will shape yours.


BCIT Civil Eng Student Vlog – Week 7 (Almost)

Our student led CSCE club hosts an annual BC Lions game outing which is often co-hosted with the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies. I grabbed a camera so you could come along. [youtube] This year the BCIT Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Chapter brought over 30 BCIT Civil Students, 7 UBC Civil Students, and … Read more

Engineers Without Borders – Fair Trade Campus Week

The BCIT Engineers Without Borders Chapter Initiative (EWB) could be seen promoting fair trade around campus last week. I was curious about why some of our engineering students such as Navtej Heir (electrical) and Mike Park (civil) were running around campus in banana suits! So I connected with the EWB’s Fair Trade Lead, Stephanie Mulder to answer … Read more