Peer Tutoring at BCIT


Peer tutoring is an essential service at BCIT and helps students if they need extra help. I personally found peer tutoring very helpful! Here are some tips if you are wanting to get peer tutored:
1) Understand what you don’t get so you know what you need help on.
2) Peer tutors are not there to help you do your homework, just to help you review concepts.
3) Its free!

3 thoughts on “Peer Tutoring at BCIT”

  1. Looking for a Student TUTOR on Web Development and Design (COMP 1850) – coding most specially!
    I can pay if need be..pls contact me at 604-220-1167 – Christine

  2. Hello looking for a tutor for Computer Control 1 (CNC G coding especially) the course number is TTED 4035 Computer Control 1 is the course number if anyone can assist I am will to pay for tutoring. 604-353-6941


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