Room Tour

Hello or should I say Guten Tag! My name is Megan and im currently on my semester exchange in Vienna, Austria. Before I moved here I was only given a diagram on what my room might look like and when I arrived it actually happens to be bigger than I expected. See what my room … Read more

Scholarships for Exchange

Hello its Megan and I have some exciting news to share with you! I was never a person to apply for scholarships but now I regret not applying to them earlier! I highly recommend just applying for scholarships because you might be the perfect candidate! Here are the links to all the scholarships I applied … Read more

Wrapping up all group projects

Hello its Megan!   It’s that time of year where we can see that summer is not too far, but the one thing coming in between me and summer is the group projects. I’ve been so fortunate in this program where I have always been in good teams this semester so we never have to … Read more

How to Save Money on Campus

Hello it’s Megan! Unfortunately I dropped my old phone, but luckily I was looking to buy a new phone by having enough money in my emergency fund. As much as I love my new phone, justifying spending almost $700 really hurts the piggy bank. I hope my tips helps your piggy bank save more money! … Read more

HR Networking Event

Hello it’s Megan! The Human Resource Association at BCIT hosted a Networking event and I decided to check it out! Find out what I learned and some tricks I have for networking events. Leave comments below if you have any questions! Megan