BCIT Technical Communicators go national

Technical communication talent is highly prized – and emphasized – at BCIT. In fact, we recently enjoyed our annual celebration of these skills at the Presentation Idol competition. But it’s especially gratifying to see students take these skills beyond campus, as was the case at this year’s national Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) held from March 2-5, 2017 in Calgary.

BCIT’s team of students, Dean Tamboline, Mechanical Engineering, and Amy Takeda, Technical Writing, took third spot in Engineering Communications, competing against the top eight teams from universities across Canada.

In order to get invited to the CEC, this interdisciplinary duo took second place in the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) held in January. BCIT’s engineering degrees were proud to receive full accreditation – alongside longstanding university programs – a few years ago. Since then, BCIT has continued to live up to its reputation at regional and national contests.

“I entered into this engineering competition after learning about it through my role in the BCIT Engineering Students’ Society. As an aspiring technical writer, I knew this competition would provide valuable hands-on experience for me in technical communication” stated Amy. “I was excited to team up with a subject matter expert and simplify a complex concept effectively.”

Congratulations Dean and Amy!

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