Black Friday and Boxing Day

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When do you like to spend all your hard-earned money?

Massive shopping sprees are something that you may long for, especially if the shopping sprees end up being during a massive sale season. And, of course, the two biggest days for massive shopping sprees with massive sales are Black Friday and Boxing Day. 

Now the funny thing about Black Friday is that we didn’t really have a Black Friday until now because it’s more of an American thing. Black Friday is generally considered the start of the holiday season because it’s the shopping spree day right after Thanksgiving in the USA. But thanks to the rise of online storefronts like Amazon, black Friday has seeded into our society as the next big sale.

Meanwhile, there’s good old Boxing Day. Taking place right after Christmas Day on December 26, this is the greatest day for those who forgot to buy gifts or have a lot of money left over from Christmas. And it’s a Canadian holiday too! 

But somehow these holidays end up getting mixed up together because they are so similar to each other. Both are big days where you shop and reap in all the deals that companies have brought out. 

The allure of these shopping sprees isn’t just about the discounts though. It’s about the experience—the teamwork, the strategic planning of store-hopping, and the victorious feeling when you manage to snag that last coveted item. It’s an adventure, a social event, and a celebration of your savvy spending skills all rolled into one.

It’s also really dumb, but this article is slightly getting longer by the second.

Anyway, I’m gonna go check if that TV is on sale this Friday. I need a new one…

I Need A Burger In Van.


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I really want a burger. That’s the article.

When it comes to burgers in Vancouver (not counting mom-and-pop shops and the like), there’s a surprising amount of options. And yes, before you wonder, chicken sandwiches count as burgers. But, there are a ton of burgers. What are the best ones in the city?

I’m more focusing on big brands like McDonald’s, Triple O’s, A&W, and the like, because it’s common around the place and it’s probably going to be the next restaurant you’ll eat at. So, why don’t we go down a little introspective tour on different burger places and my personal opinions on them because I’m hungry and I need to pick myself up from this tired world.

Let’s start with McDonald’s, a place that needs no introduction. The Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder are undeniable, offering a familiar and comforting taste that has stood the test of time. The iconic sesame seed bun, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, It’s a classic for a reason, a reliable choice but basic choice.

Then there’s Triple O’s, Vancouver’s In-And-Out, as I say. Known for its Triple “O” sauce and signature burgers, this local gem adds a touch of West Coast flavor to the traditional fast-food fare. But, it’s expensive and frankly, Triple-O’s is more higher-end than a McDouble.

And let’s not forget A&W. The use of 100% Canadian beef and commitment to quality give A&W a distinctive edge. The Teen Burger, with its classic toppings and A&W’s signature seasoning, offers a taste that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. But once again, it’s expensive.

Honestly, whatever burger you choose is your choice and frankly, I am no longer hungry for a burger after writing this article. Maybe I’ll get another one later on, but there are a lot of choices for burgers in the city. Whether it be McDonald’s or A&W or Triple O’s, there’s no denying that a good burger can heal the body and the soul. Maybe not the body, but you know what I mean.

The Risky Art of Procrastinating

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Have you ever procrastinated on a project?

I am very proud to admit that I am a huge procrastination freak, almost a bit masochistic with the idea. In fact, as you are reading this, you are witnessing me, Jay Buno, write an article as the pressures of a deadline loom at my door. No worries, I’m not letting him in just yet, but he sure is mad!

Procrastinating isn’t just a me problem; you may also suffer from it. And generally, it’s a problem you probably think it’s part of normal life. But for me, it happens way too often (like right now)!

However, I’d like to tell a tale about procrastination, so let me take it back to March 12, 2018…

The moral ambiguity of my actions were finally catching up to me. My bloodshot eyes were feeling weighed down as I gazed at the blank white canvas that sat in front of me. My palms were sweaty, my knees were weak, my arms were heavy, insert overused joke here. 

All I knew was two things: this English project on “The War Between the Colours” was due tomorrow, and that I was… totally screwed. 

But, there was no time. I decided in a whim to retell the entire story in visual form.

Then, like famous German procrastinator and conductor Johannes Brahms, I picked up a fancy stick and masterfully conducted a symphony of words and pictures out of my heart and on the paper. I wrote, and drew, and drew, and wrote, and drew… and then my mom saw me at 3 AM and told me to get to bed. 

…And then I woke up the next morning and wrote, and drew, and wrote until it was all finished. A collection of vital highlights from all over the book, symbols that are related to the characters and events, and to top it all off, a revolutionary fist right in the middle of the paper. It. Was. A. Masterpiece- And I realized that I needed to colour it. Don’t worry, I coloured it at school with the help of my friend, but whatever.

Yes, procrastination is bad if not utilized correctly. It can harm us mentally and our grades can suffer as a result. 

However, this Grade 8 English project due the day before Spring Break proved how procrastination can be a benefit to myself and probably you as well. I wouldn’t have thought as creatively as I did when working regularly, I grew to become a person who realizes that work should probably be finished before I do other things (which is ironic, considering this article is written in a deadline), and it made me lower my expectations to put me in a spot where I was proud to show off my work without prior worries. I feel like this can apply to you, and I feel that you can take something from your own procrastination sessions! 

Don’t think that all of your procrastinating isn’t going to benefit you, because sometimes, it can enlighten you! 

And now with spring break over, I returned to the English classroom to find out what mark I got. I didn’t care that I rushed it, I only cared that I did it and completed it and-

“Hey, is it okay for me to keep your project for future use?”

Somehow I always get lucky. Maybe not for this article, but you know what, I think I’ll just say that procrastination isn’t as bad as people say. Just utilize that energy to its potential.

Dipping Oreos in things other than milk.

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Do you dip your Oreos?

Dipping cookies isn’t anything new. Ever since the invention of the circular baked goodie that may or may not have chocolate in them or be a societal outcast that deserves to be burnt (cough oatmeal raisin cough), cookies were always the preferred ship to dock into the milky spaceport known as… milk. 

Milk and Oreos go together like Christmas and lights, peanut butter and jelly, Rin and Nadeshiko from Laid-Back Camp… It’s an obvious combo. But, like most obvious combos, there’s always a group of people who don’t believe that Christmas and lights go together, or that Rin doesn’t deserve Nadeshiko.

And for milk and Oreos, some people prefer dipping their cookies in (shudders) something other than milk (shudders again for effect). For example, one of the students here in BCIT (I will not call them out) likes to dip their Oreos in water. Weird, sure, but their reasoning is surprisingly simple; neutral flavor and Oreos are dry anyways. Honestly, I can see the vision, but why don’t we go crazier.

How about something sweeter? A combo I’d like to try and dip my cookies into is Nutella. Just one cookie, dipped into a rich, thick spread, and eating it whole… That sounds like a one-way ticket to a sugar rush, but doesn’t that sound amazing? Or does it sound too sweet? I’d still be willing to try it.

Another combo I heard make the rounds was using sweet chili sauce as the milk replacement. That’s actually crazy, but apparently that’s a thing. Sweet and Spicy saves that day I guess.

In the end, whether you’re a staunch supporter of the classic milk and Oreos duo or a bold explorer seeking new flavor horizons, the joy of dipping cookies lies in the freedom to choose. The simple act of indulging in a dipped Oreo Adds a dash of excitement to your everyday snacking rituals. Perhaps consider the adventure that awaits beyond the familiar white liquid – who knows, you might discover a new favorite way to enjoy your favorite cookies.

An Elegy of Someone Who Has Seen Too Much Media Not Made For My Target Demographic


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s there something that you like that is way out of your target demographic?

One of my (not-so) great traits is that I’m willing to watch anything. If someone on Discord tells me to watch an anime about a giraffe running some sort of screwed-up drama camp with clear yuri undertones, then I’m gonna watch it, or if my friend tells me to watch the Dark Knight trilogy for the 60th time, then yeah, I’ll go watch it. But, leave me unattended with a burning curiosity about different types of media, and I might end up going insane with what I watch. 

You know how sometimes you go back to watch an old childhood show of yours just as a remembrance of nostalgia of sorts? It’s nothing harmful, just one of those “time to look back!” type deals that happen once in a while, or some sort of irony-tinged thing you’ll do.

That’s exactly me, but remove any sort of irony and one-time deals. 

Case in point: Disney’s Alice’s Wonderland Bakery.

Last year, Disney+ led me on some sort of rabbit hole (pun intended) and somehow, I ended up watching the original Alice In Wonderland movie. Great film, but then I stumbled upon this show afterwards and was curious. They made a reboot/sequel/spinoff of the movie for a really young target demographic that is way beyond my own? I was curious that day, so then I pressed on the first episode…

And was delightfully surprised. I mean, it’s got everything I generally dislike about shows, especially kids shows, nowadays. It has cutesy CGI, it’s a reboot/sequel/spin-off of a franchise that doesn’t need more projects, it’s part-musical, it’s clearly a merchandise shilling operation… 

In the end, I was quite captivated by its surprisingly great animation, talented voice cast, catchy songs, and respect to the source material. The show itself is an underrated gem. Even for an adult, you may find some genuine enjoyment in this show.

(Fun fact: It was animated here in Vancouver over at Icon, and I commend their work. It’s great stuff!)

Oh right, this is a baby show. 

Still, I was thoroughly impressed by this little show for little children; I’d even say it was my favorite Disney project of 2022, which is really weird.

Hey, if you think me raving about an Alice In Wonderland-centric preschool show that gets snubbed at the Emmys is kinda stupid (it is), then you should ask our Australian friends about the absolute juggernaut that is…


We’ve all heard about this show. It’s the newest Peppa Pig, but unlike the British Piggy, Bluey is… actually really good. Even some parents enjoy watching the show by themselves without their kids, and loving it! 

What sets Bluey apart though is its handling of certain themes and character traits, like ADHD, miscarriages, death, just to name a few. A lot of parents praise Bluey’s nuanced handling of these topics, and I have to agree.

In one episode, Onesies, Bluey wonders why her auntie Brandy, who makes an appearance in the episode, doesn’t show up often. There’s a touching scene where Bluey’s mother, Chili, discusses why that’s the case.

It’s implied that Brandy has fertility problems, though instead of outright telling Bluey that Brandy has these problems, the dialogue is much more nuanced, almost put into a way for a kid to understand but also not understand at the same time. 

Bluey: “Why can’t she just have the things she wants?”

Chili: “Because it’s not meant to be.”

It’s surprisingly mature stuff for kids’ media, but it just goes to show how much love and care goes into making Bluey, and in turn, why this show is so beloved. And the accompanying visuals… it strikes a chord.

Sure, curiosity can kill a cat, but even so, curiosity can lead you to unexpected places. Especially when viewing media that is beyond your target demographic, you may sometimes end up finding gold like Alice’s Wonderland Bakery or Bluey. This is not a call to action to watch all kids’ media (I still think some of those media is actual slop), but leaving an open mind and learning from unexpected places can offer you some beautiful insight in even your own life.

And besides, they say to try things with an open mind, right? 

The Lion’s Gate Bridge is iconic but overrated

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Have you crossed the Lion’s Gate Bridge? Actually, scratch that question— Have you been stuck in traffic at the Lion’s Gate Bridge?

Nothing says Jay Buno like hating on popular things that people actually enjoy, and bridges are no exception to that list. Vancouver’s most popular bridge spans from Stanley Park all the way to West Vancouver. It offers some of the best vistas in the entire city… once you get past the backed-up traffic, car crashes, and sometimes annoying lane changes.

It’s an iconic fixture in the Vancouver skyline and has appeared in many movies and television shows; heck, even the famous Lionsgate studio was named after the bridge!  Built in 1937 by the Guinness family (yes, the ones who made the beer), when it opened, it was the longest suspension bridge in the entire British Empire… and has been the source of much frustration for nearly everyone.

Think of the Lion’s Gate Bridge as the weird middle child of the family; built after the first Second Narrows Bridge, and built before the Ironworkers. Sure, he may be cool and probably iconic in the long term, but is he loved by his family? 

Probably not.

Ships hate it because it’s not tall enough, cars hate it because it’s annoying to cross, and politicians hate it because of the first two reasons will tie in to spending more money to maintain it. It’s a ruthless cycle Lion’s Gate endures every passing decade; not even a light replacement and scrapped Olympic decoration idea could save it from being a pretty bad bridge.

But hey, at least it’s pretty and had a cool collapse scene in the Final Destination films. 


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Have you longed for classic 2D Disney to return?

This is technically the sequel to a post I made earlier about Wish. In it, I end off by saying that Disney should definitely come back to 2D, and for good reason. It’s a cool way to freshen up their game.

Now, rewind to earlier this year. That time saw a new addition to the Vancouver movie space, that being the addition of a new studio from an iconic division of the Walt Disney Company.

And not just any Disney division, but Walt Disney Animation Studios. That’s right, the studio that brought us classics like Sleeping Beauty and The Lion King, to recent additions like Moana and Encanto, has recently added a studio right here in Vancouver. Exciting? Yes, absolutely! I heard they’re producing a Moana show.

Matt Wang on Unsplash

But, we’re not here to talk about Moana, or CGI in general that Disney is known for nowadays.

Remember when Disney did 2D? Yeah, that was a fun time. I recently watched Atlantis: The Lost Empire and wow, not only was it a really good yet underrated film in the Disney catalog, but it made me wish for another traditionally-animated film from the studio. 

Going back to the amazing fact that Vancouver got its own Disney animation studio, but this specific studio is going to take Disney back to its roots via a new TV series. One of the major projects being undertaken in Vancouver is Tiana, about the titular princess from the 2009 hit Princess and the Frog, and guess what? 


If we’re not counting the recent short film, Once Upon a Studio, and a couple of other side projects, this is the first fully traditionally-animated project that Disney is taking on since Winnie The Pooh in 2011.

That’s right. 2011. Nearly 12 years ago.

This is EXCITING. Not just for me, who thinks Tiana is the best Disney Princess (don’t judge me), but the return of 2D animation will usher in new artists and more creative flair that could make for some interesting future projects.

I mean, it’s not like they weren’t considering bringing 2D back; Wish was supposed to be traditionally animated before that idea was cut short. But, with a fully confirmed return to form, Tiana is going to usher in a new generation for the studio that has been falling on the wayside recently. And the fact that it’s all happening here is… genuinely heartwarming to hear.

Makes you proud of your own city sometimes, eh?

What the heck is Wish, Disney?

Next week, the culmination of Disney’s Centennial anniversary celebrations finally be released to the theatres. It’s a story a century in the making, a tale worth sharing with generations, it’s an original animated movie… and it doesn’t seem to be that great?

The opinion is subjective and all that jazz, but as a closeted Disney superfan, everything I’ve seen Wish, from the songs to the story to even the look, has been nothing short of pure… mehhhh thoughts from me. It wouldn’t be an issue if it was, say, a movie from another studio or even a regular Disney movie, but Wish is touted as the 100th Anniversary Movie for the company. Obviously, there’s a certain level of expectation riding on the coattails of that audacious title. What must you do in order to celebrate the world’s most recognizable companies in a single movie?

Well, not whatever Wish is doing.

Sure, it’s the celebration of Disney filmmaking, but it feels extremely off to be promoting this original movie of yours using previous films instead of building an identity. The marketing really is just, “Hey, you remember that thing? Well, that thing is back in our movie!”. It’s not the worst way to market an anniversary product, but it doesn’t feel “organic” in a way. 

Another concerning aspect is that its soundtrack sounds very… off. Not bad though; there’s some great talent behind it like Julia Michaels and Ariana DeBose, but there’s a weird feeling that persisted as I tuned into the songs. Of course, these are meant for a visual experience, and when I get to watching the movie, I’m sure the visuals will elevate the songs. But, these songs just aren’t hitting the right notes, especially Chris Pine’s bonafide villain song, “This is the Thanks I Get?!”

Not a bad song in its own right, but holy cow, if this is supposed to be marketed as the next great villain song in the Disney pantheon, then it absolutely blows. It lacks a certain gravitas that these types of songs are known for, and I’m not saying villain songs can’t be funny (Shiny and Gaston, anyone?), but even those songs have wonderful chord progression and build-up to create an intimidating experience. This song doesn’t have any of that, only really taking itself to the max towards the end. It ends up feeling like, as one commentator, Imagine Dragons.

The animation style as well is just weird. It looks nice in a vacuum, but looking outwards what kind of style were they going for? 

But I digress, this article is getting long.

Wish is a movie I’m still going to watch because I love a good Disney film to end the year off, but disappointment has been setting in my soul for this movie. I’m not the one to rag on Disney because I LOVE the company and their movie magic. Still, I really wish this movie would be something more.

Or maybe it is. I don’t know, because as of writing, I have yet to see it.

And Disney, if you’re reading this, please come back to 2D animation. Please?

What would a Summer Olympics look like in Vancouver?

Dave Kim on Unsplash

Barring the current social unrest and general economic crisis going on in this city, I’d like to put out an interesting scenario for you: What if we hosted another Olympics? And no, I’m not talking about another Winter Olympics (we tried and failed for 2030), I’m talking about the Summer Olympics. It’s more popular than winter, and in the event (pun intended) we get one (in 70 years time), the sports itself will remain the same more or less.

But, where would the sports be held?

During my anxiety-ridden flight to the Philippines this summer, I had this idea of a Vancouver Summer Olympics floating in my head, so I began to jot some venue ideas for various sports. I was also inspired by Kenneth Chan over at the Daily Hive, whose article I read a while back and loved.

Reading back, I was surprised with some of these choices. One of my favorite aspects when a city hosts an Olympic Games is where the heck some of these sports will be held. Sometimes, things can get pretty crazy when it comes to venue choices (I.e. hosting Beach Volleyball at the Horse Guard Parades in London 2012; not even a beach). And with Vancouver, we can go pretty crazy with some of our sports venues. 

Going to that list, here are some of the venue ideas I had in mind:



Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

Surfing is a recent addition to the Olympics, and if Vancouver hosted them, only one place should even be considered to host surfing events: TOFINO. The little hamlet on Vancouver Island is literally Canada’s Surfer Paradise, so not hosting it there would be crazy to think about.



Sonya Romanovska on Unsplash

This was inspired by me seeing videos of that Red Bull BMX event that happened in Whistler this past year, but if you know about that event, then you’d think that Whistler is the perfect place for a BMX race. Oh, and shoutouts to Whistler Mountain itself, who’d I want to host Mountain Biking events.


 ROGERS ARENA (Basketball, Volleyball)

I was going to put gymnastics here, but I think basketball and volleyball make a lot more sense in the grand scheme of things (more on that later). Besides, seeing world class basketball at Rogers Arena for another time would be a nice sight too.


PNE (Gymnastics, Boxing)

No, I’m not talking about the park itself. The Agrodome and Pacific Coliseum would both host gymnastic events in my master plan, with the Agrodome handling Trampoline events and the Coliseum taking on Artistic and Rhythmic events respectively. Plus, having the Agrodome host the boxing finals would be a nice callback to Rocky IV.


BC Place (Ceremonies, Soccer/Football)

jaspion82 on Pixabay

Total no-brainer. No words here.


Vancouver will never host another Olympics any time soon, but sometimes, it’s fun to speculate what could happen if we grabbed ourselves another chance for the world to come back and play with us. I bet no matter what happens, their mascots won’t be as good as 2010’s mascots. Those were actual peak Olympic mascot designs…

The Most Iconic Vehicles of All-Frickin’-Time (in my personal opinion)

Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Dude, where’s my car?

It’s an iconic movie that I have never seen, but someone told me to write it in as a very clever way to relate to the theme of this article. What is the theme exactly?

Iconic vehicles in the media. 

A unique mode of transportation can offer you a crutch to the story, the characters, or even the world of a piece of media. Whether the character owns the vehicle or is working against it, the most iconic vehicles can sometimes be the most famous part of the franchise or work. Movies, video games, books, anime; any type of media qualifies for this extremely broad list of nerdy possibilities, and a bunch of members helped me curate a list of the most iconic vehicles in history.

It was a fun 20 minutes of discussing, boiling 50 vehicles down to 20. The eliminations came down through a criteria of notoriety and fame, and in the end, 5 vehicles had made the cut.

What are they? You take a look:


Robert Linder on Unsplash

Of course, Batman’s most used mode of transportation other than his cape had to be on the Top 5. Everyone knows the Batmobile, and every generation had at least one Bat-centered vehicle to check out. From the most recent Batmobile that Robert Pattinson drives, the Tumbler from the Nolan era, the sleek Burton 80s Beetlejuice-like car, or the 1960s convertible of Adam West, the Batmobile was a no-brainer for the Top 5.



Martynas Lingė from Unsplash

Where we’re going… we don’t need roads!

Back to the Future, despite not having a movie since the 90s, is one of Hollywood’s most enduring franchises, and it’s due in no part because of the DeLorean Time Machine, modeled after… a DeLorean. Funnily enough, this iconic car wasn’t much of a best-seller, let alone a good car, but the DeLorean’a iconic butterfly doors and sleek retro design was always going to prove timeless. I wonder if I ever ride one, going 88 mph would take me back in time…


Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)

The ghost-busting Cadillac made it to the list, and why wouldn’t it? Especially with its iconic siren and gadgets, Ecto-1 is a prevailing symbol of the Ghostbusters, as much as their iconic logo. With the new sequel coming out next year, the Ecto-1’s famed status in pop culture isn’t fading away anytime soon.


Optimus Prime

We didn’t limit ourselves with stationary vehicles. Let’s face it, Optimus Prime is undeniably one of the most important vehicles of all time, maybe even the most iconic sentient vehicle. Yes, he’s a character, but technically the Batmobile is a character because of a preschool show called Batwheels that released last year, so anything goes. Also, he’s appeared in Fortnite. That’s like, the endgame of fame. Once you reach Fortnite, you’ve made it.


Pipe Frame (Mario Kart)

Any Mario Kart… cart is instantly iconic, but in terms of the many karts that have appeared, one hasn’t had the longevity of the elusive Pipe Frame. Since the first game on the SNES in the 1990s, the Pipe Frame has been an enduring symbol of the racing franchise, appearing in subsequent games. And let’s face it, you probably never met anyone who hasn’t played Mario Kart. If you did, you are straight lying.


Honourable Bus Mentions: 

A lot of the selections my group and I had about this topic involved buses. I’d like to quickly give them some love because although they didn’t make it, they’re still deserving of some spotlight.


Fortnite’s Battle Bus is a recent addition to the list of iconic vehicles, but it’s a zeitgeist for the new generation. Everyone says, “Hop on the Battle Bus!” and has appeared in other places like Rocket League and The Wreck-It-Ralph Sequel That Does Not Exist. Certainly, the Battle Bus is recent, but it has cemented itself among legends like Lightning McQueen and Dom Toretto’s Charger.


The Bus from Speed. That’s it, that’s the description. 


Oh, and of course The Magic School Bus! It may be the most overpowered vehicle of all time, as not only can it transform into basically anything and change sizes, but it’s loved internationally thanks to its amazing TV show. Even during that weird Netflix reboot, the Magic School Bus offered a wild ride for the imaginations of children everywhere.


In conclusion, vehicles in the media are an often overlooked aspect of a franchise. Sometimes, they can be the most famous part or its most recognizable. So, give it up for these unsung heroes who helped our heroes get from point A to point B, and ultimately save the world!