Dipping Oreos in things other than milk.

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Do you dip your Oreos?

Dipping cookies isn’t anything new. Ever since the invention of the circular baked goodie that may or may not have chocolate in them or be a societal outcast that deserves to be burnt (cough oatmeal raisin cough), cookies were always the preferred ship to dock into the milky spaceport known as… milk. 

Milk and Oreos go together like Christmas and lights, peanut butter and jelly, Rin and Nadeshiko from Laid-Back Camp… It’s an obvious combo. But, like most obvious combos, there’s always a group of people who don’t believe that Christmas and lights go together, or that Rin doesn’t deserve Nadeshiko.

And for milk and Oreos, some people prefer dipping their cookies in (shudders) something other than milk (shudders again for effect). For example, one of the students here in BCIT (I will not call them out) likes to dip their Oreos in water. Weird, sure, but their reasoning is surprisingly simple; neutral flavor and Oreos are dry anyways. Honestly, I can see the vision, but why don’t we go crazier.

How about something sweeter? A combo I’d like to try and dip my cookies into is Nutella. Just one cookie, dipped into a rich, thick spread, and eating it whole… That sounds like a one-way ticket to a sugar rush, but doesn’t that sound amazing? Or does it sound too sweet? I’d still be willing to try it.

Another combo I heard make the rounds was using sweet chili sauce as the milk replacement. That’s actually crazy, but apparently that’s a thing. Sweet and Spicy saves that day I guess.

In the end, whether you’re a staunch supporter of the classic milk and Oreos duo or a bold explorer seeking new flavor horizons, the joy of dipping cookies lies in the freedom to choose. The simple act of indulging in a dipped Oreo Adds a dash of excitement to your everyday snacking rituals. Perhaps consider the adventure that awaits beyond the familiar white liquid – who knows, you might discover a new favorite way to enjoy your favorite cookies.

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