Black Friday and Boxing Day

Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

When do you like to spend all your hard-earned money?

Massive shopping sprees are something that you may long for, especially if the shopping sprees end up being during a massive sale season. And, of course, the two biggest days for massive shopping sprees with massive sales are Black Friday and Boxing Day. 

Now the funny thing about Black Friday is that we didn’t really have a Black Friday until now because it’s more of an American thing. Black Friday is generally considered the start of the holiday season because it’s the shopping spree day right after Thanksgiving in the USA. But thanks to the rise of online storefronts like Amazon, black Friday has seeded into our society as the next big sale.

Meanwhile, there’s good old Boxing Day. Taking place right after Christmas Day on December 26, this is the greatest day for those who forgot to buy gifts or have a lot of money left over from Christmas. And it’s a Canadian holiday too! 

But somehow these holidays end up getting mixed up together because they are so similar to each other. Both are big days where you shop and reap in all the deals that companies have brought out. 

The allure of these shopping sprees isn’t just about the discounts though. It’s about the experience—the teamwork, the strategic planning of store-hopping, and the victorious feeling when you manage to snag that last coveted item. It’s an adventure, a social event, and a celebration of your savvy spending skills all rolled into one.

It’s also really dumb, but this article is slightly getting longer by the second.

Anyway, I’m gonna go check if that TV is on sale this Friday. I need a new one…

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