Victor Wembanyama Is Taking Over The NBA, But He Needs Some Help

Have you watched Victor Wembanyama play basketball? Yeah the NBA is so screwed. How do you guard a player who is 7’3 and can shoot like he’s Steph Curry? It’s nearly impossible. He’s block shots like a madman and as he starts getting more experience in the league, he’s only going to get better which is a terrifying thing to think about.

However, his team kind of sucks. You can’t really blame the San Antonio Spurs either since they had to be REALLY bad in order to get Wembanyama (or Wemby for short) in the first place. Naturally, the Spurs are still pretty bad but when you have a player like Wembanyama, things will turn around eventually. But the Spurs should start looking into getting Wemby some help. So here are a few quick suggestions of players the Spurs could get to help Wemby.

Tyrese Maxey

While this will likely not happen, at least anytime soon, it is something to keep an eye on. Tyrese Maxey is on a Philadelphia 76ers team that may be close to blowing things up if the team doesn’t find success soon. Joel Embiid is getting older and has a long injury history and if the time comes where they move Embiid then Maxey will likely soon follow and he would be a perfect fit with the Spurs next to Wemby. We’ll see how things go though but Spurs should really pay attention to what goes on with the 76ers

Mikal Bridges

This one is a bit interesting. While not the perfect guy to put next to Wemby, Mikal Bridges could still be a great option to have as a teammate. Defence would not be an issue at all for the Spurs as Wemby and Bridges would look down teams offences. The Brooklyn Nets seem poised to go for a rebuild soon and they have some players the Spurs could target. Although Bridges is having a bit of an off year, he could still be an intriguing player to have alongside Wemby.

Don’t Trade For A Star

Maybe the more boring option but possibly the best option for the Spurs is to just not trade for a star and try and draft one instead. That is easier said than done since the draft can be magic beans that you don’t know what you’ll get, but the Spurs are going to have a top-ten pick this year and maybe even have two depending on how the lottery works for the Toronto Raptors as the Spurs will own their pick if it falls outside of the top six. Either way, the Spurs will have the chance to draft a good guard to play next to Wemby. On top of this, they have six first-round picks in the next two years and are bound to hit on some of those picks.

Overall, it seems the best option for the Spurs is to wait it out and draft players and build the foundation of their team on their own. Regardless of what they choose to do though, what I can say for certain is you better be ready to watch Wembanyama dominate the league because he will be unstoppable.

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