What Should The Canucks Intro Song Be?

When you go to a sports game, the music can influence the way you feel during the experience. One of the things that I am always interested to hear is what sports teams use for their intro song when the team walks out onto the ice/court/field. There are a number of teams that do a pretty good job of getting the crowd hyped before the start of a game. I’ve always thought the Toronto Raptors have done a good job of this because they have cool visuals and exciting music playing.

One team that could use some improvement with their intro could be the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks don’t have that great of an intro song currently, so much so to the point that when I went to a game early this year, I didn’t even notice what song they used because it was that boring. So here are a few suggestions I have for the Canucks to use for their intro song.

Something my friend Sean suggested was for the Canucks to use Moonchild by Iron Maiden. It has the most hype intro you will ever hear. It has a very synthy intro and would sound great as an intro for a Canucks game. It would get the crowd excited and everyone would feel a ton of energy going into a game.

Another song I think could be fun is a song that the Canucks very shortly used for their goal song and that is Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback. Yes, I know not everyone loves Nickelback, but I think that this could be a fun song to use for an intro to get the crowd excited for a game. It has high energy and can give the crowd a bit of energy.

The last thing I’d like to suggest is something I suggested in a previous article and that is Enter Sandman by Metallica. It is used by some other sports teams for the intro but there is a reason for that. It’s a great intro song that works so well because it builds up in a great way that gets the crowd going. It’s a song that isn’t being used in the NHL as an intro song to my knowledge at least, but I think it would be great if the Canucks used it for their intro song.

There are a ton of options for intro songs for the Canucks to use so I feel like they should use a better one than they currently have. Canucks games should be fun and exciting to go and the music is a huge part of that.

So hopefully, the next time you go to a Canucks game, the intro song is a lot better than it currently is.

Should The Canucks Bring Back Holiday As Their Goal Song?

Over the past few years, the Canucks have had some pretty mediocre goal songs. I recently wrote an article about songs the Canucks could use as goal songs, but this article will be a bit different. They’ve had a bunch of goal songs that have been alright but they’ve also had goal songs that have just straight up not been good. I’m sorry but Don’t You by Simple Minds is not a good goal song. It’s just boring and doesn’t get the crowd excited for a goal. The song itself is fine but as a goal song, that’s a no for me.

The worst part is that they have had some good goal songs in the past but nothing that has stuck. However, there is one song that many fans ask to bring back constantly but the Canucks refuse to do so or have teased it at times but never brought it back full-time. That song would be Holiday by Green Day.

This song is more famously known for being the Canucks goal song for their 2011 playoff run where they made it to the Stanley Cup finals, but they haven’t really used it since then. Many fans have been asking them to bring it back but they have yet to do so. There have been many debates among Canucks fans about whether or not they should bring it back or not and I’m somewhere in the middle.

Here’s the thing, I think Holiday is a really good goal song. It works well and it gets the crowd excited. It’s one of the best goal songs they’ve ever had and they haven’t really had one as good since they used it.

But here is the problem I have with it. It feels like it’s a song of the past. They used it during a time where the team was at their best, but so much has changed over the years. I think if they never changed it to begin with then it would be fine, but now it just seems like you’re trying to bring it back for the nostalgia factor. Teams like the Bruins and Blackhawks have kept their goal song for a long time and have never changed it so it works for them, but when you change it at any point, I feel like it’s hard to just go back.

So here’s what I’ll say. Holiday shouldn’t be brought back because it seems like they should be moving onto a new era now, but I wouldn’t mind it since everything they’ve had since has been pretty mediocre.

So please Canucks, all I ask you is to change the goal song from Don’t You because it sucks. If you’ve been to a Canucks game, you’ll know what I mean.

Are Concerts Better At Rogers Arena Or B.C Place?

Think about all the big shows that you’ve gone to. They’ve probably either been at Rogers Arena or at B.C. Place. For shows at those venues, they’re usually reserved for bigger artists who can easily sell a lot of tickets with no problem. That is especially the case with B.C. Place as since it’s a very big venue for football and soccer games, it mostly only holds concerts for very big music artists who go on big tours and sell out all their shows with ease.

However, experiencing a concert at both venues can be a very different experience for various different reasons. So something I thought would be interesting to talk about is which one of these two venues offers a better overall concert experience for guests.

Wendy Wei / Pexels

Rogers Arena has its pros and cons when it comes to concerts but for the most part, I would say that there’s more pros than cons. The nice thing about Rogers Arena is that the sound quality is quite good. You will be able to hear the performers pretty well and won’t really have an issue hearing anything, at least from what I’ve heard. You can also argue that the smaller the venue, the better the experience since the sound wraps around a much smaller space so it’s distributed much better.

The room at Rogers Arena is usually not an issue, but that could be different depending on who you ask and where you are sitting. Some seats may offer more space while others may make you feel a little too crowded. Overall though, I feel like the concert experience at Rogers Arena is mostly pros and not many cons.

For B.C. Place, I think you can make the argument that B.C. Place has many of the same pros that Rogers Arena has. The sound for a bigger stadium is quite good and you can hear everything pretty well. There’s a decent amount of space for you to move around so you often won’t feel too crowded.

I think the biggest debate of this conversation though is whether or not bigger venues are manageable with the bigger crowds and potentially being farther away from the performers. At B.C. Place you may be only able to get seats that are way far in the back and then you can’t really see as much. The other issue too may be that tickets at bigger venues may cost you way more than others. So while bigger concerts can be good, it really can depend on the circumstances.

I think if I were to settle this debate then I would say that Rogers Arena is the better place to see a concert because the smaller venue often offers a better and more intimate experience for fans. But maybe you think completely differently than I do and have different reasons for leaning on one side or the other.

Either way, just go out and enjoy the concerts here because they are pretty damn great!

A Review Of An Interactive Disco

What’s the coolest show you’ve ever been to? This doesn’t necessarily have to be a concert. It could be a play or an opera or anything of that kind of nature. I’ve been you’ve been to a few good ones in your days and you will probably go to some really good ones in the future too. One that I went to earlier this year in downtown Vancouver was really cool!

It was this show called Disco Inferno which was hosted by the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society. This show is an interactive disco where the audience becomes a part of the show. The show features a number of dancers who also sing and act in this play about two rival bars who fight over who should own the rights to both bars. The rival bar is a sports bar that is very loud and disturbs the Disco Inferno bar. This whole thing really blends music, dancing and acting really well and it creates a very entertaining show.

The singing aspects of this show are really well done. The actors all have very good vocals and they do a phenomenal job of harmonizing together and sounding very angelic. But within the songs, they are offering very comedic lines that will have you rolling on the floor laughing and having you just feeling great while watching the show. The show is for a mature audience so be aware of that going into it, but the show kind of has to be with the jokes they make. It can be a little silly at times but the show does a good job of keeping the audience engaged with various different elements like the music and the skits and all of that.

Disco Inferno doesn’t run all the time but it is here at various points throughout the year. If you are able to catch a show when they are performing, I highly recommend going because you will have a blast watching this show and you are a part of it as well. There are portions where they get people to get up and dance with the performers and it’s just a really fun time for everyone.

So if you were to ask me if you should go to Disco Inferno then I would say hell yeah you should go because I know you will love it. You can always dance a little more and enjoy some more music and this is the perfect way to do both.

Are Expensive Concerts In Vancouver Worth It?

There have been some big names who have come to Vancouver recently and we do have some people who are going to come here who are big names. People like Drake, Taylor Swift, and the Rolling Stones are the first few names that come to mind. And there are many others that could be added to that list as well. But you know what’s crazy about those concerts? The price for tickets. It seems like ticket prices continue to get more expensive as time goes on. If you want to go to the Taylor Swift concert next year then the minimum you would have to pay is $1000. That’s a lot to pay for a one-night experience.


But is that experience worth the price? I guess that’s subjective because for some people they will pay any amount of money to go see their favourite artist play live. And there’s a scarcity factor to it all because you may never get to experience a concert like that ever again in your life or you may never get the chance to see that artist play live again. So I can understand how some people can justify spending a ton of money to go see their favourite music artists in concert, but maybe this is taking advantage of an audience too much.

Right now, a lot of people are dealing with tough times financially since we are in a recession, but it seems like the prices for everything are going higher and higher. And it’s not like concert tickets are going to get any cheaper even though many people can’t afford them. The one thing that’s frustrating with all of this is that these artists don’t need to be charging this much for tickets, they’re just doing it because they know people will buy tickets regardless of the price. Artists can get by more than fine if they sell tickets for like $300 at most but they choose not to.

You could argue that people are choosing to buy these tickets on their own accord so why should you care what people do with their money? And I agree with you on that. But the problem with that is you are making these concerts only accessible to a crowd with a lot of money and you then isolate your audience that can’t afford those kinds of things. To me, it’s a bit unfair when the only reason tickets are that expensive is because the artists/record labels choose the price because they know how much of a desire there is for those tickets.

Maybe you feel differently about this than I do and that’s totally fine, but this is just my opinion on this matter. If you want to spend all that money on a Taylor Swift concert then go ahead and do it. I just hope you stay safe because Swifties don’t mess around.

Is Marianas Trench Good?

Look, you’re not going to like every music artist or band that’s out there. I mean there’s so many that you are bound to dislike some of them. And that’s completely normal. You are not meant to like everything because that is part of being human. But, sometimes people may crucify you for liking or not liking certain things. And maybe you won’t like what I have to say but oh well, I’m going to say it anyways.

I am not a big fan of Marianas Trench. I don’t think they’re that bad, but I think they’re just kind of boring. When I listen to their songs I just don’t really feel anything. Their songs don’t sound bad or anything but there’s just nothing really going on for me.

Take a song like Fallout. That song sounds fine but it’s nothing really special. The vocals are pretty good and the instrumentation is solid for the most part, but their music just doesn’t really do anything for me. For most songs that move me, they give me some type of emotion and this song just doesn’t. This song should make you feel emotional over your partner or someone you like but I just don’t get that feeling. The emotion just lacks for me and I’m not too sure how they could fix that. Maybe just cleaning up the writing but I’m not totally sure.

Another song by them that I don’t really like is Stutter. Holy does this song annoy me. It used to always come on the radio and the part where he stutters the word stutter in the chorus is so obnoxious. I get that it’s the name of the song so that’s sort of the point but you didn’t need to actually stutter the word stutter. It’s just such an annoying thing to listen to and I don’t get why they thought it was a good idea.

Who Do You Love is another song that is a very nothing song for me. It’s not bad but I also think it’s not that good. It doesn’t sound bad but there’s just nothing really notable about this song. The one thing you don’t want to do is have a mediocre song and Marianas Trench is doing exactly that.

Alright maybe I’m being a bit harsh on them, but this is just my opinion after all. If you enjoy them then don’t let me change that opinion for you. Music is subjective and you should enjoy whatever you enjoy.

But for me, I just can’t get into Marianas Trench, unfortunately.

Nelly Furtado | A Vancouver Legend

We have a pretty good list of music artists who are from Vancouver. I mean we have award-winning artists and artists who are doing incredibly well for themselves in their young careers. There’s probably many that you listened to when you were a kid too. An artist whom I listened to a ton when I was younger was Nelly Furtado. You’ve probably heard at least one of her songs, and if you haven’t, oh you are missing out because she has some great stuff. I’ll be honest, I’m not too fond of her newer stuff, but her older stuff is my favourite stuff from here. So let me tell you about a few of my favourite Nelly Furtado songs.

One of the songs that I used to always listen to as a kid was Say It Right. Every time that Nelly Furtado and Timbaland get on a song together, it ends up being great. Those two just work so well together on the songs they make and although Timbaland doesn’t have a verse on this song, he does do a great job with the production and the adlibs. It’s a nice song to listen to and Furtado’s vocals sound great as well. This is definitely a song you should check out if you haven’t listened to much of Furtado’s music.

The second song I listened to was Maneater. This song has a much more upbeat and confident tone to it and it’s a fun song to listen to. The chorus to the song is very infectious as well. When you listen to this song, afterwards, you will find yourself going around your house singing “She’s a maneater make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love.” It’s one of those songs that’s always stuck in your head but it’s a good one.

The last one I have to mention is the one you’ve likely heard if you’ve listened to Furtado’s music and that is Promiscuous Girl. The song is a duet style of song with Timbaland and the back and forth these to go on for this song is just spectacular. They’re just basically having a conversation about the guy trying to get the girl but the song is just great. It’s such a fun song to listen to with a great chorus and one that anyone can enjoy.

Nelly Furtado has made her name in the music industry and that all started in B.C for the Victoria native. So make sure you check out her music because she’s damn good and I am sure that you will love her music.

The Best Christmas Songs You’ll Hear At Stores

Well that last article I wrote about the worst Christmas songs at stores in Vancouver was pretty negative, wasn’t it? Well, why don’t we change things around and talk about the best Christmas songs you’ll hear at stores in Vancouver? Look, I get that the songs that play in stores are super overplayed but there are some that you can’t help but admit that some of these songs are great. Trust me they’re good, so here’s what I think are three great Christmas songs you’ll hear at stores in Vancouver.

There’s one Christmas song that I never get sick of when it plays every year. That song is Last Christmas by Wham! Is this song overplayed? Absolutely! You will hear this song being played everywhere and you can’t escape it no matter how hard you try. But to me, it’s a song I don’t really get sick of because it’s pretty well written and it’s pretty catchy to listen to. The one thing I will say about this song is that people need to understand what it’s actually about. It’s not about a happy relationship, it’s a breakup song. If you pay closer attention to the lyrics, it’s pretty obvious. Gosh, I sound like such a hipster right now.

Another song that I think is pretty good is White Christmas. There are various different versions of this song but this is one of those songs I actually enjoy. It’s overplayed for sure, much like every song that will be on this list, but it’s one of those songs that I just enjoy listening to. It makes me feel good and the lyrics aren’t too bad for the most part. It’s just one of those songs that gets me in the Christmas mood and I don’t mind listening to it when it comes on.

The last one I want to mention is more so an entire artist that you will hear playing at stores all around B.C and that is Frank Sinatra. If I really had to pick a song then I’d probably go with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas because it’s a fun little song with some phenomenal vocals from Sinatra. Any Christmas song by Frank Sinatra is great to me because his voice is incredible and his songs just have a very classy feel.

So there are definitely some good Christmas songs among the really annoying ones you’ll constantly hear. So trust me on this one, you will enjoy these songs. But even if you don’t I just hope you have a merry little Christmas.

The Worst Christmas Songs You’ll Hear At Stores

Well, here we go again. It’s the time of year most retail workers in Vancouver hate. There’s constant Christmas music playing and the same songs are playing over and over again. It’s truly a horrific time to be working retail and I am praying for all of you retail workers out there.

So while we’re talking about hating Christmas songs, why don’t we talk about which Christmas songs are the worst. I have three Christmas songs that I despise that you will absolutely agree with me on unless you are insane.

Alright, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey is on this list. It’s not really a bad song by any means but holy moly is this song ever overplayed. You go to any retail store and this song is likely going to play at some point. It’s constantly played everywhere during Christmas and you just can’t escape Mariah Carey and the memes. Again, this song isn’t really a bad song, but it’s just incredibly overplayed and you can never escape it. It’s the one time of year when people just can’t stand Mariah Carey.

The second song is Mistletoe by Justin Beiber. Now is this song really all that bad? Not really. But for me at least, I hate when he says “shawty.” It just makes the whole thing sound way more cornier than it is and I am just not a fan. People tend to hate the older Justin Beiber song because of his more higher-pitched voice, but I don’t really mind it. This song also is guilty of being overplayed, but overall it’s just a boring
Christmas song. But I’d take this over whatever monstrosity of a Christmas song Beiber would make nowadays.

The last one I want to mention is Baby It’s Cold Outside. This song is so obnoxious and I am not a fan of the duet in this song. What makes it worse is many people find this song controversial because there is some very strange behaviour from the guy portion in this song. It could be debated whether that’s controversial or not but for me, even without that, it’s just not an interesting song to me and I don’t get a romantic Christmasy feeling from it. So this one is a dud in my books.

I’m sure you have a long list of other Christmas songs you hate, but these are the ones I don’t enjoy and maybe you agree or disagree. Either way, I feel really bad for retail workers right now.

You’ll get through the bad songs soon! Then there will be endless Christmas drinks for you waiting.

What’s The Deal With Michael Bublé

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas time! The time of year when stores will be playing those annoying Christmas songs. But hey not all of them are bad, right? Okay look, I know you’re giving me a weird face because you probably don’t love Christmas songs, but trust me, there are some good ones. I know damn well you can’t help but listen to Michael Bublé. And honestly, I don’t blame you. The Burnaby native has some fantastic songs, even if you don’t love the Christmas ones. So let’s talk about him a bit more and discuss some things around him.

So what are you getting into if you listen to Micahel Bublé? Well, he has a very similar sort of style to someone like Frank Sinatra. He makes those kinds of classic and classy feeling songs that Sinata makes but Bublé does tie in a lot of reference to things in his life and local things in Vancouver. He will sometimes make lines about the Vancouver Canucks since he’s a pretty die-hard Canucks fan. He also has an ownership stake in the Vancouver Giants so he tends to reference a lot of hockey-related things.

A song like Feeling Good is quite an enjoyable song to listen to if you want to…well, feel good. He has a confidence and swagger in this song that gives you a good feeling when you listen to this song.

And listen, his Christmas stuff is pretty good too. Are they a bit stereotypical for Christmas songs? Yeah for sure, but they still have a bit of a charm to them that makes them enjoyable to listen to. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas is a very overplayed song, but come on, it’s pretty enjoyable to listen to here and there is it not? Bublé has some easy to listen to Christmas songs that are easy to just shut your brain off to and enjoy. They’re the type of songs you’d listen to with your family while putting up the Christmas tree or while just sitting next to the fireplace and chatting. The Christmas songs he makes have a certain vibe to them where it makes you feel relaxed and like you can just enjoy Christmas.

Michael Bublé is definitely an interesting music artist who may not be for everyone, but he’s definitely made a big impact in the music community and is undoubtedly one of the biggest music artists from B.C.

Also, I just want to say that if you work retail right now, I am so sorry and hope the Christmas tunes don’t consume your life.