The THREE Video Game Cheating Scandals You Didn’t Know About!

Wherever there’s competition, there will always be cheating.

As far as we can all remember, in every sport, in every game, and in every way of life, there are cheaters.

For context, India is one of the biggest untapped Esports markets in the world with almost the second most populated country in the world, and more eyes means more chances of revenue, so in 2018 Optic Gaming decided to be the first North American mover to establish the Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) in India, with it’s Optic India lineup of Antidote (Sabyasachi Bose), haiVann (Vishal Sharma), Marzil (Agneya Koushik), yb (Lukas Groning), and forsaken (Nikhil Kumawat). In eXTREMELAND 2018, forsaken got caught using a cheat software live in a LAN event. That’s bad. REALLY bad. Forsaken got banned for 5 years which will expire this September 2024. Not only pushing him out of the CSGO scene but also pushing India out of CSGO. But I happy to tell you that forsaken’s teammates are doing well in esports after so long, so it’s a happy ending for everyone. Except forsaken. Freaking loser.

I have never played Trackmania but I know that Trackmania is the best racing game in the world in terms of competition, and skill. And no, F1, and other games like that are okay but nothing beats the skill needed for this, and for a game that’s built on player’s trust, reports of cheating on this game is one of the most surprising news happening in video games. The video above will be able to explain all of the cheating of rioluTM and in a better way. Heck I don’t even play the game that well, and I am just in it. The impact of these players crushed all the trust of the entire Trackmania community and now living in a time where it’s hard to believe when top records from previous maps are legitimate. This scandal was just crazy. 

Clash Of Clans was one of the biggest mobile games, ever. EVER. You played this. I played this. Everyone and your grandma played this. This game was everywhere, in every phone, in every tablet, and in every emulator on PC, and I can’t believe that cheating in the game was even possible but people’s need for glory and dominance in a competition with exploits, bugs, mods, and just downright corruption. I have no idea on how is Clash of Clans in 2024, but with the mobile gaming genre is at an all-time high, I believe that COC is still up in it.

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