Binging Ted Lasso Was A Bad Idea

Binging any series is nice because you get to finish a series, but at the same time, it’s not fun taking time to enjoy the series.

I, for one, enjoyed the Ted Lasso series as a whole. This series is a slow burner, and I love my slow burners. Because slow burner series spend time developing the setting, the characters slowly see signs that there’s actually something wrong with them before the inevitable breakdown that will happen.

Okay, not every character had a development and not everyone had the happy ending they deserve based on storytelling techniques from the past or any gender-norms but that’s okay. That’s how life works. Not everyone you know, you will know how their story went and that’s okay. That’s life. Fair enough.

Binging a really great series like Ted Lasso was such an emotional roller-coaster ride that took me to emotions that I hardly visit because how busy I am with school, but I am glad I get to process some of those emotions, and it also gave a really good view on how people in the sports world try to deal with their problems, and Ted Lasso series is a great reminder that it’s okay to ask for professional help. No matter who you are and what your status is in life. We all need help.

One of the things I like about the series is that the women of the series stand up on their own and not just become an accessory for the men as a relationship. I liked how they became the strong, independent women that they always strive to be ever since Season 1, and I believe that’s a healthy and respectful way to portray them like this.

This show’s premise and content from the first season varies so much in understanding and yet it delivered something that incredible, and kudos to the writers and the case that made this possible.

if you really want to enjoy the series, please don’t binge watch this as it’s like a child eating everything and not having great things later but I know that’s super easy to do since given that there were only 30 min per episode but those 30 minutes have better content and development that most series of this genre.

Heed my writing. If you want to binge this series, that’s okay. There’s more than one way to watch any series. Just don’t spoil anyone. 

I Binged Ted Lasso Season 3 So That I Can Tell You This

That Ted Lasso Season 3 is a great season, a great way to end the series, and this should be a great reason for you to start watching this, too. (In case you still haven’t watched and yet you’re reading this article)

I just finished watching the last 2 episodes of Season 3 earlier today, and my first and last impression of the season and the series as a whole is..

Sometimes, you can’t get what you want, and that is what life is.

I loved that the season kept it very real and I’m going to be real with you. Don’t look into reviews on Ted Lasso because this series isn’t something you can easily put on a 5 or even 10 star ranking scale. They should put some respect on Ted Lasso name.

I think everyone is used to having a fleshed-out ending in every series they watch that’s about to end. That’s not how life works. Remember a long time friend that you’ve talked to a lot in the past, but because of life, you guys just start drifting apart. It was no one’s fault, it was just how it went, es lo que es for the Spanish readers in the chat lol.

But anyways, for those kinds of situations and more, having a fleshed out ending for everyone is just not realistic. I remember my gaming buddies that I bonded so much over the Pandemic, and now with life back to normal, slowly but surely everyone went back to touching grass, going out, socializing that way that we gradually had less game nights and now it’s been a year since the last game night with the boys. It’s sad I know but that’s how life works, and that’s what makes Season 3 albeit the entire series a great look at life. I think some people are just uncomfortable in watching something that really resembles IRL, you know what I mean?

But nonetheless, I know you’re reading this and maybe you’re still not sure to start this series or not, but if you love a really great story, would you like to know the ending right away or let it surprise you like great stories does?

I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. This award-winning series, yes I guess if you want accolades to be a factor in your decision, is a great outlook on life. Of course not all situations in our lives relate to what’s happening in the series, but like this quote from a reaction video I saw about the EDM of the 2010’s..

”When it hits, it hits.” – and this should hit you right in the noggin’ to FINALLY convince you that there’s a lot to unpack in Ted Lasso and going through with it is the best thing you can do, maybe this weekend?

I Binged Ted Lasso Season 2 To Tell You To Do It Too

Have you ever binged a series so fast that you forgot how time works and suddenly you see yourself just reflecting on what you watched so far in your sleep that you begin to feel the feelings said series gave you? Not me. Jk

Like I said in my previous article, Ted Lasso is one of the most beautifully written series of all time. I love how they can compact so much story in 30 minute episodes. Season 1 was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the series, and for Season 2..

Season 2 is the purposeful journey to the depth of the iceberg of your human soul, to the darkness below that you don’t see anything. The depths you don’t want anyone to know. The things you’re ashamed to share. The things that you’re afraid other people might think of, and those things you didn’t know that was also happening to other people. We do have that tendency to feel that only ourselves alone, are experiencing the things we’re feeling at the moment, and there’s a lesson coming up after this adventure, we’ll talk about that in a while.

Season 2 was all about character development, emphasis on development. You probably think problems are a step backwards towards our goals, dreams and aspirations and they’re a bad thing but it’s not (sorry for gaslighting, it’s true though.)

When I finished watching this series the night before writing this article, I felt feelings that I haven’t felt in a long time. Probably you know this all too well, when you’re most likely currently too busy to deal with these things because you have studies, exams, bills to pay, children to take care of. You feel that you ain’t got no time to take care of yourself, even if the world is advocating self-care in a pace that can be healthy and unhealthy, depending on how you approach it.

But in the case of not taking care of yourself, like what that guy said on Game of Thrones.. “Not today.” – but we never saw him again after that scene. Weird though he could’ve been an important part of the lore, but I’m diverging right now to make up for the word count lol.

ANYWAY, taking care of yourself is necessary in the world that’s becoming too fast for us to comprehend, but at the same time, taking care of yourself in harmful ways thinking it’s the only way we do know how is not great too.

As you continue on with your day after reading this article, please, even for just 5-10 minutes a day, do what you love. Do what brings you peace of mind. Much like any muscle, your peace of mind needs to be in top shape as well.

Take care of yourself. You’re doing great.


I Binged Ted Lasso Season 1 So You Don’t Have To. (Unless you want to.)

Have you ever watched so many clips of a series, and explainer videos about said series on Youtube, that you began to understand the plot and the characters without watching the actual series? I feel you on that. Here’s one you should really get into, if not binge right away.

Ted Lasso is one of those series, along with Parks & Rec, and The Office. I know some of the stories but not all the nitty-gritty on them. Then one day, I got myself an iPad for Christmas and Apple gave me a 3-month free trial and took it on the very last day it was offering it.

So I do what I do best when watching a series, especially on a free-trial, is to binge the series in one day. Easy. So let me share my thoughts on Season 1 without spoilers. Season 2 and 3 thoughts will be coming out in the next few days. So look forward to that.

Ted Lasso is one of the most beautifully written series I’ve ever seen, and truly a must-watch if you’re a fan of a good story, and a slow-burner of a story too. I love slow burners like The Good Place, Hospital Playlist, Reply 1988, and I’m sure many more but I’m just telling you those on top of my head.

Ted Lasso follows the story of the titular character, after leading the Division II Wichita State Shockers to their first ever National title in American football, was approached by Rebecca Welton to be head coach for struggling Premier League UK football team, AFC Richmond.

Sounds like a sports-centric series, am I right? Yes, and no. It’s way deeper than you think, like the other 90% of the iceberg that you don’t get to see.

And that other 90% is otherworldly, absolutely, bonafide guaranteed chef kiss!

This series gets into things that matter in life. Not just in team sports settings, but overall, whether you’re just the lowest position, the noob, the superstar, the old guy, the shy guy, or traumatized one, and anything in between. This series was written especially for this kind of thing..

The feels, encapsulated in a 30-min episode. I don’t know how they do that, but they did it. And they did it well. Fantastically well, good sir, or madam.

If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, go watch it! I’m just in the middle of Season 2 and you’re gonna look forward for my article tomorrow about Season 2!

These 3 Cartoons Helped Shape Millennials

I grew up in the early 90’s. So I was just in the nick of time to experience the golden age of cartoons from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and so much more. Especially as a kid growing up then, waking up Saturday morning, getting breakfast and head to the TV for my weekly 4-5 hours of the most amazing cartoons of all of people’s childhood and early teens. With so much media these days to consume, You should watch these 3 cartoons that helped shape the quality of media today, but set the standards that any cartoon series should follow. I believe that these 3 cartoons walked so that Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe could run.

Codename Kids Next Door

This show is every kid’s dream to have: a secret treehouse that adults can’t see so they can do whatever they want and fighting against the adults that us kids back then would see as the fun police. You know how it is, as kids growing up we want to do whatever we want and always saw adults as obstacles to fun. This plot is just surface level, and once you go down deep, it has a really engaging story, with plot twists here and there that rewatching the entire franchise as an adult, you would appreciate it more, not only for the nostalgia, but as a series as well.

Samurai Jack

This cartoon was for most people, including me’s first dive into something sinister and dark from the onset. Where the good guys never win right away, and the bleak setting and Jack’s adventure back to the past, has taught kids about not giving up, grit, determination in times of sometimes which is hopeless to even try. This could rival a lot of existing series right now, and personally this franchise should have its own drawn out live action adaptation. Speaking of having a live-action adaptation..

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The global standard of a great cartoon series. Captivating story. Characters with actual and purposeful character development, and a story that not just captivates kids but everyone. This series is just flat out amazing, and with the news of the Netflix live-adaptation already out, it’s a must that you also watch the original cartoon series that made everyone fall in love with Aang and the Gaang. Seriously, this franchise has the potential to be relevant for a long time, not just because of the original source material, but with entire backstories, prequels, sequels to go through, there’s no shortage of potential lore for this.

Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix is..

Amazing! There’s no reason for you not to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix, especially if you’ve watched the original Nickelodeon cartoon, but like all things, it ain’t perfect, and these are the three things you SHOULD NOT expect

It will NOT be the same series, shot per shot.

C’mon now. How many live action series have you watched that are the same series, shot per shot? And how many times after hearing the word “Avatar” that you first thought of those blue alien species? Zero. I thought so. So that means there’s no point in expecting that it will be the same Avatar we all watched on Nickelodeon. As much as any animation turned live action series, there are some liberties taken for the live-action, some are good, some are meh, and some are not there, but it is what it is. I won’t tell you those that are bad, because spoiler: I don’t wanna spoil you. You’ve long waited for a great adaptation of Avatar, you deserve to be amazed from start to finish.

At the very least, it’s LEAPS AND BOUNDS BETTER than.. you know what.

The cast is NOT good, It’s FREAKING AWESOME.

Speaking of you know what, the casting from that was, for lack of a better term, Grade-A Bonafide High Quality TRASH! I don’t need to explain it in words, if you take a quick glance at that cast and this Netflix cast? It feels like a Before-and-After, after applying this common, but uncommonly applied sometimes, common sense. The Netflix cast has the look, the feel, the character development. I felt like they REALLY studied the source material and blended their acting seamlessly for their characters. Looking in social media, almost everyone is praising the casting and how each actor portrayed their role as closest to the source material as possible while sneaking in something new that has value for the audience, not just because it’s something new.

You’ll be satisfied after watching. You will want MORE!

After the original animation, people wanted more. So Nickelodeon released The Legend Of Korra (TLOK), and although that series was a mixed bag, everyone appreciated that there’s more to the lore of Avatar, but alas after a while, people wanted more. After a long while, there is now confirmed news that a new-new Avatar animation movie will be released in 2025 portraying Aang and The Gaang in their 30s. In their primes. That’s something we missed during TLOK, because spoiler alert: most of the Aang-Gaang either passed away or too old to have a bigger impact in the story, which I get why they did it because of fleshing out new characters therefore making new lore, but you should be excited now that FINALLLYYYY… THEY’RE PLACING FAITH BACK INTO AVATAR AGAIN. AND NO, NOT THE BLUE KIND, THE OG AVATAR.

I’m obssessed with bare feet (shoes)

I’m talking about barefoot shoes, ya weirdos! And I bet I can convince you that you can be into feet as well (I’m pushing the boundaries of this lmao) – OF COURSE NOT IN THAT WAY, YA PERV!

One day, many years ago, I started watching these videos about how poor feet health and how barefoot shoes are a long-term solution for it. As I got older, I realized that my balance is getting progressively worse each year and I think it’s because of my feet being crunched into a narrow toe box causing Bunions. In simple terms, Bunions are when one or both big toes are leaning ever slightly closer to the middle toe, instead of being pointed forward. Conventional shoes have trained our feet since birth, to confine to that narrow position so long that our feet are used to it.

A perfect example of perfect feet mechanics is when you look at babies feet. When the toes expand and can go in a lot more directions it is because they have the freedom to do so, and conventional shoes did us dirty. So I looked at my feet, having some sort of bunions, and decided that if I don’t fix this soon, my future self will probably hate me.

Way back in the day, we only had these bad boys when it came to barefoot shoes, and even me back in that day would not wear it ever. Ever. But technology has evolved and we now have some really great shoes for whichever budget.

I’ll tell you this now, this is not a short-term solution, or it’s a be-all, end-all solution to foot and posture problems. These things can take time, I mean try like the video above, a few times a week, slowly having your feet adjusting to your barefoot shoes, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. So far for me I’ve been in and out of barefoot shoes because I don’t have enough shoes in enough styles so that it can go with outfits that I have but I got better styles now and going to do it every day. Sorry to my partner who can’t give me really stylish shoes now, and I keep telling her that get something that’s 0.5 to 1 more from my size.

But just having shoes isn’t enough. It’s all about how you walk as well. I’m no expert in walking since I walk like a penguin sometimes, but learning how to walk better can benefit your body all around.

If you want to break into the barefoot shoes lane, do it slowly but surely. That’s how you win the race.

My Top 3 Formula One Liveries For The Casual Soul

Formula One livery reveals are one of the best events during the start of every year, and even if you’re not a hardcore fan of F1, seeing those liveries will see how creative or boring these cars will look for the year. You’re not gonna read comments about each car, because we only have a short amount of brain cells to give this attention so I’ll tell you my top 3 and if you don’t agree with it, I can get into a respectful discussion on why you are wrong. 😉

3. Stake F1 Team C44

FINALLY SOME BRIGHT FREAKING COLORS! Okay to give some context for the casual souls, F1 teams have started to become desperate in shedding weight off their cars, that teams start to shed paint and expose the carbon fibers on their cars, and I don’t want to waste your time in showing the other cars but those cars lack paint. It’s becoming a boring snoozefest of a season where 20 carbon fiber cars just racing along a track. No one knows who’s who and that sucks. So seeing a bright green, BEN-10 looking ahh car!? Straight. 👏 to. 👏 podium. 👏

2. Williams Racing FW46

This logo is amazing for the fact that it has paint (You kinda know now how this list would go), and it stands on the sands of time given the history of the Williams colorways throughout its life. The real MVP of this livery is the Duracell branding on the top of the car. Whoever thought of that design, should be given a promotion, seasonal F1 tickets for races, and a lifetime supply of Duracell. HOLY, I LOVE THIS DESIGN.  I just wish they used the brighter blue color scheme they use on their branding. Someone actually edited the color to see for yourself.

It’s way better right? I know I’m right. 🤷‍♂️

1. VCARB 01

This. This one fire. Who cooked!? VCARB did. WOW! This entire car is chef kiss, high quality stuff I’m looking for. This speaks very flashy, sassy design that screams, “you hate us because you aint us” you know what I mean!? This is in yo face, ate, left no crumbs, katrina katrina katrina. 💅✨ I believe I have some footage of people’s reactions when they saw the livery.


ChaChou Mugler @Chachoudepartout at the multicolor’s ball in lille by vogue en Lille #voguedance#vogue#ballroomscene#ballroom#pourtoi#foryou#france#parisballroomscene#voguefem#viral#lille#ball#Paris#mugler#miyakemugler

♬ son original – Kendrick Mugler Tv

Source: Trust me bro.

National Days Today! Feb 15 Edition

Did you know that there are holidays every day of the year!? Here’s what’s happening today!

Annoy Squidward Day

For context, in one Spongebob Squarepants episode, someone asked Squidward, “What day is it?”, and Squidward replied, “Annoy Squidward Day.” SpongeBob laughed at that response and said, “No, silly, that is on the 15th,” pointing to the calendar. In fact, on every 15th of that month, Mr. Krabs gives out the Employee of the Month Award. But that did not stop fans from turning it into an actual holiday, celebrated on February 15. Because I think when the fans made this, they’re adults now. I am one of them lol.

I would be annoyed too if someone always gets employee of the month, every month. As a kid, I would relate to Spongebob more but now as an adult, everything Squidward does, I do too, and now I hate Spongebob. I have the same bored af face every time. I know as an adult, you have it too.


National Flag of Canada Day

National Flag of Canada Day is observed every year on February 15. This day marks the first sighting of the present flag of Canada with the red maple leaf. The flag signifies the common values that unite all citizens of Canada — equality, diversity, inclusion, maple syrup, and Tim Hortons. Today, you might see the Canadian flag waving in glory from building tops and people distributing miniature flags on the streets. Some people prefer wearing pins in the design of the flag to honor this day. In many schools, lessons are delivered on the history of the flag and its significance. If you wanna learn more, I got you.


Single Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day is over. How was it with your partner? Oh wait, you’re single and if and totally despise Valentine’s Day in all of its commercial glory, this day is for you. This day originally meant for singles without significant others but suddenly singles started to take the name back for self love. I mean that’s actually a better thing to celebrate rather than drown in sorrow just because you don’t have a partner yet. Being single is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, enjoy life, enjoy the bliss of being alone. Love yourself, my brothers and sisters out there! How can you love others if you can’t love yourself? Well I know because it takes one to know one.

Three Co-Op Games To Play With Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and these three co-op games are a must play for you and your Partner!

These days, playing video games has become more popular and anyone and everyone can be gamers now. So Fall Guys is not a co-op game, it’s a party game because co-op games are only up to two players, but party games can be up to four, and sometimes co-op games and party games are interchangeable in this context of playing as a couple. For those who don’t know, Fall Guys is a party game that lets you play as a jelly-bean sized character, going through obstacles a la Wipeout and fun and chaos ensues. I’ve played this with my Partner, and she’s not a pro gamer per se, and mostly just laughs whenever I do something stupid in game. Good times. Oh, and it’s free so you can download it on Epic, or Steam (if you still had the game before the game switched platforms).

Second game is Party Animals. Party Animals is a breath of fresh air to games like Gang Beasts, and the like. It’s basically a fighting game at this point, but with cute animals. There are different game modes, maps like hockey, football, eliminations. They even have a card game within the game. It’s their version of Uno that you can play while chaos is around you. I love this game. And I know you wouldn’t resist all the cute animals here.

Especially the bonita-gorilla that LOOKS CUTE AF DONT @ ME. (and don’t show this to my Partner, she loves the corgi. This game is very good for partners because most game modes are duo, so not many opportunities for those maps that have 4 players so at least you can do great teamwork with your Partner. Or a lot of screaming may happen, but all in good fun right?

It Takes Two. One of the best co-op games around, and I would list this as the top numero uno. The only downside of this game for me is that my Partner and I haven’t tried it. Because I’m a PC user and she’s a Mac user. So near yet so far I’m afraid. But it has one of the best stories that will surely tug some heartstrings, from some videos I watched. I don’t really know the full story but I am very excited to play this with my Partner.

So what game tickles your fancies?