The THREE things I liked about the Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl was amazing. The NFL is making strides every year, and here are the ones that I liked about it. Apologies in advance for the Youtube links that can’t be seen straight from the article, because NFL is very protective or “No-Fun-League” about embedding. 😒

Man, the Madden Pro Bowl was great! I’m not a pro Madden gamer but I like watching Madden Esports as well as when NFL Pros play matches with each other. This year it was David Njoku and Tyreek Hill for the AFC vs Micah Parsons and Puka Nacua for the NFC. I liked how the players just got to be themselves during this hour. Trashtalk from left to right, and all around good times, that the host was having a hard time moderating the entire thing, but it was all good from both ends. One thing to note: never give the controls to David Njoku ever. Cmon AFC, Tyreek needs help!

The Gridiron Gauntlet was an amazing showcase of friendly competition between the NFC and the AFC. This is what I like about the current format of the Pro Bowl games. It’s competitive enough that the players can still push hard but not to the point of injury. It was all going in the AFC’s favor for most of the competition, but on the final leg, newly-retired Eagles center Jason Kelce, did some forbidden techniques with rocking back and forth, and somehow lifting the back wheels for a better push and got the NFC the victory, and I love how everyone the NFC team was just hyped that their team finished first. The spirit of competition is still strong. It’s a great showing for the fans who flew from all over the world, to Orlando of all places, for this year’s Pro Bowl.

Flag Football is the greatest idea in the Pro Bowl. I love every single minute of this match. I love how flag football is slowly carving an identity for itself in mainstream American sports. Before it was just tagged as the Wienie Hut Jr version of Football but now with increased awareness on concussions and CTEs, and now with recognition that flag football can be part of the Olympics, I am excited! I know there’s still a place for old hard-hitting football, and I’m glad there’s an equally competitive option giving less injuries but still showcasing the talent and skills needed to play football.

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