Canucks Win In Tocchet’s Debut!

The Vancouver Canucks put together a spectacular win in Tocchet’s debut.

Fans are continuing to boycott the team, using the hashtag #selltheteam but the players don’t seem to care. The team showed up to play last night, winning the game 5-2 and outshooting the Chicago Blackhawks 48-14.

Both those numbers represent season bests for Canucks. For a team that usually struggles with defence, its nice to see the Canucks get it together and not allow many shots on net last night.

Tocchet was not given a warm welcome to the team by fans these past few days, but hes happy with the win tonight, and how the players adapted to the tough circumstances:

“There’s been some tough circumstances the last few days and there was a lot of emotions and head spinning. I threw some stuff at them today with longer meetings that I like. For them to take it in and play good— I commend the players.”

However, the Canucks will have to show that Tocchet’s changes have stuck, and that they can continue on the right path.

Lets not forget that the Canucks turned around their season, just like they did last night, last year when Bruce Boudreau was introduced. Lets hope that the Canucks don’t relapse again these next few months and can finally get themselves back to being a playoff team over the next few years.

The Canucks will play the Seattle Kraken tonight at home.

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