Rick Tocchet Calls His Own Team Soft!

The Canucks lose to the Kraken for the first time in history last night.

Rick Tocchet had a brilliant start to the team on Tuesday night, leading the Canucks to a 5-2 victory in his coaching debut with the team.

In just his second game with the team though, Rick Tocchet and the Canucks suffered a one sided beat down by a team that they had never lost to before last night. The Kraken beat the Canucks 6-1 in a game that wasn’t competitive from the get go.

Rick Tocchet encouraged his team to “embrace the hardness” on Tuesday night, but last night he called his new team soft:

“That was bad tonight, that was bad. Soft. Yah know, I hate to call the team soft but, it was soft.”

Being called soft by your new head coach isn’t a good look for the team, the owners, or Rick Tocchet. The team got rid of beloved head coach Bruce Boudreau for Rick Tocchet, and as bad as things got under Bruce’s watch, he never called his own team soft.

That in part, is why every time the canucks play, “Bruce there it is” chants ring throughout the crowd.

Rick Tocchet isn’t fully at blame here as hes only had one practice with his new team, but its now evident to Canucks fans that the lopsided win against the Blackhawks Tuesday night, was in fact a one off and not the magic coaching of Rick Tocchet.

Time will tell if Rick Tocchet can turn his new team around and put together some wins.

The Canucks play the Blue Jackets at home on Friday.

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