Education is the backbone of society

Today is the International Day of Education. This day was declared by The United Nations General Assembly to show their passion for making education a priority for people around the world.

I have always had a subpar relationship with school. I was an ungrateful little brat who thought that I didn’t need education in my life. I thought I could get by in life without school. But that’s just because elementary and high school make you learn things you’re not interested in. For example, we were all supposed to learn science, something I wasn’t interested in. Of course, you’re not going to do well in something you’re not interested in. Even something like math has never interested me (except during fifth grade when I was doing shockingly well).

I’ve always had envy towards people who learned things quickly. It usually takes me some time to pick up on things which is irritating. There’s nothing worse than looking dumb in front of your peers. Whenever I got a low grade, there was always going to be a smart person who was going to make fun of it. I had no reason to talk back because they were right. I just couldn’t pick up on things as easily as them.

Despite these struggles, I have become a lot more grateful for my education over the years. It wasn’t perfect, but there was always something to learn and learning something every day is better than not getting knowledge. It makes the world a lot more interesting and the fact that there are people in the world who don’t get the same opportunity is heartbreaking. These people deserve to have as much education as everyone here. I hope in the future that everyone around the world can get a proper education. Education is the key component to a better future.

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