What’s the deal with the Avatar series?

The infamous Canadian filmmaker who is responsible for making the most famous, groundbreaking and innovative films like Titanic, The Terminator series and Avatar series creates history yet again, with the new Avatar: The Way of Water movie taking over the theatres. James Cameron is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry for his ability to glue people to their seats throughout the movie. The new Avatar movie is the second part of a five-part series. It’s an epic science fiction and adventure series that attracts people from different demographics, which is because there was a lot of time taken to make the movie because of the very high standards from the first release back in 2009. Cameron has trusted that the time, money and effort that is placed towards the second part of the series is rewarded when the fans and casual movie-watchers take over the theatres and break the box office records.

The duration of the Avatar: The Way of Water is over 3 hours, making it one of the lengthiest films to watch. Knowing the nature of films that James Cameron releases, people are willing to spend the time and money to watch how the story unfolds and their eagerness for the next release grows. The plot of the movie is very detailed and requires attention to understand the many themes and visuals in the different scenes of the movie. Even after over a month since the movie released, some theatres are still packed out on the weekends. Since the pandemic, this is the movie to bring the most number of people to the theatres. The next movies from the Avatar series is said to be released in 2024, 2026 and 2028. Three more parts of the series to look forward to and a lot shorter wait period between each part compared to the wait period between the first and second parts.

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