The ultimate way to relax – The floating Nordic spa

After busy work and school schedules, people look forward to their down time. It’s important to find different ways to unwind and regroup before getting back to the hectic schedules that we all keep up with. Whether it’s binge-watching favourite tv shows or eating out or even reading a book, there’s always a way to feel reenergized. One of the ways in which people can find comfort and relaxation is by experiencing the new floating Nordic spa that’s about to come to BC. The talks of a floating Nordic spa have been going on for some time now and recently the project was approved for Ships Point in Victoria’s inner harbour.

A new company called HAVN Experiences LTD have formulated a plan to make a giant floating spa for people to experience. It will be approximately 144 feet in length and the amenities that amenities that they offer are amazing. They have hot tubs, freshwater cold pools, saunas, relaxation spots in greenery and more. The thought of being able to experience this feels like a dream. The developers are also looking to include a flex space where community events like concerts and speakers can connect to people on this floating vessel.

Apparently, the construction of this floating Nordic spa will utilize 90% of reused and recycled materials. Although this project just got approved and the construction has just started, you can’t help but visualize the result and the experience that it could create. People from around the province and country will be looking to experience this firsthand. It’s a unique concept that is bound to attract people from all over. Once the project comes to fruition, there will be so many people looking to experience this one-of-a-kind spa. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy people’s company and even connect with the water. Spending time at this floating spa would be a really thoughtful gift for people who are feeling burnt out or need some long overdue relaxation time.

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