Why are there movies based off books?

There are some books that gain so much attention that movies are based off them. People who are unfamiliar with the books, assume that it’s just a movie. But people who are avid readers are familiar with the book and they hold very high standards for the movie. It’s understandable because reading allows you to imagine scenarios that almost feel real. When, the movie version takes a different direction than the book, it causes an outrage and change the whole experience for them. Altering the original version of a story can be irritating especially if it changes the whole story.

Movie producers are well aware of the plot, themes and characters that make the story. They find ways to preserve the original story, but it can be challenging to make a movie exactly like the book. Some changes are made to the storyline but as long as the key moments remain the same, it’s not that big of a deal. In fact, it makes the movie original in its own right. Some of the popular books turned into movies are the Harry Potter series, the Lord Of The Rings series, the Hunger Games, the Twilight saga, the Notebook and many others.

Movies are entertaining and most people are more likely to watch a movie rather than read a book. It all boils down to preference. Reading helps you develop your imagination and creativity, whereas movies have the ability to evoke an emotional response. The background music and acting can make you feel attached to the characters and connected to the story. Books and movies have their own ways of keeping people entertained. When you start reading a good book, it can be hard to put the book down. The same goes for watching movies. Once, the story gets interesting, it’s hard to stop. You want to know how the story ends. Movies based off books are made only because of fans can’t stop talking about the cool story they just read.

A new Harry Potter video game – Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter is one of the most iconic series of books in the past 2 decades. A fictional world where magic is real has captivated millions of people around the world. The movie versions of the book might be more popular because many people prefer to watch movies rather than read a book. J.K. Rowling, the author of the series of books, created a fictional world with characters that people admire and are attached to. People are obsessed with the series and jump at an opportunity to feel like they’re part of the fictional world. They buy all kinds of accessories related to Harry Potter. Costumes, board games, wands, collectible cards, Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans, and many other things. Little things that make them feel connected to the world of magic.

Fans of the books and movies will be thrilled to know that there is a new Harry Potter video game that’s about to release on February 10th. It’s called, Hogwarts Legacy and it’s an immersive, open-world action RPG (Role playing game), that’s about to make every Harry Potter fan excited. You can play it on a PC, PS5, PS4, X Box and Nintendo Switch. The game is available on many gaming platforms in order to get as many people as possible to play the game.

You can explore the wizard’s world by roaming around the school, the Forbidden Forrest and the surrounding overland area. You get the full wizard experience, as the game is detailed exactly like in the books and movies. Learning spells, brewing potions, encountering magical creatures, making friends and taking on adventures together is what Hogwarts Legacy offers. It’s hard to believe that a series of books was made into a movie series and now a video game! It really gives you an idea of how many people are hardcore fans of the series. There is a great demand for all thing related to Harry Potter!

The importance of cooking + tips to help make the process easier

Everyone needs to be able to cook for themselves let alone for anyone else. It’s a necessary skill to survive. It’s a great way to save money because it’s cheaper to buy ingredients and make it yourself compared to buying food at a restaurant. Sure, it might be quicker and easier to just buy food, but you’re left with an uncertainty of what’s actually in the food and who are the people that made it. Cooking can be fun when you start doing it on a regular music. Playing music in the background or leaving a tv show playing on the tv whilst you cook, can make the process go by quicker. Not to mention, when you’re done making food, you feel independent and satisfied.

Once you form the habit of cooking on a regular basis, you start to think of ways that can speed up the process. You find clever tricks and skills to make the food taste better. Instead of making food as fast as possible, you start implementing tricks to make the food taste delicious. Here are some tricks that you can implement to make your food taste amazing in a quick and efficient manner:

  • If you have experience of cooking breakfast in the mornings and you like to eat bacon, you know that the grease splatters and it’s an annoying feeling when it splatters on you. Dashing a little salt in the pan can help with making sure the grease stays in the pan.
  • If you like hard boiled eggs, the peeling process can be done in a time-efficient manner. Boiling the water with vinegar or baking soda will help with removing the shells. Once the eggs are cooled, all you have to do is shake the eggs in an empty bowl and they come right off. Instead of peeling them individually, you can do them all together!
  • Peeling garlic can be done quickly if you apply some pressure with you hands and roll them on a clean surface.

Those are just a few ideas to help but there are so many tips and tricks that you can find online!

The VMF Winter Art Festival is coming to entertain all ages!

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and have fun. The return of the VMF Winter Arts Festival is a great opportunity to go out and enjoy live entertainment and activities. The 11 day, all ages festival from February 16th – 26th is going to transform downtown Vancouver into an open-air gallery and celebration of art, lights and entertainment. They will be showcasing local and international public art, have live music, tours, dance parties and a variety of food and drinks. The festivals looks to connect, reflect and celebrate the city along with its many diverse communities.

Some of the art installations in the festival, showcase artists that use augmented reality, lights, sculpture and interactive elements to express themselves. These different mediums of art are intriguing, exciting and entertaining. The best part about the VMF Festival is that it’s free for all ages! Some of the artists, whose work will be displayed in this festival are Adrian Steckeweh, Kym Fiala, Mike Peredo, Ocean Hyland, Franco E, Natasha Cunningham, Nya Lewis, Naila Keleta-Mae, Debra Sparrow, Junko, and more.

Finding one day to attend the festival and enjoy the art displays is a great opportunity to appreciate local and international art. There are a few people that come to your mind when you think about doing something fun with people. Think about their reactions when you take them to this cool new festival that has so many opportunities and activities to help you bond with others. The family friendly outdoor space has plenty of options for food and drinks with their rotating food trucks. Grab a bite to eat while you explore the tours and art installations that the festival has to offer. According to the festivals release, there will be five ticketed After Dark parties with entertainment in the form of local music groups each day for people to be thoroughly entertained.

VIFF – Black History Month celebration

February is a month that’s recognized as Black History Month. It’s the time of the year where we celebrate Black films, thinker, activists and artists. It acknowledges a painful time in history where people were mistreated and abused because of the colour of their skin. Over the years, we as a society, have started to acknowledge the atrocities and actively make an effort to ensure that history does not repeat itself. The Vancouver International Film Festival is hosting a program to celebrate Black History Month. The program has two series that is entertaining and informative at the same time. The two series are called, “Icons” and “Dispatches.”

Icons is a series that showcases the accomplishments of well-renowned Black actors like Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Chadwick Boseman and others. It shows the works of these famous actors of colour and celebrates their accomplishments as well as celebrates their hard-earned success. Dispatches is a series that focuses on documentaries, ideas and social justice by showcasing the work of James Baldwin, Camille Billops and two recent Canadian films, Dear Jackie and Our Dance of Revolution. One of the documentaries that is going to be shown in this series is called Descendant. It’s a powerful and real documentary that investigates the last known slave ship transporting kidnapped Africans to USA.

Films have a unique ability to connect people with harsh truths about the world we live in. It also has the ability to inspire change. Watching these films is a chance to understand how different people’s lives are in other parts of the world. It can be emotional and thought provoking. Watching these films is a great way to teach children about the unfair living conditions of certain people and it can also teach them why it’s important to change the world for the better. Be sure to check out the events from Vancouver International Film Festival this month because it’s a chance to learn about our history and the importance of not letting atrocities in the past, happen again.

Via Tevere Pizzeria – as authentic as it gets

Everyone can make a pizza but only a few can make a pizza that tastes excellent. One of Italian cuisines most popular and delicious dishes is pizza. Vancouver’s multicultural community has its many advantages, especially considering how restaurants have dishes that are culturally influenced. Restaurants with cooking practices that are adopted by traditions of cooking in different cultures, provide people with an opportunity to experience authentic dishes. Eating a pizza, the way it was meant to be eaten is an experience that most people don’t want to miss out on. Via Tevere Pizzeria, is a Neapolitan pizza spot that serves the most authentic pizza in Vancouver. It’s located at 1190 Victoria Drive.

You know a spot is legit when they have a certificate that ensures and protects their authenticity and traditional cooking methods. Everything involved in the cooking process is structured with a specific intent. The equipment plays an important role in the process, just life the preparation and cooking process. The correct dough mixer, Carrera Marble prep top and woodfire oven are all required for this authentic process. Along with the right equipment, the proper dough-making, stretching, topping and cooking techniques have an impact on the textures and taste of the pizza.

The dough needs to be hand stretched without the help of a rolling pin or stretcher. There are a few tricks that are passed down by family members, which are still being used, adding another layer to the authenticity of the food. Via Tevere has other things on their menu but if you’re going to eat something here, it has to be the pizza! They’ve got three base sauce options. Red sauce, Olive oil base and cream sauce. There are a few options of pizzas to choose under each base sauce categories. If you’re thinking of taking pizza and movie night to the next level, grabbing a pizza from Via Tevere Pizzeria should do the trick.

Tofino Wilderness Resort – A place to unwind and connect with nature

A busy work life or a hectic school/university schedule can be exhausting at times and it’s important to take time for ourselves. Time to spend with our friends and family or by ourselves. Whatever helps with no feeling burnt out. One thing that helps with burnout is a getaway. Although demanding schedules are a part of everyone’s lives, relaxation time should be a part of everyone’s lives as well. One of the best getaway ideas is to visit a luxury resort. There are many resorts that are beautiful, peaceful and relaxing and one of these resorts is the Tofino Wilderness Resort.

It used to be called Quait Bay floating lodge and Clayoquot Wilderness Resort before getting its name, the Tofino Wilderness Resort. It’s located in a beautiful environment that has a. unique ability to connect you with nature and the landscape. There’s mountains, rivers, lakes, animals and trees all around the resort. Imagine waking up and going for a long walk by the water, soaking everything around you. It’s an experience that will reenergize you to tackle the demanding work/school schedule.

The rooms, spa, hot tub and food at this resort is remarkable. It’s a destination that you don’t want to leave once you’re there. The food is made with ingredients supplied by the local suppliers. The fresh, flavorful dishes and drinks will satisfy your expectations and make you want more. The best part of the resort is the environment around it. It’s so different compared to the resorts in the city. It’s secluded from everything but at the same time, deeply connected to nature. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones, planning a trip to this resort will be a great way to accomplish that. Nature enthusiasts will be in awe of the landscape that this luxury resort offers.

The Victor – A restaurant to visit for or after a big win

Fine dining restaurants have a way of attracting people with their enticing menu of drinks and food. It’s not a regular restaurant where people expect dishes and drinks to have a certain taste. They take regular dishes and drinks and add their own culinary stamp on it. Making the restaurant a unique spot for flavorful experience that is memorable. A restaurant called The Victor is a fine dining restaurant that embodies an innovative approach to making delicious food and creative cocktails. It’s located at 39 Smith Street, on the sixth floor of the Parq Casino. They’re open from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM every day except for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They’re open till 10:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays and on Sundays, they operate from 10:00AM to 10:00PM.

They are specialists when it comes to serving a classic North American steak and seafood experience. The inspiration for the name of the restaurant is an interesting quote. “To the Victor belongs the spoils.” Their intention is to spoil you with their crafty, detail-oriented menu of food and drinks. Being that the restaurant is really close to the casino, it would make sense to eat at the Viktor after a big win. Considering how good the food and drinks taste, just eating at the place feels like a big win. If you still aren’t convinced to check them out, they have live music every Tuesdays from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

The executive chef of the restaurant is Garett Blundell. He has honed his culinary skills with his experience of working in many top-quality restaurants in Canada and England. He has worked at demanding Michelin star restaurants like Maze by Gordon Ramsey. The items on the menu are crafted with a special attention to detail. If you’re thinking of a friend who’s a foodie and would love to check out this spot, send them a text and figure out when you can experience the food and drinks at The Victor.

How has online shopping changed shopping culture?

The shopping process has changed so much over the years. People had to go to a store to look at the options for clothing, food, electronics, and supplies but now, we are able to use our phones and laptops to order anything we want or need and it shows up to our doorstep. The process has become a lot simpler and time efficient. It is interesting to think of a time before online shopping was a possibility. There was a sense of self necessity that motivated people to shop for their needs and wants. As a result of how convenient online shopping is, people start to buy more things that they want. Before, people used to be more focused with their shopping habits and purchased what they needed before what they wanted.

The process of going to a shop to buy something is time consuming but it lets you see the options of items for yourself before you buy them. Although you can see the image of an item when you shop online, you can’t touch it, feel it, taste it and smell it. That’s the unavoidable disadvantage when it comes to online shopping, you can never be sure that the imagine represents you imagination of the item. For all the pros and cons, online shopping plays a part in how our shopping culture has evolved over the years. Although, online shopping is becoming the preferred method of shopping for most people nowadays, people should still experience the full process of going out, selecting and buying things for themselves. It’s always a better experience, to explore different stores spontaneously and stumble across a cool piece of clothing or book or restaurant that you like. It’s also a great way to give a story behind how you got something. Whereas, if you only shopped online, you don’t have the opportunity to have a story behind the things you buy.

Have you noticed this about shoes?

Fashion is an important part of culture. The outfits that we choose to wear, reveals a lot about ourselves. Our taste, our cultures and our personality can be portrayed by the choice of our outfits. It all starts with the shoes. Shoe culture is a relatively new, growing aspect of our society. The choice of shoes can make or break the entire look that you’re going for. For example, wearing red shoes when you’re wearing a red shit or dress is a great choice because it matches with something that you’re wearing, but wearing bright neon green shoes with the same clothes would be an unorthodox combination, that doesn’t match with the rest of your outfit.

It’s small details like this that are recognized among people that you know and complete strangers that you come across on the sky train or the bus station. There’s a lot of importance put on the shoes that you wear, whether you realize it or not. Shoe culture is such a craze at the moment that people have a borderline obsession with collecting new pairs of shoes and not even wearing them. If you spend that much money on a pair of shoes, why not wear it? Instead, it just collects dust in the cupboard that they’re stored in.

There’s a standard pair of white shoes that everyone has in their collection of shoes because white matches well with most outfits. There’s a certain importance place on the brand of shoes that you buy as well. It’s consumerism at its finest. Nike’s have the white Air Force 1’s that people obsess over. It’s the standard choice when it comes to buying white shoes. They have a popular demand, mainly because of their brand recognition. Is it important to follow the cultural norm of placing importance on shoes? It might not be the case for some people but it’s important to notice these things.