Young BC Musicians Collaborating for Army Veterans

I found this to be pretty interesting while researching music this week, but not too long ago a bunch of young and up and coming BC musicians decided to get together and plan out a way that they could make music in honour of army veterans.

They even went as far as to present and perform in front of the veterans and their families for their enjoyment!

BC piano instructor Emily Armour was the one who originally came up with the smart and respectful idea, and she said that they really wanted to put an emphasis on recognition for the people who serve our country. Frankly, I love that they did this because although we have a special day set out for these special individuals, sometimes it still just feels like we don’t give them enough love and recognition, or at least as much as they deserve.

Anyways, Emily also went on to say that she wanted her students to connect with something of magnitude like this.

For example, one of the students named Kai wrote a piece titled “Outcry”, inspired by a story he was once told about the Second World War and a soldier reliving his time spent in the trenches.

How was it possible for him to portray such an emotional story? Well, he said it all started with him visualizing what those people went through and all the potential emotions they had to deal with during a war so intense.

As you can imagine, the veterans were very emotional when they saw some of the performances put forth in their honor.

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  1. Hi Vincent, Thanks so much for the kinds words! I’m really glad this project resonated with you. It has a special place in my heart and I will continue to offer my Music for Veterans Commemorative project to my students for years to come. It was such a positive experience for all involved. Thanks for sharing it with your audience!

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