Birthday Music Event

Thought we were done with December 3rd music events in Vancouver?!?

Think again.

At the Railway Stage&Beer Cafe, it’s Dayvid’s birthday bash!!!

A couple of artists will be present, including Day of the Dog and Ria Jade. Tickets are 25 bucks but I honestly think it would be 25 bucks well spent. You get free food and drinks as well as a nice musical outing. Bring the family, might as well bring your friends too as you can witness an 18-year-old up-and-coming musician.

Ria has a number of special accomplishments under her belt already, with 2015 being a memorable year for both her talk show and her rising career in the musical industry. She is super busy these days as her show on SHAW multicultural is currently airing its third season.

My favorite thing about her is that she is super involved when it comes to mental health, which is a major priority these days. She lives by the mantra “Promote positivity and radiate kindness”, and she does this by making sure her show is a platform for a large variety of talents.

Back to the music, she has performed many live shows this past year, most recently at Close Look TV Fusion Star Night.—day-of-the-dog–ria-jade-/2224

Posted by Day Of The Dog on Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Now to a male band from Vancouver, it’s Day of the Dog!

This group prides itself on not worrying about what anyone else thinks about them, and this is their main message to musicians wanting to break the ice and start a career in the industry. They say that if you can remove as much self-consciousness as you can, then you are allowing yourself to perform the way you want to and this is no different when it comes to music.



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