December 3rd Songwriters Event

Coming up very shortly on December 3rd is a songwriters event downtown! Two artists will be present including longtime musician Samantha Parton and Sarah Jane Scouten from Bowen Island.

Sarah began singing at a very young age, belting out her favorite Canadian country-folk songs by artists such as Hank Williams, who further inspired her to kickstart a musical career. She then started singing bluegrass and gospel music at home in Bowen Island with her father. If you ask her about herself, she will most likely tell you that her talent is natural when it comes to performing, and it all starts with a simple motivational push.

Fast forward to today and you have an international artist that tours all over the place.

When it comes to Samantha Parton, there’s a fair amount of history to her career so far. A native of Vancouver, she is best known as a founding member of the award-winning Canadian folk group “the Be Good Tanyas”. Quite the band name if you ask me, but I have to say, it’s catchy!

Parton formed the group herself in the late 90s with Jolie Holland, eventually going on to add Frazey Ford and Trish Klein, whom Samantha met surprisingly enough while attending school in Nelson.

I don’t know what it is, but it seems as though a lot of musical talent comes out of Nelson….interesting to say the least.

Holland left the group amidst the recording of their first album, and the band went to carry on as a trio, releasing two more albums. As a result of this, they separated in 2008 and went on a group hiatus to pursue individual projects.

Safe to say that Samantha has done alright as an individual artist, wouldn’t you say?!

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