4 Franchises that Vancouver symphony can use to to boost there viewership

Hi These are 4 franchises  from various video games franchises that are a really good fit to get a younger audience to attend The Vancouver Orpheum. This is in no particular order.


1) Pokemon. This  I can personally attest to. I went to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions when I was 15 and It was MAGICAL. I fondly remember two people around my age giving out Pokemon cards in commemoration of the event and they were not even a part of it. I was just wanting to spread the love of the community. It was really cool. And to see a bunch around my age and older really attend. I would have never  thought such an old historic place have such lively energy ever. So this is a must. Photo by Branden Skeli on Unsplash 

2) Sega’s Sonic Series. Ok this would be a good one to one  at the orpheum. They just did their 30th anniversary a few months back In Japan. So when The pandemic ends If it does a tour around the world. It should stop by Vancouver. If the reasons I explained early was enough . The Sonic the hedgehog Movie was filmed here so it would not make sense to miss that opportunity. 

3) Fate Grand Order. Sony’s Greatest Mobile Game of all time it has bought 4 billion dollars as of 2020. I know these are old figures but still a lot of money. It has still been going strong. I know because I personally have been playing it since Day 1. So yeah. Their epic music scores in the game which have the use of symphony instruments , That could be applied into a symphony. If you do not believe me I would search Epic Fate Grand Order Music  on Youtube. You will know what I am talking a little bit more and trust me you would think this is a perfect fit.

4) Mario. Everyone knows this series. If you do not. You are probably living under a rock. The iconic red plumber who rescues princesses from spikey turtles. Have won the hearts of many. So there is no doubt In my mind that this would draw in a huge audience into the Orpheum.

I really hope you really had some fun reading this article as I  did making it. What are your thoughts? comment them down below. 

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