What can the BC Music Scene learn from The tragic Travis Scott Concert

 As many know there was an unfortunate loss of life at Astroworld. The event that Travis Scott held  a few weeks back. I believe Vancouver and music venues can  do something better so they can, you know not be held liable for anything serious.

  1. Security checks. Yeah they really suck this. Well why you ask  In rave concerts specifically at the security checkpoints. A way we can solve this is by really trying to see if a more female security guards. This is because I have talked to some people about this kind of stuff and mostly female. They say It is easy for Women to bring drugs and alcohol into these things. For example women would hide these drugs in there bra’s  or alcohol in something a Tampon flasks. Which basically a fake tampon with alcohol in it. You will need to google search that because I am not putting an image of that in here. You will need female security guards to check other females because most of these security guards are male and if they try to touch a female, There is a huge chance of a lawsuit and no one wants that. 
  2.  Concert owners should really step up. This is another thing I really need to address. With all this liability that could be coming in, Concert owners really need to stop being apathetic. They have rules against this but they seem to not care. This is also because there are overdoses that happen in these things. Mostly there fine but what if they are not? People “Greening” Out can lead to something worse, Like death. Travis Scott as time of writing  being sued for about 2 BILLION DOLLARS. And I am pretty sure if you are an event owner you really do not want to be in that position because not only you have to deal with that. The media will eat you alive. So please start cracking down on doing this.
  3. Encourage a safe culture. This is something a community has to handle. I would first try to remove the societal conation of Raves being associated with drugs and alcohol. This part I will say I do not have to much of an idea to go on but I would Recommend something like a MADD campaign. And if you do not know what that is. It is Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.


So please consider this for any music venue. I am not limiting this to raves as I alluded to here.  Thank you for reading.


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