Are Virtual concerts really effective In BC?


Since the COVID 19 lockdown. Most concerts are cancelled or moved online? But has it really been effective? I really do not think this is. And here is why

  • In a digital age like we are in now. Marketing is a very important tool to get word across to would be listeners of content you are producing. In that regard. From what I have seen is a very poor job.  Now how to prove this. Here it is. I have had to go out of my way to find these virtual concerts.  No form of ads on social media. Places like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter you will not necessarily find these if you are not following them, In Bc or just generally. Especially if you are indie. You actually invest in some adds or have a campaign to spread the word out to people. After all being if being a Musician is your main source of income. You would really need to adapt  to the format quickly.
  • Tech setup. When you have a virtual concert please, and I mean PLEASE HAVE A GOOD SETUP. When you hear some of these Virtual concerts the sound to be totally blunt it is Garbage. If you want to see the worse aspects of this  I would recommend watching Global’s The Morning Show Couchella  If you manage to find that. Those of some of the worse tech setup and production ever. It kind of sounds like when a you have a Zoom class and the teachers Mic is poor. Now I do not want to throw shade at the singers that performed, I am sure that they are great, But the there mics and setup are so bad I could not really concentrate on there performance. They were echoes on nearly everything because poor acoustics choice like filming in their living room , and the feed of the Camera is so bad it looked like something out of 2006 You Tube. The ones I have found in BC are ok but not better. The only good ones I have seen personally Is the Orpheum Theater and UBC Chan Center. Which I do get to an extent because they actually have a higher budget than your average performer. Even though that is the case you can apply practices in VO(Voice Over)   specifically in terms of getting a good mic and some sound proofing in the room you are performing in would definitely better your performance 100 fold.

Now with that hopefully helps. And I hope the quality improves. Remember at the end of the day this is just constructive criticism  as harsh as I sound. Thanks for reading

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