Music venues on life support?!

We should seriously really consider opening Music Venues back up and here is why.

  • The economy is not running at full capacity. While I do get there is a deadly virus out there in COVID 19. We are getting vaccinated. All of the elderly homes have been vaccinated at least once in BC. We need people working and spending again. It makes our economy actually move. The pace we are going right now at this time where mass vaccination is not even possible
  • We have creative ways to  make a safe environment for all participants . For example in Aichi Japan they made a peephole to see others perform there art. The mere fact that we can do that shows that we can solve this whole problem of them not being able to play or get payed. We just need to get of our seats and actually do something than cower in fear. And that really does lead me to my next point

Realistically we have to deal with COVID, for a long time. I know it is tough. If the virus were gone with no traces in the world tomorrow I would want that. But that is just not possible. We would eventually have to get used to it like the flu and the common cold. And if you think that is scary. What is worse about all of this is the whole world is opening back up.

The economy in places such as America and the UK  are opening up. Economies that we need here in BC not just Music but in general. Music does have a stake in it because of tourism. People in the music industry partly in this because of things like street performance, Vancouver Orpheum theater(Symphony) and Vancouver Chan Center need that money. Or else they do go out of business and lose out on something great. And none of us truly want that.

So in conclusion I really hope this at least give you something to a least consider when it comes to COVID. Thanks for reading.

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