Karen Stay Home

This is just a little PSA to all the Karen’s out there. I have worked in the hospitality industry throughout COVID. I work at a brewery and I’m shocked still at how there are so many people that do not follow any rules after a year of being in this. The one way traffic, the masks, avoiding walking past people and keeping a 6 feet distance between other people all kind of seem natural now to most but a lot haven’t adapted. I mean, thats great, I don’t want to adapt to this but we do have rules we need to follow in order to stay open.

During the summer, I had a broken ankle and tore all the ligaments so carrying a tray was out for me. That meant I was stuck on the host stand all Summer and now it has basically become my home. I like it because once I seat people, I don’t have to deal with them anymore like the servers. Not only do I seat people, I also have to go over the rules inside. Here is my spiel “It’s all table service so someone will be taking your order, if you have to go inside for anything we have “bird arrows”, it’s all one way traffic so just follow the birds and if you see anyone else you know just stay seated and wave from afar. Enjoy”

By the time I get to the arrows, no one is listening anymore. Which they should because the amount of people we have to continuously tell to change the direction they are walking probably happens every five minutes.

I also have to control the line up and make sure every group is six feet from the other. We have markings on the ground so you would think it would be easy. It’s not. People are oblivious. I have to constantly tell people to back up and not breathe down the group in front necks.

Jumping tables is something that I don’t usually deal with being outside at the host stand but when I do, it’s a nightmare. People don’t care. They will continue to do it after you ask them three times to go back to their own table. Then, after you tell people multiple times to not jump tables, they get mad at us. I’m sorry, but it’s not me that has made these rules, IT’S THE GOVERNMENT. And then they think you take your job too seriously but we can get shut down and all lose our jobs if we aren’t following the rules.

A bit of a rant, yes, but also why are you coming into an establishment if you aren’t going to follow the rules and better yet, making a fuss about it. Karen stay home!

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