Taps and Tacos Margarita Mix

Over the course of COVID shutdown, many restraints struggled to stay open but others improvised when June came around. Some expanded their patios and others found new solutions to draw in cliental. Port Moody’s Taps and Tacos, did just that.

Taps and Tacos stayed open for take out bur they also came up with a new idea. they started selling their homemade margarita mix. Over the weeks flavours ranged from lime, spicy pineapple, jalapeño, coconut, cilantro and many others. These margarita mixes were in bottles of 9oz for $6.00 or 18oz for $11.00. The mixes also included 3 dehydrated limes and a recipe card.


These margaritas kits were such a hit, Taps and Tacos just relaunched their margarita mix with brand new labels and flavours.

Their Social Media specialist, Kera Chung says, “we started doing the bottled margarita mixes when cover happened and for labels we wanted to do something really fun, uplifting, positive and summery and of course Mexican inspired. You will see on a lot of our labels we have peachy vibes, churches in Salulita, Mexico, palm leaves and sun hats. We are just going for a really fun tropical summery vibe that people can also carry through the fall and winter.”

(@tapsandtacosmargaritamix / Instagram)

This has been a great way for Taps to sick out in the community and it is great that they have decided to carry it on. Give them a follow on Instagram @tapsandtacosmargaritamix or pop in grab your own at Tap and Tacos located at 91 Moody Street.

Minor Hockey is Looking Different This Season

While minor hockey seasons are back, it is looking a lot different for the players and coaching staff. The kids are excited to be on the ice and so are the coaches but they do have a lot to worry about: developing skills while social distancing.

Langley Lightening midget coach Bianca Ballarin says,

(@langleylighteninggirlsicehockey / Instagram)

“You have to be mindful that if you need to correct something with one of the girls and you are going to break that six feet social distance, you do have to put on a mask and you have to ensure their safety and your safety”


The players might not get to play games this season either and it might just be a development season. Although focusing on skills is important, there is nothing players want more than to play against other teams. As for some players, they are in their last year of minor hockey and will not have games to play. There is a small hope that games may happen in the future this season.

Coach Ballarin says, “they may not get to play these games, it may just be all practice times. If things do get better, the association will look into starting games within maybe four teams and you’re constantly playing the same four teams over and over instead of playing twelve teams in a regular season.”

With hopes that BC’s COVID-19 numbers drop, it may allow for hockey and other sporting games to happen.

First Fall Storm Will Be Scaring the Dogs

Fall hit yesterday and just like that, the first fall storm hit the lower mainland this morning. The storm is set to last until early Friday but rain will carry on until Saturday.

Vancouver is expected to be hit will 40 to 70 millimetres of rain over the course of today. They are expecting flooding from the rain, along with heavy winds, thunder and lightening.

Meteorologist, Mark Madryga says, this is the strongest weather system that some areas have seen in months.

Klahanie, Port Moody

Some people are saying this weather is “unacceptable” and others have different concerns. Thunder and lightening is never good for those who are dog owners as most dogs are scared of it.

A Port Moody dog owner is worried about her dog, Stanley, as he is terrified of thunder and runs anytime he hears it.

She says, “well it’s certainly going to make dog walking interesting. My dog is absolutely terrified of the thunder. I’m sure he will spend the rest of the night hiding at the back of my closet.”

Already, White Rock has 2000 people without power as a tree fell on a power line in the early morning.

BC Ferries are expected to have delays and many cancellations.

Be safe and stay dry out there.

National Voter’s Registration Day

Yesterday afternoon, NDP Leader, John Horgan, called for an election to be held on October 24th. This came with some backlash as we are in the middle of a pandemic.

John Horgan said on Monday, “we can either delay that decision and create uncertainty and instability over the next 12 months, or we can do what I believe is always the right thing and ask British Columbians what they think.”

(@GlobalBC / Twitter)


Horgan also said that with our province currently having a minority government could cause “instability” in the economic and health responses to COVID-19 in the years ahead.

In perfect timing for this election, today is National Voters Registration Day. So if you are not registered to vote or are a first time voter, today is the perfectly to register.

First time voter, Victoria Rowbottom, is excited to get to cast her first vote. Rowbottom says, “it feels like I have a lot of responsibility to be part of a change and be part of my community. I’m really looking forward to being able to put my vote in and really help shape the government that I want.”

Elections BC is expecting between 35 and 40 percent of voters to be voting by mail. With this many mail in votes, this could delay the election by approximately 13-17 days after the election night.

If you need to register to vote, go to elections.bc.ca.

Port Moody Fire Rescue is Accepting Volunteer Applicants

The Port Moody Fire Rescue has opened their applications for the Volunteer Association today until October 4th. The Port Moody Fire Rescue recruits for it’s Volunteer association every one to two years which allows competition to open up.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in firefighting, to gain training and experience or someone who wants to give back to the community. Being a volunteer firefighter means you are still trained to NFPA standards.

Port Moody Fire Chief Ron Coulson says, “we are looking for community based people who want to contribute back to our community here. The volunteer association has been around since 1913 and there is an opportunity for people applying for jobs elsewhere and people who want to stay in the community and volunteer.”

“Last time we received about 50 applicants and took it down to 25 to start the recruitment process,” Chief Coulson says. The Port Moody Volunteer fire association now has 20 volunteer firefighters.

(@portmoodyfirerescue / Instagram)

Applicants must:

  • Have proof of Port Moody Residency
  • A valid class 5 BC Driver’s License
  • A satisfactory recent drivers abstract
  • 19+
  • Be physically fit
  • Minimum grade 12 education

Volunteers are expected to attend Thursday evening practices along with helping with the Penguin Plunge, Mayor’s BBQ, Pancake Breakfast, CP Holiday Train and other recreational occasions.

If being on the Port Moody Volunteer Fire Association interest you visit portmoody.ca for an application.

BC Female Country Artists

Madeline Merlo

Maple Ridge raised, Madeline Merlo, has been doing well in the Country music scene. Merlo has a few hits under her belt already with songs like Whatcha Wanna Do About It, War Paint, Motel Falmmingo, Dear Me and Neon Love which just became her first certified GOLD record. Merlo made the move to Nashville to pursue her career a little further. Since then, the singer has put out a trio of singles back in April. Madeline also appeared on NBC’s Songland where her song “Champagne Night” was chosen by Lady A to be their latest single. The catchy hit has done very well on the charts and was once of my favourites of the summer. Take a listen to Madeline performing it on Songland below:

Kristin Carter

Kristin Carter, was born and raised in White Rock, BC and began her signing career in a choir at five years old. Her vocals and stage presence is able to rial up a crowd anytime she is performing. She began writing her own music and turned to YouTube to start a full creative career in music and she has taken off. “Mind blowing vocal range. You cannot teach what Kristen has. Huge talent ready to make an immediate impact,” is how Dallas Smith describes her music. Her single, KARMA, shows her unique vocals and incredible songwriting capability. Check out the video below:

Emily Reid

Emily Reid, originally from Victoria, BC, took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville to start up a career in music. She has been writing songs since she was eight years old and realized music was the path she needed to go. A few years of writing, playing and putting out her first EP later, Reid landed herself a record deal with Universal in 2018. Her latest song, Wine, from her EP, Wine, is out right now. My favourite part of the song, “I’ll call up a couple of my very best friends / Their names are cabernet, chardonnay, rosé and merlot.”

Take a listen to the song below:

Raquel Cole

BC’s, Raquel Cole, has been playing music ever since she can remember. Instead of going to Capilano University to study jazz guitar, she packed up her things and moved to Nashville to pressure her music career. Her career has taken off as she has opened for Carrie Underwood, Jonny Lang, Brothers Osborne, Scotty McCreery and Josh Turner. She’s been on many lists of artists to watch out for and has received a CCMA Award. I had the pleasure of seeing Cole at JRfm’s Basics For Babies event in 2016 and thought she put on a great show. “A dynamite vocalist, songwriter and guitar slinger to boot!” is how American Songwriter Magazine describes her. Check out her new EP, The Essence of Me on Apple Music or Spotify


Joni Mitchell’s Found Tapes

Imagine the beginning of your producing career. You meet a  teenage girl who wants to start a music career. Then you guys record few songs and you never hear from them again. Then the girl gets married and changes her last name from Anderson to Mitchell. Then one day you recognize a famous singer from your past as the girl from the studio. That girl who recorded music with you, is Joni Mitchell. Seems fake, right? And as Joni get bigger, you tell your story of the first time she was in studio with you and people question as to whether or not you have a really good make up tale. Well guess what? It was true for Barry Bowman.

Barry Bowman was a on air personality for CFAX 1070 in Victoria had an interesting box dropped off at his door from his daughter. In 2015, The Vancouver Islander’s, daughter dropped off a box at his door. He joked about having old Joni Mitchell tapes in the box. Sure enough, as he opened the box, he saw them right on top. Joni Mitchell’s first ever recoded tapes sitting there. “Joni Anderson” is written on the reel. There was a total of nine songs on those tapes.

Bowman spoke to David Foster, a Canadian Producer, a told him he has her tapes. He was told it would take time as they needed permission from Mitchell or her managers to do anything with the tapes.

It took a few year but in 2018, Bowman got to hand Joni the Tapes himself. They met at LAX and Bowman says, “She embraced my wife and me and took us into her life with her people.”

(@jonimitchell / Twitter)

To Bowman’s surprise, these records will be releasing on October 30th on her upcoming album, Joni Mitchell Archives,  and he gets some of the compensation. Mitchell will also be having other recordings from her years leading up to her debut album, Song to a Seagull.

What Can You Listen to this Weekend?

Friday September 18:

Eugene Ripper

Eugene Ripper will be taking the stage at the stage at Lanalou’s Restaurant on Powell Street. They are allowing 40 people into the restaurant. You can grab your tickets at eventbrite for $15.00.

Vancouver raised, Ripper, is best known for hosting Fast Folk Underground music showcase nights at the Railway Club.

The Vancouver Sun spoke to Ripper about the upcoming show and his new music. This show will be Ripper’s first show since the pandemic hit. He’s excited to hit the stage for the first time in six months since the pandemic hit.With not being on stage for so long, I’m sure this show will be one for the books.

WHERE: Lanalou’s Restaurant

WHEN: 8:00pm

Steve Halfnights

(@musicbyalmostfamous / Instagram)

Steve Halfnights from Almost Famous, will be performing solo at Backyard Vineyards. If you haven’t checked out Steve or Almost Famous now is your chance to get a taste of one half of them. Word on the street is, if you need help with biology, he just might be able to give you a hand. So grab yourself a glass of wine and listen to Steve play some music.

WHERE: Backyard Vineyards

WHEN: 6:00-9:00pm


Saturday September 19:

Music with Marnie

Marnie Grey will be going live on Youtube this Saturday. Marnie is described as “one of the best performers of her generation” by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. One thing is for sure, you will be movin’ and groovin’ with Marnie. This is a free event for all ages so make sure you tune in.

WHEN: 11-11:45am

WHERE: Youtube

Matt Hoyles

Matt Hoyles will be doing a Vancouver Blues Around Town livestream concert on Saturday. The New Zealand raised moved to Vancouver after receiving his bachelors in music and travelling through Europe. Matt’s passion for music is one of the many reasons why he is so good at what he does. If you’re into Blues, or want to hear some live music, definitely tune into Matt’s performance.

WHEN: 7:00-7:45pm

WHERE: You can grab the link to the event through Matt’s website 

Did You Catch the ACM Awards Last Night?

If you were like me, last night you were starring out into the smokey Vancouver sky, curled up on the couch and just maybe with a glass of wine in hand ready to watch the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards. With less live music happening over the past six months, I was excited to get to see some of my favourite artists performing live again. And oh boy, did some great things happen last night. 

I could not help but imagine what it is like for an artist who normally plays an award show or concert with thousands of people in the audience to now be playing to just a couple of cameras (with millions of people behind them from their homes). It must have been a completely different experience.

This is the first award show since the pandemic hit. There was no audience. They had three locations thought Nashville: The Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman Auditorium and the historical Blue Bird Cafe.

(@acmawards) / Twitter)

Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood and Tenille Towns were just some of the performers throughout the night.

Canadian singer, Tenille Towns, had a surprise zoom call with the host, Keith Urban, who announced to her that she is the winner of New Female Artist of the Year and also told her that she will be performing on the show. She played her touching hit, Somebody’s Daughter. Her voice is so unique from any other artist and can she ever play that guitar. Check out the video below: 

Luke Combs took the Blue Bird stage and played his love song for his wife, Better Together, which was absolutely beautiful. That man can sing. He won Album of the Year and during his speech, he states, “this album was hell to make.” He also won, Male Artist of the Year, later in the night.

And guess who else showed up at the party? Ya she did, Taylor Swift, came back to her roots and took the Grand Ole Opry Stage for the first time since 2006 to perform an acoustic version of her hit betty. Just Taylor and a guitar. No production. No back up singers. No dancers. And no fireworks, unlike the usual Swift production. I did not know all I needed in my life is Taylor and a guitar… actually yes I did and “Swifties” have been begging for it for years. I could talk about the beauty of that performance forever. You nailed it once again, T-Swift!

Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood both took home the Entertainer of the Year award. That was the first time the ACM Awards have ever given out two in one night. Some Underwood fans, angrily took to Twitter, how the ACM Award’s could not let a female win this award on her own. Other’s did applaud the two of them as they are both well deserving of the award.

Overall, the show was different than any other year, but they made the most of the situation of the world right now.

Partake in Vancouver’s TAIWANfest

Since 2016, TAIWANfest has been happening in Vancouver. There are many celebrations for the week long event and normally the festival is run through Granville street during the month of September. Things have been put it on differently this year as it is virtual. Vancouver did not want to fully cancel this festival, so virtually is the best way they can showcase perfumers and celebrate the culture.

This year, the theme of the festival is “The Survived.” They are using this platform is for those to share and understand the diversity of cultures between Taiwan and Canada. As featured on the TAIWANfest website, they share how they want people to refocus their priorities: “People, governments and nations make mistakes, but the worst mistake humanity can make is turning against each other.”

TAWIANfest is celebrating the cultures by not only just verbal but also with music and art. Ginalina is one of their featured artists this year. Some may also know her as Gina Lam. She is a Vancouver folk musician. Her first album was put out in 2012 and she’s been on a roll since then. She has been nominated for two Juno awards along with being a Canadian Music Award winner. Growing up she never suspected she would be a performer. Music was always something she did to help balance her school and professional life. She actually became an engineer but then her music career started kicking off and she backed away from her day job.

Gilianna has preformed across Canada, as well as internationally while singing in French, Mandarin and English.

TAIWANfest will also be showcasing their annual Symphony Concert, virtually though. “The Island and the Maple Leaf” will air on October 3, at 8:00pm. They will have performances from those in Vancouver as well as on in Taiwan.

(@tawiwanfest / Twitter)

Other events from TAIWANfest will continue until September 27th.

Music Heals and the Peak

This Sunday, September 20, fellow Vancouver radio station, the Peak is teaming up with Music Heals for a Live at Blue Light Sessions livestream event. The event is free but they are accepting donations. They will be joined by the Zolas, Dear Rouge, Hotel Mira and Post-Modern Connection.

Music Heals is a not-for-profit organization in BC and Canada. They have also teamed up with the Canada Revenue Agency to be one of their charitable foundations.

“Since 2012, Music Heals has raised awareness and funds to increase access to music therapy for vulnerable Canadians,” states the Music Heals website.

(@musicheals_ca / Twitter)

Music Heals helps improve Canadians access to music therapy for patients at children’s hospital, seniors, AIDS & HIV, at risk youth and rehabilitation. The benefits to having music therapy is that it helps with communication skills, improve motor skills, reduce length of hospital stay as well as reduce their pain. For every $150 donated to Music Heals, allows them to provide 2 hours of music therapy to a Canadian in need.”

One family spoke about how Music Heals has been helping them: ”Our son was struggling in preschool when it was suggested we try music therapy as a way to help him relax, engage and communicate. It is heart-warming to watch an individual like my son, who is severely affected by Autism, to smile, laugh and interact; which is just what happens during his music therapy sessions!”

Since COVID-19, it has made it hard for people to access music therapy because it is not covered under medical plans, which is why donations are so important to this cause. Hearing stories like the one above, can encourage people to donate to the foundation.

If you are unable to donate and would like to help out with this foundation, Music Heals is always looking for new volunteers to help with some of the many events they put on throughout the year as well.

To put this event on, The Peak will be teaming up with Blue Light Sessions, SoundON BC, Music BC, Russell Brewing Company, Nutrl Vodka, Tempo Craft Gin and Yes Guy Hard Iced Tea.

WHERE: live on the peak.fm

WHEN: Sunday September 20, 2020 7:00PM – 8:00PM

AGE: All Ages

PRICE: Donations where possible

Live From Inside at the Commodore

Indie pop band, or as they like to call it, “chewed bubble gum pop,” Peach Pit, is set to hit the Commodore Ballroom stage on Thursday, September 17 at 6pm for a Live From Inside livestream concert. The band would have been out touring this fall but instead they will be doing two separate shows. The first one is at 11am PST for the UK and Europe. The second show will be at 6pm PST for North and South America.

The band is set to play songs from their latest album, “ You and Your Friends” which came out April 3, 2020. They also put a call out to Facebook to see what their fans wanted to hear instead of having them “arguing” over the set. Brian’s Movie, Camilla I’m at Home and Live at the Swamp are some of the most popular choices in the comments. Peach Pit has been putting this show together since August 10th so I think it is going to be a good one.

(@peachpit / Facebook)

Tickets for this event are still available for just $13.36. Grab yours here.

The Commodore Ballroom has Frazey Ford, who was a former in Be Good Tanyas member, set to hit the Live From Inside stage on September 26th and 27th both at 6pm PST. You can grab your tickets here. Marianas Trench is also set to play two shows on October 15th both for North and South America and for the UK and Europe.

These will not be your average live concerts but at least they these artists are still able to play and do what they love most. But nothing sounds better than listening to live music with your friends from the couch and maybe sipping on a few adult bevies?

Live Music is Still Happening

While many artists have been doing live streamed concerts, there have also been out door and socially distanced concerts still happening in Vancouver. Gastown has introduced “Gastown Unplugged”.  Gastown Unplugged are putting on pop-up concerts on their streets with local artists. You can find artists at Water Street, Richard Street, Cambie Street and Abbott Street as well as Maple Tree Square Pop-Up Plaza.

The Gastown Business Improvement Association thought this was a great idea since they are having so much success with Patiotown. This has been going on since August and it is going to be running through October. This has allowed guests on local restaurant patios to be listening live music. The shows are free but you are also supporting local restaurants and businesses while listening to incredible music.

(@mygasttown / Instagram)

The music ranges from jazz, Latin, acoustic and anything in-between.

The weekly schedule is being posted to @mygastown on Instagram or it is also available at gastown.org.

Abbotsford has also had their fair share of live concerts. They created the very first Abbotsford’s Sun & Soil Concert Series. The series did come to an end this past weekend with Ryan McAllister at the Five Acres Flower Farm. This concert series has been featuring artists from the lower mainland along with bringing people into support local businesses. They have also been live streaming these concerts for anyone who does not want to leave their homes. Jada Klein kicked off their summer series on July 24th, followed by Ben Cottrill, The Crescent Sky and Kyler Pierce.

These concerts have been taking place at local wineries and breweries. Who doesn’t love a cold beer and some good music? Abbotsford has done a great job at allowing local artists and locally grown food and beverages to be shared in a safe and fun way.

Musicians Adapting to Performing in the “New Normal”

In the stressful times we are in, many people are turning to music to escape or even just listen to others going through the same feelings they are experiencing. How are our favourite artists and musicians adapting to these crazy times?

There are many artists who are making the most of the situation we are in. Some have been moving their concerts to live streams over a screen and some are even doing parking lot or drive in concerts. Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre has been providing livestream concerts since the end of June. The theatre told Vancouver Weekly, “ A few months ago the concept of live streaming was unfamiliar territory for us as a venue, but after our first live stream at the end of June with Wrecked Beach and Oswald proved successful we have been working hard behind the scenes on producing more streaming events.” Buckman Coe & Khari McClelland played at the venue this past Friday night and Neck of the Woods is set to play this coming Friday, September 18. You can grab tickets off the Rickshaw There Facebook page as well as the streaming link : https://www.facebook.com/RickshawTheatre/events/?ref=page_internal

Coquitlam singer/songwriter Mathew Good, who was formerly in the Mathew Good Band is adapting to these new times we are in as he hit the Sessions Live Stream on Saturday to play a few of his songs. With artists adapting to the “new normal,” it allows for the performers and local concert goers to still enjoy what they love most. Playing and listening to live music. Encore Drive In Nights is airing a never before seen Kane Brown concert at drive- ins across Canada and the United States on September 26th. The closest to Vancouver will be Prince George at the Park Drive-In.

Mathew Good: https://www.matthewgood.org/news

There are some artists such as Taylor Swift who was supposed to be opening LA’s new Sofie Stadium with her Lover Fest Tour this past summer but has now postponed it to 2021, along with other artists such as the Dave Mathews Band who was supposed to play Rogers Arena September 1 has been postponed too.

The Zolas Latest Track, “Wreck Beach / Totem Park”


Local Vancouver band, the Zolas, came out with their new song, “Wreck Beach / Totem Park” last week. The title of the track might sound familiar to some Vancouverrites as it is about the famous Wreck Beach and Totem Park at UBC. Wreck Beach has been a popular location for those on campus at UBC and for visitors all over. According to Wreck Beach, it is the most popular beach in Canada. During the summer they average 12- 14,000 visitors per day. What many people do not know if the story behind the land.

Most would think this song is about being nude on a beach and drunken hangout out in the park. The song takes on a role about the half truths that are told about the land these parks are on. “This is song is for everyone whose homes are on Native land, and all the half-truths we grew up with” Zachary Gray, the lead singer, wrote on Instagram.

In the second verse the lyrics state: “Cemetery city the truth about where I grew up/ Songs I loved to sing revealed themselves as requiems/ A virgin place, the cleanest slate and all the whitest lies/ For 27 years I guess my mind was occupied.”

(@thezolas / Instagram)

In verse three, “We had our reservations, yeah we knew something wasn’t right/ But we drove around the edge of them and went on with our lives.”

While many students and visitors sit on this beach, they have no been told the full story of those who lived on the land before and most never thought twice about the land they were throwing back beers on. In an interview with Vancouver is Awesome, Gray explains, “Wreck Beach/Totem Park’ is about living my whole life beside the Musqueam reserve, never being taught nor thinking to ask why they live quietly in a small corner of a land that used to be all theirs.