New Beer ALERT, Hop to South Burnaby

I’m always up for finding new breweries and yesterday, my mom and I went to South Burnaby’s newest brew spot, Studio Brewing. After taking probably the most difficult route, we finally arrived. The sun was out and it was the perfect day to get my first set of tan lines. 

Studio’s vision is to have a “space that allows for creativity and experimentation to thrive. A place where we can explore the flavours and nuances associated with the craft of brewing. It represents our Studio.”

Opening in February, the have brewed many different batches and have already had a few collaborations with different local breweries. They teamed up with Dagaraad Brewing and created the Welcome-to-the Neighbourhood collab beer. “Proximate Solitudes is a multigrain pale ale fermented with Belgian yeast and dry-hopped with Strisselspalt and Southern Passion. Dry and clean-drinking with subtle waves of spice and tropical fruit.” They recently collabed with Brassneck Brewing and brewed the Abstract Hyperbole which is a Killerpils and is one that I ended up taking home. They brewed it with only “Bohemian floor malted Pilsner malt which undergoes a single decoction for a complex malt profile. It’s hopped judiciously with Tettnang in the kettle and a light dry hop with Nelson Sauvin then lagered cold for many weeks.” Studio has beers from their Vienna Lager, three pale ales, their Hazy IPA and a Imperial Porter. For the non beer drinkers, Studio has the Hail Mary Rose cider on tap. Drinks for everyone!

They only serve 12oz or 6oz glasses so it’s easy to have a variety of different beers before you even reach the amount of beer in a pint. I had the Trouble at the Old Mill table saison, Sun Jungle Hazy IPA and Fundoshi Dry Hopped Sour which was their guest tap from Brassneck. My mom had two of the Hazy IPA’s. I have to say, they have an unreal Hazy! We also shared a cheese board. Studio usually has a variety of food trucks that come out to the brewery as well.

They have expanded their patio which have tents and heaters for the brisk days of spring ahead. Their staff was very friendly and super knowledgable.

Studio is located 5792 Beresford Street which is a five minute walk from the Royal Oak Skytrain station along the Expo Line. It is also in the 26km multi use BC parkway, so many bike riders can stop in along their rides. They are open 11am-10pm daily. Come take a trip out to South Burnaby and grab a brew or maybe a few at Studio Brewing.

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