Top things Vancouver is known for

Some are good, some are bad

Yes, I am starting to run out of ideas of what to write on so, here’s your typical Buzzfeed list.

Are we seriously fighting over cold hard rock in a net right now?

Yes, I am sorry, but I had to, this was so embarrassing for us, but the 2011 hockey riot will now always, be used in contrast to real riots behind social issues. I still remember how much we talked about it in school for the next month. Teachers were acting as if every kid in their class may have been guilty, scaring us on how they are putting up pictures and the police will find us, dude I am eleven, I was sleeping. There was a lot of pent-up Canadian rage and we got so close to tasting what other cities and their Stanley Cups tasted and then, gone. The candy was taken from the baby, but in this case, fully grown adults and they lost it. The riot caused about $5 Million in damages downtown and thankfully, no one was hurt to the extent of losing their life, although people lost their minds. The Boston Bruins beat us 4-0 in Game 7, the Canucks couldn’t get a single goal in. It took about 15,000 volunteers to clean up the damages and about 887 charges were issued against 301 people, insane. But don’t worry Vancouver, Montreal also rioted after a Stanley Cup game in 1993, but it only cost them $3.9 Million, in today’s dollars.

One of the most liveable cities, not according to the housing market

Back in 2019 Vancouver was actually voted as one of the most livable cities coming in at, number six. This isn’t too shocking because, money and rent aside, it is a liveable city. Unlike big cities that feel like they are always moving and just cramped, as small as Vancouver is, everything is pretty well spaced out, but close enough you can enjoy it all. The balance between city and nature life is just enough that you don’t get too, overwhelmed. What’s great about Vancouver compared to its cooler brother Toronto, are the mountains and bodies of water that surround us. Yes, Toronto does have a harbour, but Vancouver has a harbour, with beautiful mountains. Also, I think were known for having good weed here so, there is that too.

What’s Vancouver without mentioning the weather

Us Vancouverites are notorious for never being satisfied with Vancouver’s weather, while other cities, are covered in snow at negative 20. The great thing about this city is the weather, as much as we like to shit talk it. While we do get the four seasons our rain always lasts until the end of time, but our snow, is usually light. People who are not from Canada always imagine us decked out in our latest snow gear but that is not the case for us, in Vancouver. One of the reasons I like it here because of how boring our weather really is. While others do start getting sick of the rain personally, I love it. The rain is especially nice when you’re sleeping, and you can hear the droplets fight for landing on your roof, it makes the perfect white noise.

Everyone here works in film

Because Vancouver is so, no offence, basic, it is extremely popular in the film industry because they can make it look like anything, they want. A handful of movies and tv series have been filmed and are being filmed here, right now. Vancouver is known to be used in about 65 movies and 55 shows annually. This makes Vancouver the third largest location for film and tv production. While on the topic we’ve got some of the best Canadian film actors out of Vancouver like, Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds, and Toronto doesn’t have that.

Our lucrative appearances

Our very wannabe LA lifestyle in areas like Kitsilano and West Van, are the butt to some jokes. Out of all the provinces it seems we have created a city full of hipsters and gals walking down the street with their yoga mat and power green smoothie. While we may come off as nature freaks to some, we were also voted the third worst dressed city, in the world. If you find this surprising, you clearly have not seen the same Lululemon pants and puff jacket I’ve seen every day. With such a laid-back city, you can’t deny the people here won’t also dress like that.

Is all we have the Canucks?

When you take a look to cooler brother Toronto, they’ve got so many events, performances and The Raptors! Now ,when you look at Vancouver, we have The Canucks, I guess the Whitecaps and Seth Rogen, not much. I feel like when I look at other cities, Vancouver lacks creativity, probably because were all stressed about the housing market. While yes, Vancouver does have some cultural events or festivals, I can’t help but feel as though there is a lack of colour, in the city, and it does not seem I am the first to think of this, have you?

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