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Vancouver is home to over 43,000 cherry blossom trees and they are in full bloom. There are many easily accessible places to find them throughout the city. The official Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF) kicked off earlier this month and runs until the end of April. VCBF is a registered charitable society since 2007, where they “bridge silos in Metre Vancouver, making vital connections between generations, cultures, religions and neighbours while engaging citizens with beauty to raise the aesthetic taste.” Hanami (flower viewing), the an age-old Japanese cultural tradition is the inspiration behind the VCBF event.

On Thursday, I set out on the hunt to find the best cherry blossoms. I read a few local websites and figured Queen Elizabeth Park in East Vancouver would be the perfect place to see them. After driving around for a half an hour I finally found them…only they were only small trees as the big ones had not bloomed yet. Disappointing for sure but it was still lovely to get out for a little fresh air on the beautiful sunny day.

The VCBF website has a map of all the best spots to see the Cherry Blossoms in the city… which I definitely should have looked at before I went out hunting for them myself. The website also has a favourite tab where you can find all the best places to find the perfect photos.

East Vancouver

Cherry blossoms give the ability for us to be more in touch with our feelings as well as connecting with other people. Cherry blossoms are a reminder to be mindful and present in order to enjoy every moment.

On Friday, after looking at the official cherry blossom map, I took my mom headed to Burrard Street Station downtown to see the side walks covered in pink and white blossoms. It was beautiful. There were many other people there just to see the blossoms, taking videos, pictures and FaceTiming their friends to show them too.

Burrard Station

On Saturday, I rolled into work at Parkside Brewery in Port Moody and I looked directly across the street from our tasting room to see four large cherry blossom trees. I had to drive by these trees FOUR TIMES and I never noticed them. I also worked across the street last year when they were blooming too. I couldn’t believe it, I could have just stepped into my backyard to find them.

VCBF is inviting everyone to take part over the next few weeks and celebrate the cherry blossoms too. They want to share the joy on social media as well as have anyone take part in their community events. There are workshops from “How to Haiku,” celebrating Sakura at home on April 25, and they are accepting submissions for the Haiku Invitational poem contest from now until June 1. 

Make sure you get out there and see the city pink before the rain comes!

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