2021 is just 2012 in a studded belt

Yes, more pandemic talk I am sorry, but this is all we’ve got going for each other right now fellow reader. It has been basically a year of this key history event that we are living through and I don’t think I want to live through any more life changing events that’ll end up getting taught in a Social Studies class to High School students.

This stuff has really got me going through a mid-life crisis too early ya feel me?

On the topic of mid-life crisis, I can’t seem to escape the throwbacks of the 2012-2014 Emo/Scene music thanks to TikTok. This got me to think and re-listen, several times. The way that Emo/Scene culture has regressed slowly into society might just be the death of me.

First off, the music, you’ve got your hardcore screamo which is deafening to anyone over the age of 47 or really angsty singing with a sprinkle of screamo here and there. Personally, I was in the middle of these while I enjoyed listening to some guy in black skinny jeans scream for 2 minutes straight, I was a big fan of just the sad singing itself.

The way music evolves over the years is always so cool to see, especially when this genre is adapted into other music genres which makes it just *chefs kiss*. I have seen lots of people regress into their 2012 emo self because of the pandemic and honestly, I think we all should regress into things we used to or still enjoy.

Which is why I am declaring 2021, 2012 but in a studded belt, still angsty and figuring out life.

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