The Greatest Stranger by Mya


I met the greatest stranger at the bus stop. He lets me cut in line, as he sits next to me. We talk about the differences of this country and every country he’s been to.

“Canadians live in a bubble.”

This man of 58 years looked as if he was as young as 40. He told me Canadians are very reserved and life in Canada is very draining. Life becomes a routine. In Spain he had so much energy, but all he does here is watch tv. The vibe you get from people in Canada is nowhere near as it is in other countries. I blamed it on technology, but this man said “whether it’s made with ink or behind a screen, we have always had distractions.” People are just too quick to judge and aren’t willing to get to know one another. Distractions have nothing to do with it.

“Nobody in Canada likes to LIVE, they’re only living to get through each day”

He speaks 11 languages and described how he doesn’t seem to fit in. His son diagnosed him with Peter Pan syndrome: too happy, too nice, and too honest. Before he leaves me as his stop approached he tells me one thing, “I’m gonna give you advice and I don’t like giving advice,

but you are the most important person ever. It doesn’t matter who you’re with or who you talk to. You are number one. In any relationship of your life, you work TOGETHER to be the best INDIVIDUALS.

Anyways here’s my stop, and hey! Stop talking to strangers.” As he got up, gathered his belongings, this man left me in awe with his perspective on life and how different the world is. At first I was a little hesitant of the middle aged man letting me cut line and sitting next to me, but turns out he has a whole family and just likes talking because that’s his norm. 30 mins ago I was regretting the fact I forgot my headphones, now I’m grateful to have met such a pure soul. In as little as 20 minutes, this man taught me so much.

It is definitely crazy how much just one conversation can change your entire day.


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