A Perspective on Death by Mya

No matter how it happens, it was supposed to happen -at that time- in that moment. It just depends on how you lived your life for it to occur the way it did. Perhaps they were created with no intention of life, as they were created to give certain people lessons they need in their lives.

An unborn/ stillbirth– could be because there was no soul meant for that specific body. The lesson from that loss could be for doctors, the families, the parents. Everything happens for a reason, and death is INEVITABLE. It will come unexpectedly, whether its just a warning or the loss -it affects us all.
     “Live everyday like it’s your last, but go to sleep every night knowing you will wake       up in the morning.”
Your life story is what you create, but the moment you are born and the moment you die are already written for you. The way you live your life and what you make of it is up to you.
THEY DIDN’T DESERVE IT- no one does, but it happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. There was nothing more that you could have done, it was INEVITABLE.
Whether they died from a car crash, old age, or in their sleep — they died because that was the end of their story.

Don’t let fear be the controller of your life — embrace your fears, face your fears.

Stop waiting for tomorrow or next time, because you never know when the end of your story will be.
It’s up to you to make your life worth living.

If you have lost an elder in your life, I want you to listen carefully.
You are sitting around a fire pit, but the platform holding the wood and fire is broken. It has a huge hole on the bottom right -as you sit there- you watch pieces of burnt ashy wood fall through, one by one. This is my metaphor for life. The pieces of wood are the generations of family/people growing old. They will gradually fall through the hole, it’s INEVITABLE. Essentially each piece has served its purpose of keeping the fire lit and once they lose that ability to provide, they fall -leaving an even bigger fire behind.. which is something to be proud of.
– Mya Deol

The Greatest Stranger by Mya


I met the greatest stranger at the bus stop. He lets me cut in line, as he sits next to me. We talk about the differences of this country and every country he’s been to.

“Canadians live in a bubble.”

This man of 58 years looked as if he was as young as 40. He told me Canadians are very reserved and life in Canada is very draining. Life becomes a routine. In Spain he had so much energy, but all he does here is watch tv. The vibe you get from people in Canada is nowhere near as it is in other countries. I blamed it on technology, but this man said “whether it’s made with ink or behind a screen, we have always had distractions.” People are just too quick to judge and aren’t willing to get to know one another. Distractions have nothing to do with it.

“Nobody in Canada likes to LIVE, they’re only living to get through each day”

He speaks 11 languages and described how he doesn’t seem to fit in. His son diagnosed him with Peter Pan syndrome: too happy, too nice, and too honest. Before he leaves me as his stop approached he tells me one thing, “I’m gonna give you advice and I don’t like giving advice,

but you are the most important person ever. It doesn’t matter who you’re with or who you talk to. You are number one. In any relationship of your life, you work TOGETHER to be the best INDIVIDUALS.

Anyways here’s my stop, and hey! Stop talking to strangers.” As he got up, gathered his belongings, this man left me in awe with his perspective on life and how different the world is. At first I was a little hesitant of the middle aged man letting me cut line and sitting next to me, but turns out he has a whole family and just likes talking because that’s his norm. 30 mins ago I was regretting the fact I forgot my headphones, now I’m grateful to have met such a pure soul. In as little as 20 minutes, this man taught me so much.

It is definitely crazy how much just one conversation can change your entire day.


MR and MS RIGHT – An Idea by Mya Deol

The more you want love from someone, you search for it. You reach out to people and do things that will get you meeting new individuals- prospects.

If we actually do have soulmates out there -wouldn’t the universe send them your way when they think you’re ready?

Everything in life doesn’t get handed to you, but if you stop searching for love in others and try hard to love yourself by doing things you enjoy, it will attract the universe to bring your love to you.


  • You aren’t sitting back and doing nothing
  • You’re not talking to random people wasting your energy searching for love


You are searching for love within yourself, you are doing things that make you happy, which make you love yourself more. You will be the most attractive when you are genuinely happy. Once you are happy with where you are in your life and what you’ve achieved, when you are ready- your love will come. Don’t waste your time with prospects and don’t lower your standards, because mr/ms right will be coming – but only when you’re mr/ms right FOR YOURSELF.

I understand it can be lonely and hard to be by yourself, but you have to learn to be independent and be happy on your own. I wrote this poem when I felt lonely, not because I didn’t have a boyfriend, not because I didn’t have friends, it’s unexplainable… but I felt lonely.


So many people around yet I still feel alone. 

After all this time, I thought I had finally grown

I don’t understand why

These feelings won’t die 

Everyone at home loves me 

But I’m far from home, I’m lost at sea 

Not swimming, I’m drowning 

No one notices because… 

I’m smiling, not frowning 

It’s like something is missing or not yet here

Please just hold me and whisper in my ear 

“You are loved”

“You are cared for”

Because I don’t understand this pain 

But it comes just as often as it does rain 

I know you love me, because it is shown 

So many people around yet I still feel so alone. 



A Perspective on Arguments – mya

Sometimes people are clouded by their own perspective which restricts them from understanding how you feel about the situation. When they don’t have enough power or strength in themselves to stand up against someone else, they will try their best to get other people to turn their back on you as well. You just have to take a step back and let them think what they want to think -or else you won’t be able to get over it without a constant reminder of the situation. You need to let go. If they are meant to be in your life, they’ll realize your worth and things will work. They’ll find their way back to you. You should never force anything into your life, because people will come and go as they were meant to teach you a lesson. Take what you have learned from this situation and do better -for yourself.

If during an argument you are constantly describing how you feel and ways to resolve the situation, yet the other individual does not comprehend any of the words coming out of your mouth-

Take a step back.

If you have said all that you could-

Take a step back.

There is no need to continue explaining how you feel to someone who does not understand.

Because not everyone is going to sympathize with your feelings,

and that is okay.

You have said all that you could, so now you have to wait, because unless they decide to suddenly be accepting and open minded-

They simply will not understand.

They need time,

Take a step back.


Not worth your energy.

Sometimes the people you love the most hurt you in the worst ways.

Shit Happens.

It’s time to open your eyes and think, are you loving the wrong people?

You saw the real me, I opened up to you. You looked past my flaws and were standing by me as if you’d be there forever. We had written a whole story together expecting to leave each other never.

What went wrong?

You hurt me.

You broke me.

You lost me.

I tried making you understand, I tried my best to see the best in us and hoping we could be forever, but

Your empty promises and misunderstandings made me realize my worth.

Sometimes the people you love the most hurt you in the worst ways,

and as much as you loved them, you lost yourself while trying so hard to get them to just understand.

Until you are able to find and love yourself more than you love them, they are




poems by mya

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was sad or anxious, I enjoyed writing… Now I have time and I just waste it doing other things. I only wrote when I was upset, i’m not writing anymore- so maybe it’s a good thing? Or maybe I should learn to write poetry when I’m happy. Here are 2 poems:
The world won’t stop turning.
I wish to feel a pause.
The feeling of being consumed with no escape.
It feels as if the Earth spins faster each day.
I wish to feel a pause.
I feel useless.
I have the desire and hope to make a change, yet I have no ambition.
I wish to feel a pause
So I can finally breathe
The breath I’ve been holding for so long
I’m choking
I’m blind, I can’t see my path anymore.
I’m unaware of my destination.
I wish to feel a pause.
But the World won’t stop turning
And neither will I.
Not for a second
Not for any soul.
So through this pain, I must not stand against myself
But with the strength from every part of my being I will stand with myself.
Nobody has the ability to change my life but me.
Dreams don’t become reality but,
I have the ability to change my mindset, to be ambitious and work towards my goals.
To make my life, the life I want.
I wish to feel a pause
The world won’t stop turning.

Sometimes my memories are so clear
From the nights I played them in my head, smiling from ear to ear.
A happiness so pure I wanted to feel twice
Not knowing that later I’d have to pay the price.
Now feeling as if those memories will never leave.
Crying out in vain
That happiness has turned into pain
The happiest memories began to drive me insane.
I’m not smiling anymore, tear after tear.
Sometimes my memories are so clear.