My Favourite Artists on Spotify Right Now

The one thing I can always rely on, my beautiful Spotify account. When the algorithm is perfect, and new songs are being recommended left, and right, that’s the best feeling. Where do I want to organize these songs based on how I’m feeling, different genres? Nah, let’s throw it all into one, and so is born “if my ADHD was a playlist.”

Here’s the link down below

It just started at the beginning of quarantine, before that, I was listening to random playlists I found through the app, and I finally had enough. It’s time for me to create something I can refer back to for years and reminisce. I plan to have this playlist forever, so let’s see how long it can get; I hope I get to 30 hours by the end of the year.

Let’s get into my favourite songs from beginning to end, I’ll talk about what each song means to me and either how I found it, on a scale from one to ten on how much my friends would hate it, and so on. Let’s start with my first pick, “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” – Tame Impala. I’ve been listening to this song since currents came out in 2016; the whole album is a staple in any alternative radio station, including Evolution. The way Kevin Parker creates his music is just crazy; he’s always working with other people in the industry too. My favourite productions are also – Sundress -Asap Rocky, Guilty Conscious- 070 Shake and waves – Miguel.

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Let’s go into my next song pick: We Will Always Love You – Blood Orange & The Avalanches. This song has the amazing talent of Dev Hynes, who’s honestly a genius, from scoring films like Queen & Slim to the new HBO show directed by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me by Your Name) We Are Who We Are; He’s been killing it.

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Continuing, TV Girl is one of my favourite bands; the bedroom pop style of music that they produce is so calming and versatile; Lovers Rock is their most well-known song and for a good reason. The band consists of Brad Petering, Jason Wyman & Wyatt Harmon. My favourite album has got to be their recent work, The Night in Question: French Exit Outtakes. My favourite songs on the album are, Sleeping with the Enemy, Valerie, and The Night in Question.

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The next artist I’m going to talk about is James Blake; his songs are a staple on my playlist, his voice is so unique and soulful. The latest release is his rendition of Godspeed by Frank Ocean. It is the most captivating song he’s come out in a while. His album Assume Form, which came out in 2018, is always in my queue. My favourite songs from this album, Are You in Love, Lullaby for the insomniac and barefoot in the park.

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Lastly, My favourite artist of all time my baby Frank Ocean. I’ve been a fan of his since I heard thinking about you from a Vine in 2012. From Channel Orange to Blond, He’s been consistent as the most famous artist with barely releasing any music in the past five years. But I’ll go over what my favourite songs are from him. Starting with Channel orange, Pyramids was a standout for me; the transition around 3 minutes is the best thing to exist. A few other stands out songs are monks, pilot jones and Forrest Gump, but honestly, all the songs are amazing. Next, Blond, which is his second released album, and probably his most well-known for songs like Chanel and Nikes. My favourite songs are Nights, solo, Godspeed, and Siegfried. He’s been featured on albums from Tyler, the Creator, Odd Future and many other popular artists.

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Spotify has taken over the music streaming platform. With Apple Music being extremely confusing to find music, Spotify will create your playlists based on what you’ve been listening to and excel at finding new artists that you will enjoy for years to come. Spotify takes out the connection with other people unless you want to check into what your friends are listening to, which is also a great way to see if anyone is listening to their depression playlists! (please check in on your friends.)

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I recommend everyone to use Spotify, as it is the elite way to listen to music. Plus, it’s a major red flag when people use apple music; tell me one person uses it and isn’t toxic as a human, I’ll wait. Overall, it would be best to try out my playlist if you’re in the mood to listen to some great ass music; it has something for everyone.



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