Family Day, Quarantine Style

More reliable things to do on the holiday weekend in 2021 involve exploring Vancouver Parks and Nature (assuming good weather and not too much snow) and socializing with extended family via Zoom. There are also outdoor games with Vancouver Mysteries, which you can do with roommates and immediate household family.


Some people will be eating out at local restaurants, notably as the Dine Out Vancouver Festival is proceeding; if you want to do that, though, you’ll want to make reservations well in advance and with people in your bubble or household. I wouldn’t recommend going to the mountains tomorrow as it will be extremely crowded and line ups take forever.


Take the day to try out a fun recipe, baking or a movie marathon at home! and if your friends feel like more of a family to you, set up zoom call games like the website “” where you can do games like cards against humanity and there own version of among us. I’ve played it and can say it is a ton of fun.


Zoom art night is another fun way to exert some creative skills and make something cute while you’re at it! Just getting some supplies from Michaels or the dollar store, and you could make air dry pottery items, paint night or maybe learning how to knit together. Honestly, I’d do anything to hang out with my friends over zoom.


A Rundown on the Chris Harrison Drama

Chris Harrison is the host of the famous reality dating show, The Bachelor and the bachelorette. This past week, the former first black bachelorette Rachel Lindsay interviewed him, and his response has caused a major backlash and media frenzy.


Rachel asks him about a frontrunner on this season’s show Rachel Kirkconnell, who has come under fire for having photos of her at an antebellum plantation party, wearing an old confederate hoopskirt and posing with confederate flags in the back of her pictures (now deleted.) These photos have been going around the internet for a month or so, but what Chris says to Rachel is just unbelievable. These next quotes are a word for word what he said in this Extra interview.


Harrison told “Extra” correspondent and former star of “The Bachelorette,” Rachel Lindsay that Kirkconnells pictures were a long time ago and spoke out against cancel culture. “I saw a picture of her at a sorority party five years ago, and that’s it. Like, boom,” Harrison said, adding, “I’m like, ‘Really?’ “Lindsay replied, “The picture was from 2018 at an Old South antebellum party. That’s not a good look.” Harrison replied, “Well, Rachel, was it a good look in 2018? Or, is it not a good look in 2021? Because there’s a big difference.” “It’s not a good look ever,” Lindsay said.


“If I went to that party, what would I represent at that party?” “You’re 100% right in 2021,” Harrison then said. “That was not the case in 2018. And again, I’m not defending Rachel. I know that I don’t know; 50 million people did that in 2018. That was the type of party that a lot of people went to. And again, I’m not defending it. I didn’t go to it.”


This response first is just completely ignorant, racist and upsetting, a clear example of how white men in power positions see racism as “cancel culture” vs seeing it as something that in the past fought to keep slavery in the US.


Chris will be stepping down from his role as the host of the Television show and will not be hosting the “after the rose” episode at the season finale of this year’s Bachelor.


The Contestants of prior seasons all came together to put out a joint statement saying, “We had the opportunity to be a part of one of the most diverse casts in the history of the franchise,” they noted. “We stand united in denouncing any racist behavior and any defense thereof. We also stand united with the women of Season 25 of The Bachelor, who have denounced the same; moreover, we stand united with Rachel Lindsay, who has led the way.” This statement and the petition online making Harrison resign from hosting most likely brought on his temporary leave from the show.


Vancouver’s Best Vintage Stores

I love to find the best vintage clothing item, decor, furniture, and Vancouver its amazing how many stores support my vintage addiction! From clothing stores to antique malls, Fort Langley to Victoria, I’ve narrowed my picks for the best stores to find the perfectly unique piece to complete your vision.


Village antique mall- Fort Langley

Located in Fort Langley’s heart, Village Antiques Mall is a 10,000 square foot mall with 60 independent dealers. They have helped the community find Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage, Mid-Century Modern, Home & Store Decor items, Movie Props & Set decorations over the last 35 years. New stock arriving daily, including rare and one-of-a-kind items. I can always find a beautiful gem here, from a nice glass catch-all dish to records, they have almost everything. Make sure you sit in the village courtyard after a long trip around town located right beside the storefront.


Mintage Mall – 245 E. Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5T1W4 Canada. Mintage is a great vintage shop on commercial, but with its popularity, they grew to a mall like a vintage store, with mini vendors that focus on their supply of vintage goods. From T-shirts, decor, accessories and more! It’s a great way to hit everything at once, like a better flea market. I recommend going with a friend and making a day out of it.


F as in Frank – Main Street Vancouver

F is a very well-known place in Vancouver to get all the coolest T-shirts and more sporty, jackets jerseys and fun 90s pieces. They also have their well-known upcycling business called Frankie collective, which takes old garments and creates unique two pieces, tank tops and more for everyone. And don’t forget to stop into the back store called “rag machine,” where you can find unique less-expensive pieces as they go by weight instead of prices.


Community thrift and vintage

This store is a big name in Vancouver, with covid hitting the success of their store, In my opinion, doubled because of them already selling online. This store curates vintage and antique pieces for the public to enjoy for a better shopping experience. You could dig through a thrift store for a few hours, but community does all the heavy lifting for you. Check out their online store; their sales can be great! Founded in 2011, Community Thrift & Vintage supports at-risk people through their compassionate and supportive work training program, and all profits are donated to the PHS Community Services Society.


Wildlife Thrift

Wildlife is a for-profit business that donates to local, neighbourhood charities quarterly. Everyone can find something for them at wildlife, and they have a great furniture section as well. Family-owned & operated, they believe in one single, simple concept: by recycling, they believe in preserving the environment and having the privilege of giving back to the community. What began supporting The Wildlife Rescue Association now supports people-oriented charities, focusing on helping those dealing with Homelessness & Mental Health issues. Each charity holds a special place in their heart: Coast Mental Health, The Gathering Place and Covenant House.

My Review of “Malcolm & Marie”


What’s better than a movie review on Valentine’s day about a couple’s fight. Filmed in quarantine by the well-known “euphoria” director Sam Levinson. This film begins with the couple coming home from the boyfriend’s movie premiere; Malcom’s riding off the high from the audience’s reactions and all the critics he was talking to, while you can see Marie simmering in her thoughts while he continues to talk highly of himself. The tension between the couple is visually intense; she sits outside smoking a cigarette while he tells her about critics calling him the next “Spike Lee.” She is trying to bring him down to earth while he becomes upset that she’s not as happy as he is. This reaction to Marie starts the beginning of the series of fights they get into throughout the film.


The director Leviston wrote and directed the film while he is white himself. The writing discusses being black in the film industry, how critics and reporters approach you while trying to be racially aware. From accidentally making slip-ups to the director Malcolm, he says how annoying and racist it is. I can’t help but feel uncomfortable that a white man wrote this; I know he must be completely aware of himself in society but choosing to write about how hard it is to make it in the industry, working and doing everything you can to break through those doors feels wrong, as he is the son of the most esteemed director Barry Levinson. It just feels wrong the amount of nepotism you can feel once you do a bit of research on the director.


The movie felt like I was watching verbal abuse on screen. I think the actors Zendaya and John David Washington carried the film with the writing being weak at times and a quite repetitive argument played repeatedly. The full circle part was how he basically wrote about his girlfriend’s life, being a recovering addict, and he didn’t even thank her in his award speech. The whole fight was about him not appreciating everything she has done for him in their relationship and how he can get in his head about his work, without thinking how different his film would be without Malcolm experiencing Marie’s struggles firsthand.


Do I recommend this movie? maybe. It depends on what you focus on more, and I think the reviews are so split because, on the one hand, the acting is great, Zendaya and John have great chemistry. If the film were focused on why he didn’t thank her or how he seemed to forget that he owes a lot of his writing to her, it would excel. The part where he gets mad about his film critics’ reviews is way too winey, and you can see where a white man came through in writing. And this comes from the anger Levitson felt from getting trashed by critics for his first movie, “Assassination Nation,” so I don’t know what that proved with that monologue, but it felt privileged and childish.



What’s going on in Vancouver Right Now


The UBC museum welcomes a new exhibition in February. The focus of this is on the impact and aftermath of the 2011 earthquake off the coast of Japan. This should be an interesting look at how much that affected us here all the way in Vancouver.

ARCTIC VOICES @ science world

A new exhibition comes to Science World next month, called Arctic Voices. Naturally, it’s going to be all about life in the Arctic, from the people who have lived and are apart of the vast tundra. I love to learn about Canada’s ecosystem, it brings me back to the good ol elementary school days.


This year Dine Out is bigger than ever, lasting a full month and featuring 350 restaurants in total. Stressed about what to get? check out our article with every restaurant participating.


It’s hot chocolate time, in the city. Hot Chocolate Fest has kicked off with more varieties and flavours of hot chocolate than you could ever imagine. With this cold winter continuing, plus being outside more than ever before, grabbing a hot coco is the key.

The Best Time to Spruce Up Your Place!

I love interior decor, it’s definitely my jam; from browsing facebook marketplace to find that perfect vintage chair, or spending hours on pintrest i’ve done it. All weekend I spent painting my room and wow, it made such a huge difference in my eyes. With the spring coming upon us soon, comes spring cleaning and changing up the old and bringing in the new.

Yes, it could just be some white paint, but these days there’s not much to get excited by, so redecorating your room might be the thing your missing. Check out Pinterest if you have the urge to redesign your room for the 4th time this past year! it’s so worth it.

Super Bowl 2021

Sports has never been my ideal pastine, but here at evolution our viewers love to talk anything from hockey to basketball. And the only time of the year i’ll actually say something that has to do with football, the halftime show!

The weeknd blew me away with this years performance, it showed me how long i’ve been a fan from bringing songs he’s known for like “the hills” and “i can’t feel my face.” My all time favourite performance is still beyonce or lady gaga, but this was a win in my book.

Gondola for SFU?

SFU students propose a gondola for the transit issue up to Burnaby mountain. Simon Fraser University Students are requesting Burnaby City Council to back TransLink’s proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola with a new campaign to defend the City’s support.“Students from all walks of life are joining with businesses and residents to tell the City Council that it’s time to back the project and get it built for our community,” said Simon Fraser Student Society president Osob Mohamed. Mohamed said the SFSS had sent Burnaby City Council a letter describing why it helps the Gondola and has launched a website urging students to do the same.


Aurora Borealis Glows over Vancouver

Nearly a decade ago, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) captured some gorgeous photos of the aurora borealis glowing over Vancouver from almost 400 km above our atmosphere.
Every so often, Vancouver people are treated to the brilliant colours spread over the night sky. Less frequently, we can see the phenomenon from space.

The night of Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012, 40 images were taken aboard the International Space Station. The camera captured the city lights of Seattle and Vancouver but above Vancouver and stretching from one side of the image to the other is the swirling band of green light so chased by nighttime photographers.

Almost a decade ago, NASA captured some stunning images of the aurora borealis over Vancouver.

Puzzle’s and Art: a Lockdown Love Story

Puzzle Artists Wanted

The owners of a Victoria-based design studio are reaching out to artists who want people to have a good long look at their work.
Tinka Robev and Andrew Azzopardi of Robazzo want to showcase established and emerging artists in their unique jigsaw-puzzle format.

Robev and Azzopardi, creators of Puzzle Lab, use computer algorithms to laser-cut wood complex geometrical pieces that make their puzzles time-consuming and challenging.

Artists are being asked to submit up to three images for consideration.

Robev said artists selected for puzzle images would receive either ongoing royalties or a one-time licensing payment for their artwork.

According to reporting by Vancouver is Awesome, Robev says- “We want to challenge the typical puzzle stereotype of images of a farm or a basket of kittens, and curate more modern refined images.”

Any artists wanting to submit images should send an email to The deadline is March 5.

One Year Anniversary for Ride-Sharing in BC

Ride-sharing’s first anniversary for BC

Before a year ago, uber and lyfts were not here in Vancouver. Thankfully I got to utilize them before the pandemic ruined my chances of getting picked up from a bar with my friends, ah, good times. After a much-drawn-out and dubious process over years that gave this province the largest North American urban centre’s claim without a significant ride-hailing operator.

The Passenger Transportation Board (PTB), the provincial regulating power for taxi and ride-hailing businesses, passed Lyft and Uber’s entry on January 23, 2020. Happy one year to finally getting ubers; I cant believe we survived before this.

Online BC Black History Exhibit

A new online exhibit aims to highlight the contributions and history of Black pioneers in BC.

BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS) has partnered with Digital Museums Canada for British Columbia’s Black Pioneers: Their Industry and Character influenced Canada’s Vision.

The exhibit features 20 stories, nine videos, and 86 gallery items that include images, photographs, maps, and archival documents and focuses on a group of 800 invited settlers and how they contributed to society’s formation and development in BC.

Reported to Daily Hive Vancouver, Silvia Mangue Alene, president of the BCBHAS, says this history is not currently part of BC schools’ curriculum.

“We, my organization, go around asking to present the history in schools. Sometimes we are welcome, and sometimes we are not. We hope that the Ministry of Education will at least have this history as an option in high schools so that youth that wants to learn this history can have the option,” explains Alene.

BCBHAS hosts several online events during Black History Month that “celebrate the achievements and contributions of historical and contemporary people of African descent.”

You can find a full list of the events on their website.

BCBHAS is also doing a live exhibition at the Royal BC Museum, set to open on June 3.


Arctic Tundra Exhibit @ Science World

You might want to bundle up before visiting Science World’s brand new special exhibit.

Debuting on February 11, Arctic Voices is an 8,000-sq-ft exhibition that takes visitors on an immersive tour over the tundra and into the world’s northernmost biome. The event will showcase the people, ecology, wildlife and way of life in the region. Arctic Voices should be an excellent experience for kids and adults alike.

“The Arctic may seem like an unfamiliar and distant place, but it’s important to realize the impact our actions have on lands near and far,” said Tracy Redies, President & CEO of Science World. “The Arctic has terrestrial and marine ecosystems interdependent on one another, supporting both land and marine animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else. They are feeling the direct effects of climate change. The Arctic is important to all of us, and this exhibition makes the connection to help us understand the impact of our actions.”

Starting February 8, Science World will be open seven days a week, 10 am to 5 pm, with enhanced safety measures in place.

Arctic Voices
When: Opens February 11, 2021
Where: TELUS World of Science – 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver
Tickets: Available online

New Texan BBQ on Main

New BBQ Joint opening soon on main!

Since travelling is out of the question around here, it’s nice to see new cuisines open up in Vancouver. To taste a bit of the south, “Slims” seems like the perfect place to check out! Slim’s BBQ will offer patrons authentic Austin-style barbecue.

Texas eats like, fried chicken sammies, brisket, smoked pork butt, hot links, and ribs will all be up for order along with sides such as mac n cheese, buttermilk biscuits, and cornbread, to name a few. Along with easy-drinking house cocktails like the Quick Draw, made with Jim Beam, mint, sour cherries, simple, and a dash of lime.

Other sips to include- the Sinner Down South and the Southern Gentleman, a combo of Jim Beam, Triple Sec, lemon, sugar, and egg whites.

By February, this place will be open seven days a week from noon to 10 pm, and it will offer dine-in, takeout, and delivery for lunch and dinner.

Online Cooking Class!

Belgard kitchens apron club, a Valentine’s day virtual cooking class.

Have you been meaning to sharpen up your cooking skills? You can book a virtual class to do with a loved one or friends, you can also purchase meal kits and an optional bottle of wine from Vancouver urban winery!

The kits are packed with all required ingredients (excluding pantry basics like oil and salt), and require basic cooking equipment found in most kitchens, such as a frying pan, serving utensils, and of course, wine glasses. Along with written directions, a link to a YouTube video will be provided for chefs/diners to follow along at their own pace and revisit steps as needed.

Kits can be purchased through the restaurant’s website (limited quantities available):

Guests can choose from three pick-up dates:

Friday, February 12, 2021

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Sunday, February 14, 2021

More tickets to come for the Van Gogh exhibit

Did you miss out on grabbing tickets?

The Van Gogh exhibit is planning to expand, as the tickets went on sale last week and were sold out in a matter of minutes. Hopefully this gives a chance for more people to go, as it already had a exhibit in Toronto and was very covid safe, everyone has their own circle that was 6 feet apart to be able to enjoy the art and also feel comfortable since its inside.

The exhibit is being held at the convention center downtown, in April! I got my tickets and the only time slot was 11pm so it does go pretty late, great date idea or just a fun thing to do with friends.

Dine Out 2021!

Dine out Vancouver is the best time of the year; you get to try all the places that could be out of your budget for a nice fixed menu and price! There are over 330 restaurants this year! See any you want to try?

Here is the crazy long list!

  1. 1931 gallery bistro
  2. 75 West Coast Grill
  3. Afghan Horsemen Restaurant
  4. Afghan Kitchen South Surrey
  5. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio – Ambleside
  6. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio – False Creek
  7. Arms Reach Bistro
  8. Ask for Luigi
  9. Atlas Steak + Fish – Burnaby
  10. Atlas Steak + Fish – Langley
  11. Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge
  12. Baci Ristorante
  13. Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine in Kitsilano
  14. Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine on Broadway
  15. Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine on Davie
  16. Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine on Denman
  17. Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine on Robson
  18. Banter Room
  19. Bar Gobo
  20. Barney’s on Granville
  21. Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
  22. Bartholomew
  23. Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar
  24. Beetbox
  25. Bellaggio Cafe – Hornby
  26. Bellaggio Wine Bar – Convention Centre
  27. Bells & Whistles – Dunbar
  28. Bells & Whistles – Fraser
  29. BeSIDE Forage
  30. BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina
  31. BierCraft Cambie
  32. BierCraft Commercial
  33. BierCraft Wesbrook
  34. Big Feast Bistro
  35. Bimini Neighborhood Pub
  36. Bin 4 Burger Lounge
  37. Bistro Sakana
  38. Bistro Verde
  39. Black + Blue
  40. Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant
  41. Bodega On Main
  42. Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar
  43. Bovine Rice Bowls
  44. Brass Fish Tavern & Kitchen
  45. Bravo Cucina Ristorante
  46. Bread and Butter Cafe
  48. Bridges Restaurant, Bistro & Bar
  49. Britannia Brewing Steveston
  50. Brix & Mortar
  51. Browns Socialhouse – Ironwood
  52. Browns Socialhouse – Langley Centre
  53. Browns Socialhouse – Panorama
  54. Browns Socialhouse Guildford
  55. Browns Socialhouse QE Theatre
  56. Browns Socialhouse Sunshine Hills
  57. Browns Socialhouse Surrey Centre
  58. Browns Socialhouse Tsawwassen
  59. Bufala Edgemont
  60. Bufala Kerrisdale
  61. Burgoo Bistro – Downtown
  62. Burgoo Bistro – Lonsdale
  63. Burgoo Bistro – Main Street
  64. Burgoo Bistro – Point Grey
  65. Burnaby Mountain Restaurant
  66. Butcher’s Table
  67. C|Prime Italian Steak & Wine
  68. Cactus Club Cafe – Abbotsford
  69. Cactus Club Cafe – Ash
  70. Cactus Club Cafe – Bentall
  71. Cactus Club Cafe – Byrne Road
  72. Cactus Club Cafe – Coal Harbour
  73. Cactus Club Cafe – Coquitlam
  74. Cactus Club Cafe – Delta
  75. Cactus Club Cafe – English Bay
  76. Cactus Club Cafe – Langley
  77. Cactus Club Cafe – North Burnaby
  78. Cactus Club Cafe – North Vancouver
  79. Cactus Club Cafe – Park Royal
  80. Cactus Club Cafe – Richmond Centre
  81. Cactus Club Cafe – Robson
  82. Cactus Club Cafe – Southpoint
  83. Cactus Club Cafe – Station Square
  84. Cactus Club Cafe – West Broadway
  85. Cactus Club Cafe – Yaletown
  86. Café Medina
  87. Cafe One
  88. Cantina Norte
  89. Capo & The Spritz
  90. Cardero’s Restaurant
  91. Catch Kitchen + Bar
  92. CAVU Kitchen Bar
  93. Chambar Restaurant
  94. Chancho Tortilleria
  95. Charcoal & Woodz
  96. Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar – Kitsilano
  97. Chickpea
  98. Chop Steakhouse & Bar
  99. Cibo Trattoria
  100. CinCin Ristorante + Bar
  101. COAST Restaurant
  102. Cold Tea Restaurant
  103. Colony Entertainment District
  104. Colony Kitsilano
  105. Colony Main Street
  106. Colony Northwoods
  107. Cuchillo
  108. Davie Dosa Company
  109. DD MAU
  110. Di Beppe
  111. Dosanko Restaurant
  112. Earls Kitchen & Bar – Fir Street
  113. Earls Kitchen & Bar – Robson
  114. Earls Kitchen & Bar – Yaletown
  115. East is East, Chai Lounge – Broadway
  116. East is East, Chai Lounge – Main Street
  117. el Santo
  118. Ember Indian Kitchen
  119. Espana Restaurant
  120. Fable Diner
  121. Faculty Brewing Co.
  122. Fanny Bay Oyster Bar
  123. Farina a Legna
  124. Feast The Neighbourhood Table
  125. Five Sails
  126. Flying Beaver Bar & Grill
  127. Forage
  128. Four Olives Restaurants
  129. Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar
  130. Freebird Table & Bar
  131. Frying Pan Kitchen & Bar
  132. Fufu Cafe
  133. Gino’s Restaurant
  134. Glass House Estate Winery
  135. GLOWBAL
  136. Golden Seafood Restaurant
  137. Gramercy Grill
  138. Grand Chinese Yaletown Restaurant
  139. Granville Room
  140. Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen
  141. Gusto A Taste Of Italy
  142. Guu Garden
  143. Gyoza Bar
  144. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ – Downtown
  145. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ – Richmond
  146. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ – West Broadway
  147. H Tasting Lounge
  148. Harbour Oyster + Bar
  149. Harold’s Kitchen and Bar
  150. Hart House Restaurant
  151. Hawksworth Restaurant
  152. Heritage Asian Eatery – Broadway
  153. Hikari Cafe
  154. Holts Café
  155. Honey Salt
  156. Hook Seabar
  157. Hotpot Palace
  158. Hundy
  159. Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean
  160. Ignite Pizzeria – Main Street
  161. Ignite Pizzeria Express – Gastown
  162. Indian Delicacy
  163. Italian Tomato Restaurant
  164. Izakaya Gon’s
  165. Jamjar Canteen
  166. Jingle Bao
  167. Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House
  168. Jules
  169. Kinton Ramen
  170. Kirin Mandarin Restaurant – Downtown
  171. Kirin Seafood Restaurant – Richmond
  172. Kirin Seafood Restaurant – Starlight
  173. Kobe Japanese Steak House
  174. Koerner’s Pub
  175. KOKORO TOKYO MAZESOBA – Coquitlam
  178. La Piazza Dario Ristorante
  179. L’Abattoir
  180. Ladurée
  181. Las Margaritas Restaurante
  182. Le Crocodile Restaurant
  183. Lift Bar Grill View
  184. LOT185 Café + Wine Bar
  185. Lucky Taco
  186. Luppolo Brewing Company
  187. M!la Plant Based
  188. Maenam
  189. Mahony & Sons – Burrard Landing
  190. Mahony & Sons – Stamps Landing
  191. Mak N Ming
  192. Mary’s on Davie
  193. MASA Japanese Restaurant
  194. Max’s Restaurant – Cuisine of the Philippines
  195. Miku Restaurant
  196. Milestones – Abbotsford
  197. Milestones – Coquitlam
  198. Milestones – Guildford
  199. Milestones – Langley
  200. Milestones – Southpoint
  201. Milestones – Tsawwassen
  202. Minami Restaurant
  203. MIXT Lobby Lounge
  204. Moxie’s Grill & Bar – Davie Street
  205. Moxie’s Grill & Bar – Langley
  206. Moxie’s Grill & Bar – Richmond
  207. Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken on Davie
  208. Notch 8 Restaurant & Bar
  209. Nuba – Gastown
  210. Nuba – Kitsilano
  211. Nuba – Yaletown
  212. Oak & Thorne
  213. Ophelia
  214. P2B bistro & bar
  215. Pacific Yacht Charters OTB Catering
  216. Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante – Smithe Street
  217. Papi’s Seafood and Oyster Bar
  218. Pat Quinn’s Restaurant & Bar
  219. Pepino’s Spaghetti House
  220. Pier 7 Restaurant + Bar
  221. Pizzeria Spacca Napoli
  222. Popina Canteen
  223. Popina Cantina
  224. Portobello Ristorante
  225. Potluck Hawker Eatery
  226. Pourhouse
  227. RiverHouse Restaurant and Pub
  228. Riverway Restaurant
  229. Robba da Matti – West End
  230. Robba da Matti – Yaletown
  231. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – Kitsilano
  232. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – Main Street
  233. Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar – Broadway
  234. Romer’s – Kitsilano
  235. Romer’s – Port Moody
  236. Romer’s – River District
  237. S+L Kitchen & Bar Abbotsford
  238. S+L Kitchen & Bar Langley
  239. S+L Kitchen & Bar South Surrey
  240. Salmon n’ Bannock Bistro
  241. Say Mercy!
  242. Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé
  243. Seaside Provisions
  244. Seasons in The Park
  245. Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill
  246. Shaughnessy restaurant
  247. Showcase Restaurant & Bar
  248. Sing Sing
  249. Smoke & Bones BBQ
  250. Social
  251. Sopra Sotto Pizzeria – Burnaby
  252. Sopra Sotto Pizzeria – Commercial Drive
  253. Sprezzatura
  254. Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant & Brewpub
  255. Steamworks Brewing Company
  256. Storm Crow Alehouse
  257. Street Auntie Aperitivo House
  258. Sula Indian Restaurant – Commercial Drive
  259. Sula Indian Restaurant – Main Street
  260. Sylvia Restaurant & Lounge
  261. Tacofino Hastings
  262. Tacofino Kits
  263. Tacofino Oasis
  264. Tacofino Ocho
  265. Tacofino Taco Bar
  266. Tacofino Yaletown
  267. Tap & Barrel – Convention Centre
  268. Tap & Barrel – Olympic Village
  269. Tap & Barrel – Shipyards
  270. The Acorn
  271. The American
  272. The Boathouse Restaurant – Kitsilano
  273. The Boathouse Restaurant – New Westminster
  274. The Boathouse Restaurant – Port Moody
  275. The Boathouse Restaurant – White Rock
  276. The Buck & Ear
  277. The Cheese inn
  278. The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant and Bar
  279. The Cider House
  280. The Ellis
  281. The Flying Pig – Gastown
  282. The Flying Pig – Olympic Village
  283. The Flying Pig – Yaletown
  284. the French Table Bistro
  285. The Greek by Anatoli
  286. The Greek Gastown
  287. The Henry
  288. The Italian Kitchen
  289. The Italian Osteria & Cheesebar
  290. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Abbotsford
  291. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Alberni
  292. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Burnaby
  293. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Coquitlam
  294. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Dunsmuir
  295. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Granville Island
  296. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Langley
  297. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Maple Ridge
  298. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Morgan Creek
  299. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Park Royal
  300. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Richmond South
  301. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Scott Road
  302. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Yaletown
  303. The Lamplighter Public House
  304. The Lobby Restaurant & Lounge
  305. The Mackenzie Room
  306. The Met Bar and Grill
  307. The Rise Eatery
  308. The Roost
  309. The Sandbar Restaurant
  310. The Shoestring Cafe
  311. The Three Brits Public House
  312. The Vancouver Fish Company Restaurant & Bar
  313. The Victor
  314. The Yaletown Brewing Co.
  315. The Yaletown Distillery Bar + Kitchen
  316. Time & Place
  317. Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant
  318. Torafuku
  319. Townhall Abbotsford
  320. Townhall Langley
  321. Townhall Maple Ridge
  322. Townhall South Surrey
  323. Trattoria – Burnaby
  324. Trattoria – Kitsilano
  325. Trattoria – Park Royal
  326. Tutto Restaurant & Bar
  327. Twisted Fork
  328. Vaades The Indian Restaurant
  329. Vij’s
  330. Village Taphouse
  331. Water St. Cafe
  332. West Oak Restaurant


Vancouver’s most lame Snowfall

Anyone else disappointed with the snowfall warning?

This weekend there was supposed to be at least 3 feet of snow, but the most was around 4 cm on Burnaby mountain. I guess I was expecting the crazy snowmageddon like last year, but I’m not complaining, nothing I hate more than rain after a huge snowfall, the slush, the compacted ice, it’s just a mess. But to all the people to bought snow tires, your time will come! Environment Canada stated that we’re are not fully out of the woods yet, so more snow might just be on the way.

COVID Safe Valentines Day ideas!

Valentines day is around the corner, whether you have a significant other, or just want a bit of TLC for yourself, heres my top picks for covid safe ideas and a few restaurants.


For a good farm to table choice, Nightingale is the best place to be, the staff are great at helping you pair together food and appetisers as everything is meant to be shared like a full spread, its great food drinks and atmosphere!


For a great V-day deal I recommend Honey Salt! They are offering a $65 three-course menu with a glass of complimentary champagne for you and your date! Its available on February 13 and 14th What I recommend is the charcuterie board and truffle fries!


Since the best decision is to stay home, you can still create a great night that’s covid safe,


  • Cooking a home-made meal together
  • Dressing up in your best clothing and have a fancy candlelight dinner
  • Ditch the heels for slippers and sweats and have a movie marathon with lots of snacks


The Average Commute in Van

Oh, the days of commuting, when I was commuting home from school, I thought I was being dramatic about a less than an hour commute, I can’t imagine doing that same commute now, I’ll take zoom classes in pajamas any day!

A new report on transit in Canada has found that Vancouver natives have the shortest transit commute times out of Canada’s biggest cities. The findings come from Moovit, a global intel company and service solutions provider. The report entails big data analyzed from tens of millions of trip requests along with user research in 104 metropolitan areas across 28 countries.

In Canada, data was analyzed in the Toronto, Montreal, and Greater Vancouver areas.

Overall, the report said that due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, 55% of Canadians are using public transit less frequently or not at all.

The report found that Torontonians endure the longest trip times for the second year in a row (52 minutes), while Vancouverites enjoy the shortest public transit commute, averaging 43 minutes.