BC Bands You Should Be Listening To

If you think you need to search the world for the quality music you listen to, don’t look any further! Here’s some amazing local artists to add to your music library.

Cartoon Lizard

This band from Victoria BC features 5 multi instrumental song writers, bringing their talents together to make incredible indie pop music. Continuously refining their craft, these artists collaborate to bring light eclectic music that will give you cool vibes while tickling your soul. A local band that serves you the best in-depth variety of music that you just have to take a ferry to hear.

Take a look at their website to find out when they will be performing near you!


Wise Child

Victoria based indie band Wise Child brings you soulful, deep music that will feed every part of your body. Their calm whistful music will bring you into your dream land, and carry you through the clouds. Lead singer Jaya Bremer’s Alto gives your ears the sweetest treat. This band is the type of music you listen to on repeat when you’re in any type of mood.


Check them out and find out when you’ll be able to catch them live.


This Victoria grown band has you itching for more. This Grunge R&B style band brings you sounds you may have already heard, with a distinct twist and flavour you would never expect. This jaw dropping band has already got themselves lined up for a variety of festivals, as well as hitting the studio to continue their music making gold. Deep intense lyrics with hard guitar riffs lead you into a dark path you can’t help but bang your head too. Don’t miss out on adding this great band to your music library!

These Victoria based BC bands will be a perfect addition to your musical library, with variety and flare you don’t want to miss out on!


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