The People Behind BC Music!

It seems that people don’t know how much time effort and money it takes to sustain the BC music industry. There are countless people constantly working on providing all of us the music we love. In the true spirit of learning, here are the partners behind all the music you love to hear. BC Music Association gives a large list of the partners the make things happen.

Funding Partners

  • Creative BC
  • FACTOR – Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings
  • The Government of Canada
  • The Province of British Columbia
  • Do604
  • Do250
  • One Peak Digital Marketing
  • Stage & Screen Travel Services
  • CARAS – The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
  • CCMIA – Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations
  • CIMA – Canadian Independent Music Association
  • Music Export Canada
  • Music Canada
  • Music Canada Live
  • MMF – Music Managers Forum
  • MROC – Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada
  • NIMBUS School of Recording Arts
  • Western Canadian Music Alliance / BreakOut West
  • MusiCounts
  • Unison Benevolent Fund

All of these partners contribute heavily into making sure BC music is heard and enjoyed by everyone. It’s not just the artists that bring you the content you love so much, there are many other cogs to this wheel that don’t get talked about! These partners make it all possible, and have a hand in every aspect of BC music both domestically and internationally! Events, Concerts, Social Media, Recordings, they provide the help and guidance for all of it!

Destress With Some Music!

Music and the Mind

Have no fear! Music is always here for you. No, I mean it. You’re sad? Listen to music. You’re mad? Listen to music. You’re happy? Listen to music. Music is something used for every moment, and every emotion.

We all know life can be hard. Students have piles of homework and studying, professionals have copious amounts of work, and don’t even get on about money. It seems in every walk of life as an adult, there are stresses we can’t get away from. Yes, that is a completely normal, standard of daily life. Stress can be something that effects our mood to the highest degree. It can make you every emotion under the sun. Luckily something as simple as music is so impactful that you can help yourself by listening to it.

Music can alter your mood. People listen to it when they’ve experience a breakup, a makeup, a loss, and a victory. It can be an enhancer of emotion in the best ways possible. Lyrics are often if not always relatable to some extent, which can be extremely soothing to the mind knowing that you’re not the only one going through the hardships of life. Even the exciting times have songs to relate too, and it’s a comforting thing to have.

Next time you’re extremely stressed or anxious, or extremely happy, listen to music. It will heighten your emotions, or change them depending on what you’re wanting out of it. Studying? Play some light tunes in the back ground to help you stay focused.

What would be a more perfect thing to listen to then our very own Evolution 107.9! You can turn it on at anytime and listen to a variety of your favourite bands and artists, to help with the stresses or successes you’re experiencing!

Tips On Supporting Your Favourite Bands During a Pandemic

For obvious reasons, being able to support your local bands by attending their shows has become just a bit harder. Of course the circumstances we are under pose quite the difficulty, but there are other great ways to help support your favourite bands and musicians.

Buy Their Music:

As normal as this sounds, purchasing a artists music is a great way to continuously support your favourites. It’s not like you don’t listen to their music anyways, but purchasing the songs from apple music and other music platforms helps them stay afloat, especially during these tough times. When you purchase their music, you’re giving them an opportunity to keep bringing you the music you love!

Buy Their Merchandise:

Who doesn’t love a good old concert tee? Whether you wear it out in public, or to bed, the fact you purchased something from a band is a huge help to them! On top of that, you get to show off your favourite band, and give them some extra reach. When you walk down the street in your cool merchandise, and someone stops as asks you about the band, you get to fill them in on how much you love them! This in turn will get that stranger to even listen to one of their songs, giving them an opportunity to gain another listener, as well as someone who may potentially buy their music or merchandise as well! You’ve unintentionally helped your favourite band!

Share Them With Others:

Buying their merchandise leads to great conversations with people that may not know their music, but just talking about them and sharing there music generally helps as well! Like the merchandise, your conversations can spark a continuous cycle of conversations, downloads, and new fans! This is something that can be so simple and go such a long way! Luckily you love your favourite artists so much that discussing them really isn’t a chore, but fun!

Local Indie Concert Spots You Want to Check Out

China Cloud

This tiny nook is a hot spot for local artists, fans, and comedians alike. It’s almost as though you’ve entered into an underground club that’s a true secret to the public. A earthy, soothing atmosphere with chill vibes, China Cloud really stands out (even though it’s quite hidden). It features a variety of artwork, comfy couches and a handmade wooden bar. Highly rated on Yelp, this is a great spot to see some local bands in a more intimate setting.

Located at 524 Main Street

The Biltmore Cabaret

 This spot which is a bit bigger than China Cloud, showcases local talents, and has an INSANELY delicious food menu to boot. You can reserve seating at two sides of the cabaret, which show cases a different genre of music each. This is an interesting element that gives you that extra option (sometimes depending on your mood!) to choose from. They also showcase a variety of themed nights, including Jr. High 90’s night, Kitty Nights and Talent time. Reviews constantly mention how every night is different at the Biltmore, and that keeps it interesting every time you go! You can’t find a bad seat in the house to watch your favourite bands.

Check out the Biltmore Cabaret at 2755 Prince Edward Street

The Cultch

This cute little spot has nothing but amazing reviews! The atmosphere at The Cultch alone will make you want to go back over and over again. Cozy, relaxed with artwork displayed all over, you’re not only there for a great show, but the venue is visually appealing as well. With not a bad seat in the house, you really feel as though you’re apart of the show itself. This little nook features old building vibes, almost nostalgic making you feel right at home, with some inside updates that give a modern twist to it. They also feature a lounge room for you to kick back and relax on larger cushioned chairs, so you can enjoy the show comfortably. Fabulous staff, and great happy hour prices, it is a venue fit for a true fan.

Check out the Cultch at 1895 Venables Street

BC Bands You Should Be Listening To

If you think you need to search the world for the quality music you listen to, don’t look any further! Here’s some amazing local artists to add to your music library.

Cartoon Lizard

This band from Victoria BC features 5 multi instrumental song writers, bringing their talents together to make incredible indie pop music. Continuously refining their craft, these artists collaborate to bring light eclectic music that will give you cool vibes while tickling your soul. A local band that serves you the best in-depth variety of music that you just have to take a ferry to hear.

Take a look at their website to find out when they will be performing near you!

Wise Child

Victoria based indie band Wise Child brings you soulful, deep music that will feed every part of your body. Their calm whistful music will bring you into your dream land, and carry you through the clouds. Lead singer Jaya Bremer’s Alto gives your ears the sweetest treat. This band is the type of music you listen to on repeat when you’re in any type of mood.

Check them out and find out when you’ll be able to catch them live.


This Victoria grown band has you itching for more. This Grunge R&B style band brings you sounds you may have already heard, with a distinct twist and flavour you would never expect. This jaw dropping band has already got themselves lined up for a variety of festivals, as well as hitting the studio to continue their music making gold. Deep intense lyrics with hard guitar riffs lead you into a dark path you can’t help but bang your head too. Don’t miss out on adding this great band to your music library!

These Victoria based BC bands will be a perfect addition to your musical library, with variety and flare you don’t want to miss out on!


Upcoming Concerts amid COVID

Although Covid has put a halt to most concerts in BC, some bands are still getting the chance to perform live. The smaller venues make it possible for these talented artists to still showcase their music for an in person audience.

Live Review: Peach Pit | Redbrick

Peach Pit (Pictured above)

Vancouver-based indie-pop band Peach Pit began in 2016. This indie pop band is returning to the stage at the Commodore Ballroom, this Thursday, September 17th. This local band offers an eclectic mix of Indie Pop and Rock music, guaranteed to make you get up on your feet and dance (socially distanced of course!)

Bassjackers Booking Agent Info & Pricing | Private & Corporate Events - Booking Entertainment

Bassjackers (Pictured above)

If you’re looking for more of an electronic music vibe, Netherlands home grown music duo Bassjackers will be performing at the Harbour Events Center on Saturday, September 19th. They will give you a variety of Dutch House, Electro House, Big Room House, Trap, and Future House beats!

Matt Dusk (@mattdusk) | Twitter

@MattDusk – Twitter

Matt Dusk (Pictured Above)

Toronto Born Jazz Vocalist Matt Dusk will be performing some songs from his hit album JetSetJazz. As of right now, his appearance on Wednesday September 23, has been postponed. Keep a look out for his rescheduled concert date!

Frazey Ford - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) - YouTube

http://KEXP.ORG (credit)

Frazey Ford (pictured above)

Canadian Singer/Songwriter Frazey Ford, takes the stage Saturday September 26th and Sunday September 27th at the Commodore Ballroom. This talented Soul artist brings her 2020 Album “U kin B the sun” to you live, giving her take on Americana soul music.

Home - Melanie Dekker – Photo Credit

(Melanie Dekker pictured above)

Deep Cove BC local artist Melanie Dekker, brings her vocals to High Beam Dreams in Gibsons, BC on Saturday September 26th. Her light, easy going vocals take you to new places, as she brings the best of her albums to you live. It doesn’t get better than this!

Catch these incredible artists live near you! Practice safe social distancing while enjoying the music of some of BC’s talents!