Standardized Open Data could be a game-changer: BCIT Computing faculty D’Arcy Smith

For the past seven years, faculty D’Arcy Smith and his Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma program students have been working on ODEN – Open Data Developer Network, which attempts to standardize Open Data and offers new possibilities to developers, data scientists, cities, and anyone wanting to use accessible data. “Open Data (OD) is big business,” … Read more

New Foundational Digital Forensics Skills Online Microcredential: 5 questions

BCIT is offering a new microcredential in Foundational Digital Forensics Skills. We checked in with Raymond Yu, Program Coordinator, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, to find out more. Q: Who is the Foundational Digital Forensics Skills microcredential for? RY: The microcredential starts on May 6 and is for anyone interested in digital forensics investigation. There are … Read more

3 reasons to work with BCIT Computing students

At BCIT Computing, applied learning includes solving business challenges for a real client. The Industry Sponsored Student Projects (ISSP) Program sees senior students work on IT or software development projects directly for industry. ISSP is an essential educational component of mutual benefit to both sponsors and students. Here’s why you should be interested. 1) ISSP … Read more

Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity students stand out in American cybersecurity challenge

In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, students from 14 universities and colleges across North America competed on October 22 in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the annual ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF) challenge organized by financial firm Raymond James, where they defended against potential hacking threats. It was the first time BCIT got invited to this event, … Read more

New microcredential offering: Low-Code Mobile Application Development

An illustration with the words Low-Code featured on a keyboard

BCIT Computing has recently launched a new microcredential in Low-Code Mobile Application Development (LCAD). We caught up with developer and lead instructor Erika Ram to discuss what students can expect to learn, why microcredentials could be right for them, and more. Q: What will students learn in Low-Code Mobile Application Development? Erika: In LCAD, you … Read more

“I really appreciated the part-time flexibility”: How BCIT Computing grad Christian Fenn earned a Bachelor’s Degree through night and weekend classes

Christian Fenn standing in a garden, posing happy for the camera

Some say you need to be in it for the long haul, and BCIT Computing grad Christian Fenn is precisely that. Over the past eight years, he has accumulated five credentials: two associate certificates, one certificate, one diploma, and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems. The irony is that Christian wasn’t initially interested in … Read more

Technology Support Professional alumna: 7 tips to start an IT career within 10 months

We caught up with Kansas Mackenzie to learn more about her educational journey through the Technology Support Professional (TSP) program and tips for prospective students considering the program. “I currently work for UBC IT Desktop Services. I love the mix of working with technology and getting to interact with people and help them at the … Read more

Office Administrator with Technology program: Making a career (switch) within 5 months

Four women of different demographics smiling in headshots

Are you looking to quickly upskill to make a career switch, re-enter the workforce or simply trying to find a job, but don’t have the means to invest multiple years of your time? The BCIT Office Administrator with Technology (OAT) program is designed to equip students with job-ready skills in as short as five months. … Read more

ISSP is a great recruitment tool for industry

A significant part of the Computer Information Technology (CIT) diploma is the Industry Sponsored Student Projects (ISSP) program, where students take on real-life challenges. Diego Felix experienced both roles: as a student and now as an industry partner. “The ISSP allows me to work with students and discover their potential at an early stage which … Read more

Computer Information Technology alum’s journey in becoming a CIO: “You need to work smarter, not harder.”

Matthew Hui knew early on that he had a knack for the business side of Information Technology. Despite being only 25, he’s already a Director of Business Strategy. But Matthew has bigger goals, like becoming a Chief Information Officer and a member of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. And he’s trying to achieve all this while … Read more