Earth Day: 9 ways BCIT made sustainability a top priority

Forest and Natural Areas Management

Each year, the world comes together on Earth Day to call for bold action, innovation, and global education in combatting climate change. BCIT shares this strong commitment to sustainability, as such, our Sustainability Vision aims to enable people to live socially just lives within ecological limits. To mark this worldwide event, here are some highlights … Read more

BCIT Energy Team launches real-time energy use dashboard to advance sustainability

BCIT Energy Dashboard

Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires knowing where you started. Now, with the BCIT Energy Dashboard, the community can see the journey as it is happening. As part of BCIT’s commitment to advance sustainability across BC and around the globe, the BCIT Energy Team built an interactive tool to monitor real-time energy … Read more

In search of a smooth pedal stroke: the Bicycle Idler Sprocket Drivetrain Analysis

In the complex world of high-end downhill mountain bike racing technology, every detail matters. That’s why three BCIT Mechanical Engineering students focused their capstone project on mitigating drivetrain issues in high pivot idler bikes. A high pivot idler is an additional sprocket that helps reduce the pedal kickback effect in the drivetrain. When downhill mountain bikes are … Read more

5 ways our people are impacting bike culture at BCIT

BCIT Celebration Station for Bike to Work Week

Cycling is one of the most efficient forms of transportation. It requires the least amount of energy per metre traveled than any other form of transportation, including walking. In honour of Bike to Work Week (BTWW), here are five stories from our community that celebrate cycling and support BCIT’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint by … Read more

The bike mechanics module that gives back

Tim Sorensen and his custom bike jig

With bikes being popular among high school students, it is natural to include a bike repair module as part of the Technology Teacher Education (TTED) program at BCIT. So, Roger Bortignon, Program Head, integrated a five-week bike mechanics module into the Power Technology course. During the module, students learn how to dismantle an entire bicycle, … Read more

BCIT faculty takes to the skies to investigate wildfires and brings his expertise back to the classroom

Bishop River Complex Wildfire, August 4 2018.

Soaring above pristine glaciers, rugged mountains, and remote valleys, Steve Finn spends his summers over places few will ever see. Steve—BCIT faculty for 29 years—is Program Head for Forest and Natural Areas Management (FNAM) and his summer job is as a fire warden for the BC Wildfire Service. During peak wildfire season, Steve is the … Read more

A gathering on the green roof proves sustainability is popular at BCIT

BCIT volunteers at work on the Elevated Lab on the roof of the on the BCIT Centre for Ecology.. The event took place to celebrate Earth Day 2017.

BCIT Volunteers celebrated Earth Day high in the sky, on the BCIT Centre for Ecology’s Elevated Lab. Faculty, staff and students, emerged from their offices and labs to get their hands dirty, have fun and learn about new technologies and diverse research at BCIT. “This was a lot of fun and a great way to … Read more