Go by Bike Week: How BCIT supports biking infrastructure

A picture of a person riding on a blue bike.

Cycling improves happiness and well-being. It is one of the most efficient forms of transportation and requires the least amount of energy per metre travelled than any other, including walking. In honour of Go by Bike Week, here are four ways our community celebrates cycling and supports BCIT’s commitment in reducing our carbon footprint by … Read more

Life at BCIT: Natural Resources faculty partners with students to co-create an Open Educational Resource textbook

Within the urban forest at the BCIT Burnaby campus, Natural Resources faculty Julia Alards-Tomalin peers through a loupe. “See how the blossoms look like little snake tongues?” she asks a group of Forest and Natural Areas Management (FNAM) students that have crowded around her. They murmur in agreement as each takes a turn looking through … Read more

Earth Day: 9 ways BCIT demonstrated environmental stewardship

Each year, the world comes together on Earth Day to draw attention to our collective responsibility and help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy. BCIT shares this commitment. Our Sustainability Vision aims to enable people to live socially-just lives within ecological limits. To mark this worldwide event, here are nine highlights on how … Read more

Life at BCIT: International student makes connections and promotes well-being among her peers

Aru Basbulat’s passion for math led her to move from Kazakhstan to Canada to enrol in the full-time Accounting Diploma program at BCIT. “There’s beauty in some solutions,” says Aru. “I enjoy numbers and problem-solving.” She chose BCIT because Canadian credentials are widely recognized throughout the world and in particular, BCIT is known for its … Read more

Life at BCIT: Computing student builds community at the Downtown Campus

BCIT Computing student Sally Poon at the Downtown Campus

BCIT Computer Systems Technology student Sally Poon is Chair of the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) Downtown Campus (DTC) – a role where she aims to help improve daily life for the students who study here. With a mix of full-time programs and Flexible Learning the Downtown Campus is located at the heart of Vancouver’s business … Read more

National Sweater Day: BCIT reflects on saving energy in support of climate action

According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), more than a million Canadians have shown their support for limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by turning down their thermostats by the same amount (or more) and wearing their favourite sweaters to stay warm. In efforts to reduce carbon footprint, BCIT encourages all to take … Read more

BeeCIT brings the flavour of honey to BCIT campuses

BeeCIT bee hive at Marine Campus

Some sweet new activities are underway on BCIT campus rooftops around the Lower Mainland. The BeeCIT honeybee and pollinator program, has expanded beyond its initial Burnaby base, to include honey bee hives at the Downtown, Marine, and Aerospace campuses. BCIT Facilities teamed up with urban beekeeping partner Alvéole to install the hives that house docile … Read more

Goslings rescued from BCIT Downtown Campus roof

Gosling being rescued

In early May, high atop the roof of the BCIT Downtown Campus a group of tiny goslings was stranded. The goslings couldn’t jump past the rooftop parapet to join their parents. Immediately Adam Dickinson, Manager of Transportation and Grounds, called the Wildlife Rescue Association. “And within an hour they were on the roof to rescue … Read more

Earth Day: 9 ways BCIT made sustainability a top priority

Forest and Natural Areas Management

Each year, the world comes together on Earth Day to call for bold action, innovation, and global education in combatting climate change. BCIT shares this strong commitment to sustainability, as such, our Sustainability Vision aims to enable people to live socially just lives within ecological limits. To mark this worldwide event, here are some highlights … Read more

BCIT Energy Team launches real-time energy use dashboard to advance sustainability

BCIT Energy Dashboard

Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires knowing where you started. Now, with the BCIT Energy Dashboard, the community can see the journey as it is happening. As part of BCIT’s commitment to advance sustainability across BC and around the globe, the BCIT Energy Team built an interactive tool to monitor real-time energy … Read more