Go by Bike Week: How BCIT supports biking infrastructure

Cycling improves happiness and well-being. It is one of the most efficient forms of transportation and requires the least amount of energy per metre travelled than any other, including walking. In honour of Go by Bike Week, here are four ways our community celebrates cycling and supports BCIT’s commitment in reducing our carbon footprint by cutting down on carbon emissions.

Cycling amenities at every campus

All BCIT campuses are equipped with convenient and secure bike racks, rental lockers, and showers for riders. There are also five Dero Fixit bike repair stations at the Burnaby campus for cyclists in need of minor repairs or air. For more information about cycling at our campuses, contact the BCIT Cycling Committee.

Envisioning cities with more sustainable commuting options

The BCIT Centre for Ecocities advances the evolution of ecocities worldwide. This includes supporting the ecocity standard for environmentally friendly transport which encourages cities to emphasize transportation modes designed for the human body instead of the car body. The centre supports research and provides training to help cities become ecocities.

Funding towards a Zero Emissions future

BCIT received funding from Natural Resources Canada to help raise awareness of the clean transportation options available such as electric vehicles (EV), including e-bikes. The funding will enable BCIT researchers, faculty, and partners to identify barriers to EV adoption among underrepresented communities.

Motivating a community of cyclists

As a supporter of cycling infrastructure, BCIT maintains a team on the Go by Bike Week website. The team encourages cyclists to log their rides during the week and experience the joy of riding a bike. Registration is free and the data collected from logged trips helps to advocate for better cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver.

All you have to do to register for Go By Bike Week is log a trip. If you are a BCIT cyclist, join the BCIT Team.

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