A match made in heaven: 56 years of love sparks three generations of BCIT alumni

Waldbauer bcit alumni family stands with arms in front of them smiling, bcit blue background surrounds as a frame

“BCIT was my first love story; Jim was my second,” says BCIT alumna Peggy Waldbauer, Medical Lab Technology, ’67. Peggy recalls that she loved her classes and the memories made with friends on the BCIT Burnaby Campus. Little did she know, her affinity for BCIT would lead to finding her future soulmate, sparking the next … Read more

Magic recipe ignites workplace romance: BCIT alumni Resident Advisors find love on campus 12 years ago

Smiling BCIT alumni Resident Advisors in wedding dress and suite holding toddler

Finding love at BCIT is a story shared by many alumni couples. Meeting someone through work may be just as common, according to a recent Forbes study revealing that 43 percent of the respondents had married someone they met at work. For BCIT alumni couple Carmen Cottini and William Nicholos, the odds of love were … Read more

From Hong Kong to Canada: A love for radio brought Joey Lam to BCIT

A picture of Joey in a black BCIT hoodie, in front of a colorful plant bed behind her.

BCIT International student Joey Lam decided to move from Hong Kong to enrol at BCIT because of the 88% employment rate for BCIT diploma graduates, as well as the practical and relevance of its Radio Arts and Entertainment program. Joey shares her decision to embark on this educational journey with BCIT. Q: Why did you … Read more

Broadcasting alumni newlyweds find love under pressure

Three photos of a BCIT alumni couple: One in their graduation gowns, one of their engagement, one of their wedding photo

For some, stress can be isolating. For BCIT alumni couple Tarrah and Travis Prasad, an intensive five weeks of stress actually brought them together. “We weren’t in a relationship at the time,” explains Travis, who graduated with Tarrah from the Broadcast and Online Journalism program in 2016. “On-campus classes were finished, and we both happened … Read more

Winning at the game of love: An ‘80s alumni love story

Side-by-side photos of alumni couple from the '80s and one from present day. Smiling to camera.

The year was 1981. At the time, then-BCIT student Ron Jacobson was walking to his car with some friends after class when he was stopped in his tracks. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most beautiful woman,” says Ron, now a BCIT alum. “She was carrying a baseball glove and heading … Read more

An accidental run-in with love: Alumni friends take a chance on love

It was far from love at first sight for BCIT alumni couple Ria Renouf and Jon Hall. “Snobby, serious, and too smart for me,” recalls Ria describing her first impression of Jon, who was her former BCIT classmate and is now her husband. “Technically, the first time we saw each other was on a bus,” … Read more

All you need is love: One homebody, one thrill seeker, and three generations of BCIT alumni

The Meades family standing in front of a lake

“I’m not easy to be married to.” Mike Meade admits. The BCIT alum concludes this is due to his obsession with adrenaline-inducing sports, which has resulted in multiple injury-related surgeries. Surgeries through which his wife of 25 years and fellow alum, Shaeesta Meade, supported him. He says his worst accident yet was in 2019. It … Read more

BCIT alumni love story: how a cue-card mix-up led to a lifelong bond for alums Adrian and Michelle

Adrian and Michelle with their two kids.

“I was late, I was really late,” BCIT alumna Michelle Dragon recalls as she and Adrian Duke prepared to present their speeches at the first Honouring our Leaders, BCIT Indigenous graduation celebration. “We went over what we were going to talk about. I was like, I think I got it!” Despite the confidence he exuded … Read more

Love conquers all: BCIT alumni couple share the secret to a 30+ year relationship

woman in pink sweater kisses a smiling man on the cheek in front of a diner

More than 30 years ago, BCIT alumni Lynn and Simon Wong were young students at BCIT when their relationship bloomed in 1987. It was a classic romance that survived the rigours of BCIT and led to marriage in 1992 and produced their two children, Joey and Emma. But in 2015, their life took an unexpected … Read more

Two full-time students and a baby: A chaotic start that set the foundation for a lasting marriage

Todd and Alisa Bailey

It was the first week of classes in their two-year programs at BCIT when they found out they were having a baby. BCIT alumni Alisa and Todd Bailey were newlyweds in their early 20s with big plans for their school and career success when they were caught off guard by the news of their pregnancy. … Read more