The value of BCIT internships: Get hired before graduation

Tchadas Leo explains the value of BCIT internships in getting job offers

For many students, their post-secondary journey involves choosing a program of interest, enrolling in a school that supports the chosen area of study, and graduating with a credential to enter the workforce. My post-secondary journey followed the same path with the exception that I was able to get a head start on entering the workforce … Read more

BCIT Indigenous Student Champions: Supporting peers on their educational journey

Desmand King

Desmand King moved from Manitoulin Island, Ontario, to British Columbia when his mother relocated for work in 1996. It was after relocating to BC that he started a career driving trucks and operating cranes in the trucking industry. Desmand has always wanted to become a professional video game designer so after a decade in the … Read more

BCIT alumni love story: how a cue-card mix-up led to a lifelong bond for alums Adrian and Michelle

Adrian and Michelle with their two kids.

“I was late, I was really late,” BCIT alumna Michelle Dragon recalls as she and Adrian Duke prepared to present their speeches at the first Honouring our Leaders, BCIT Indigenous graduation celebration. “We went over what we were going to talk about. I was like, I think I got it!” Despite the confidence he exuded … Read more