New Full-Stack Web Development Diploma

The Diploma in Full-Stack Web Development (FSWD) will help develop developers starting this fall!

This new two-year program will train graduates to be employed as Full-Stack developers. That means they’ll be creating, modifying, and maintaining full web applications, including server configuration, front end development, back end development, data management, and architecture. The “stack” in this case is the whole set of skills needed to work on all the layers of web technology.

Stacked skills rounded out by experience

BCIT Full-Stack Web Development program
The Full Stack Web Development program will be offered at BCIT Downtown Campus

As an entry-to-practice credential, the program is expected to attract mature students with some academic or industry experience; individuals wanting to further their career, or to retrain for a new career; as well as high school graduates. It will be offered at the Downtown Campus, and was made possible by BC’s Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (AVED)’s support for new tech-related spaces within the province’s post-secondary system.

Because of interdisciplinary project experience with designers in a separate program, FSWD graduates will also bring a unique perspective and ability that industry requires and needs: the capacity to work effectively within a collaborative, interdisciplinary team environment.

“Students get an important breadth of education in business, design, data management, and general computing, in addition to back-end development,” explains BCIT Computing Faculty Jason Harrison.

Huge growth in web

Web designers and developers are in a fast-growing job category, with continued projected high growth nationally. They’re also listed in the “high demand” category for BC, with over 2300 openings predicted over the next ten years according to BC’s Labour Market Outlook.

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The integration of the web into all facets of modern life has created massive growth in the sector. The need for more web developers is shown by the role of the web in social lives and activities, Internet of Things, news, banking and financial transactions, and a myriad of other processes that were previously conducted on paper or in person. As well, much of what used to be conducted through desktop applications hosted on single machines is now hosted on the web in a Software-as-a-Service model.

“Full stack web development has been popular for many years and is still increasing in popularity” says Jason.

IT World Canada recently listed Web Developer as the “third hottest tech job” and pointed out “as the Internet explodes into a multi-billion-endpoint Internet of Things, digital enterprises’ need for dynamic and innovative web developers will only grow.”

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20 thoughts on “New Full-Stack Web Development Diploma”

  1. I would like to hear more information about this program and fees. Is there any information session or counselor to reach out. Please suggest.

    • Hi Geraldine,

      I am not sure what comparable programs might exist on Vancouver Island. This is an expanding area of training, though, and I wish you the best in finding a program that meets your needs!

  2. I have done Masters of Computer Applications from India. Would like to know if I’m eligible for the September 2020 intake of the program

    • Hello Kanika,

      Thank you for your interest in the program! For specific entry questions, please review our website at and email Program Advising or staff if you require more info before deciding the program is right for you. Best wishes.


  3. Will this program shift its intake to January due to this ongoing COVID-19? As it will be of much relief if this happens….As currently due to this ongoing pandemic we(international students) have not received the result of our country’s respective high school graduation certificates. and i seriously want to take this program..So will it?

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your interest in FSWD! The program is running in September, in online format if required. Please contact program staff for more specific information on the intake and deadlines for documents.

      Stay well in these changing times.



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