Think outside the box: how a BCIT alumna learned from the best of both worlds

Britt Low already has an undergraduate degree in Communication and Publishing but she always knew that graphic design was her true calling. She didn’t want to dedicate another four years to complete the proper training and education needed for a job in graphic design so when she discovered the one-year BCIT Communication Design Essentials program, she immediately jumped to apply.

A joint program between BCIT and Emily Carr

Britt Low is a graduate from BCIT Communications Design Essentials Program
It was a dream come true when BCIT alumna Britt Low discovered the BCIT Communication Design Essentials program.

The quality and duration of the program wasn’t the only reason that prompted Britt to apply. It was the BCIT and Emily Carr University (Emily Carr) partnership that intrigued Britt.

Both schools are reputable post-secondary schools but offer different educational approaches that combine to be the best of both worlds. This unique partnership meant that Britt was able to become a well-rounded designer by acquiring technical skills from BCIT while building creative design skills from Emily Carr.

Passionate instructors with extensive industry experience and networks allowed Britt to work on many practical, real-world projects ranging from brand redesign for local businesses to creating promotional print materials for prospective design agencies.

Additionally, Britt was able to graduate with credentials from both institutions. If Britt ever decides to pursue a bachelor’s degree, her certificate program block-transfers into a four-year degree program so that she could complete her bachelor’s degree in less than three years.

Success for the real-world

As a graduate of the program, Britt is now a freelance designer and owner of Covet Design. She employs a team of junior designers for overflow, as well as a network of web developers and photographers in Vancouver for projects too large in scope for her team. Her recent projects included the visual branding for Aurora Winter Festival and Trimpac Meats.

The cutting-edge program at BCIT not only helped Britt learn the rules of design but also encouraged her to creatively break them. She’s acquired practical skills, such as how to use the software, and the communications skills that helps her explain the rationale behind her design decisions and to conduct business with her clients, team and vendors. BCIT has also opened the door to many graphic design jobs for Britt. Best of all, the program has confirmed that graphic design is indeed the right job for Britt as it continues to fulfill her career goals each day.

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